The Slayer, the Recruit and the Initiative

-Chapter One-

The Boy from Smallville

The golden sun shone, it had not long risen, it always did wake Clark Kent, a tall dark haired seventeen year old farm boy. But, it wasn't the fact of him being raised on a farm that made the sun his own personal alarm clock, it was the fact that he wasn't even born on Earth or this Galaxy. Clark Kent was an alien. The last survivor of a great civilization, or so he'd been told, from what he'd seen of them they were nothing of the sort. But then he hadn't really seen anyone from his planet just heard the benevolent voice of his father, Jor-El, in a cave.

The very though of his biological father made his blood boil, for two years he craved to finally meet his parents only to find what he got wasn't what he wanted or expected. Every time he came into contact with Jor-El something bad happened, forcing him to leave Smallville caused him to run away to Metropolis. His father had had a heart attack after receiving powers from Jor-El after making a deal to get him back from Metropolis. The guilt of that event wasn't entirely on Jor-El's shoulders, it was on Clark's himself; he had run away and rampaged through Metropolis. It seemed that his father, Jonathon Kent always got the worst out of the confrontations with his biological father, being put into a coma when Jor-El trapped Clark in the Kawatche cave wall reprogramming him into a true Kryptonian. Clark sighed as he thought of yet another mission Jor-El had in store for him, finding the three stones of power, Clark or rather Kal-El had already found one with the one Lionel Luthor had still missing, leaving two unaccounted for. He had to find them fast, before they fell into the wrong hands, mainly Lex's, as much he was his friend Clark couldn't ignore the dark impulses inside Lex when it came to the stones.

Clark felt a sigh of relief as he looked out from the Kent Barn loft to see the morning sun rise, already packed and ready for his trip. A break from any weirdness, alien artefacts and no missions from Jor-El. For the next week he'll be Clark Kent: college student or rather visitor since he'd turned down his scholarship to MCU he had decided to start visiting college's all around America well mainly the ones he was interested in, this week it was UC Sunnydale. The very name told him it was a small town, he liked that, it felt like home. He didn't like big city living it was too noisy, too busy. He liked quiet, it kept to it's self much like him. Maybe that was the attraction going to a quiet place would make it easier to hide his secret. He hoped.

"You all packed?" his father's voice appeared behind him. Clark turned to see his father Jonathon Kent, a blond haired man with a strong build, stood there in his usual work clothes, plaid and jeans, like him. Plaid and jeans seemed to be a Kent's style of clothing far behind everyone else's though it didn't matter to them it suited their line of work.

"Yeah I'm ready," Clark said wearing his usual red t-shirt and jeans, blue and red always was his favourite colours. He walked over to the couch next to him picking up his blue jacket and throwing it over his shoulders along with his school gym bag.

Jonathon looked nervous he never did like Clark leaving the farm. "You sure you want to do this," he asked Clark cautiously; "Sunnydale's a long way from home."

"So is California," Clark chuckles looking at his dad knowingly, "Dad I'll be fine. I'll keep to myself no one will ever know my secret. We've kept it secret for nearly fifteen years I think we can last a week."

"Okay, but be careful Clark we don't know much about this town," he replied turning around and walking down the stairs. Clark followed him as they continued to talk.

"It was good of Lex to let me use his private jet," Clark said brightly though knowing his father wouldn't feel the same way. His father never did have a soft spot for anything with the name Luthor. It wasn't that he thought Lex was like his father, god knows Clark had seen that side of Lex it was the fact that he had once been obsessed with Clark that made him distrust Lex.

"Yeah it is son, but don't forget he did investigate you for nearly three years," Jonathon said reminding Clark yet again of what caused a canyon sided rift in Clark and Lex's relationship.

"I know dad," Clark said reminded of the betrayal Lex caused him, "I didn't forgive Lex straight away... I sometimes don't think I truly have or will forgive him. But I got to try. There is good in him. You and mom taught me that."

"Just be careful is all I'm saying son," Jonathon said understandingly. "With both Lex and while your at college."

"I look forward to meeting you," Lex Luthor, newly made CEO of LuthorCorp said as he sat alone in his study on the phone to one of his most important clients. A bald headed man wearing an expensive suit he usually wore when conducting business, even on by phone. "You project although otherworldly does hold some truth, we do have to be ready I hope my funding will be most satisfactory."

He stopped as Clark walked inside, he never did like conducting business with Clark around, it made him feel dirty, mainly because that was his business, always dirty. "I'll call you back," he said putting the phone down. He smiles at Clark, "though you'd be used to travelling by now."

"Guess you can't take the farm from the boy," Clark joked nervously. "I hope this place feels like home more than any of the others."

"Feel like Smallville?" Lex said with a knowingly which made Clark smile, Smallville never was a normal town, the meteor shower that brought Clark to Earth had endowed people with mutant abilities. Not so normal for a small town, "I doubt any town will feel quite as... normal as this."

"If you can use that term," Clark quipped.

"Oh err... I'll be going with you I have some business to conduct there," Lex said putting his coat on, "I'm hoping to build a plant there I wanted to see what the town was like before I made any decisions."

"And the fact I was going there had nothing to do with this business?" Clark asked suspiciously.

Lex smiled to try and avoid suspicion. "No, but the fact I get to travel with my best friend does make this flight a little bit easier," Lex said graciously he starts putting files into his briefcase, "so where are you staying while you're there?"

"Err... TA for psychology has offered me a room at his fraternity," Clark said.

"So partying with the frat boys?" Lex chuckled with a mischievous smile. "Have fun. And you're lucky; I hear the professor there has made some intriguing theories in her new book. I found it quite intriguing though a bit skittish."

"Right," Clark said not really concerned about the psychology part of things.

"Don't be so nervous Clark," Lex said, "least you got me there, I'll only be there for a couple of days but I'll make sure you're alright."

"That's okay," Clark said, "I kinda already know a local. Hope she still lives there."

"She?" Lex said surprised and a little curious, "and where did you meet her? That's not where you were all summer was it?"

Clark chuckled. "Now that would be telling," he said avoiding the questions about him being missing the whole of the summer before senior year. He had been gone for three months with no explanation, and explanation he knew Lex wanted but was keeping at bay. For their friendship. He was glad for that. But that didn't stop him being cautious. Besides, a mystery girl Lex knows nothing about makes it so much more the better, Clark though to himself, "all I'm saying is she's one hell of a girl."