"Daddy, do you have to leave so soon? Can't the military give its heroes some more downtime with their family?"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I have to fulfill my duty." Charlie said as he looked at me with sad eyes.

"I know. You're really important and the country needs you. I just wish the country would realize that I need my Daddy too." I said with a pout.

"Hey honey, cheer up! Don't forget you have tryouts today. I've already talked to Coach Clapp."

I beamed at the chance of playing football at my new high school. Then, as the sight of the base grew closer, my mood shifted. We got out of the car and hugged each other goodbye once again.

"I'll miss you, Bella. I love you so much!"

I tensed and he noticed.

"What's wrong, kiddo?"

I tried to look as stern as I could with tears down my face.

"Swan, as your daughter, I order you to come back. You have to come back to me, in one piece, or else." My voice cracked on the last few words.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am." He whispered as he kissed me goodbye on the cheek.

I watched him leave in the helicopter and waved him goodbye before heading back home. I returned to an empty house and got ready for school.

Normally, I would wear skirts and nice blouses. My dad loved it when I acted like a girl. He had always wanted a boy and I'd tried to be the son he never had. I could do all things any guy could do, but my dad still looked at me like I was "Daddy's little girl."

I knew I had to look appropriate today, so no girly clothes. I needed to look presentable for school, but not overly dressed because I knew I had to persuade the football coach. So I decided on a button up and jeans. I put on light makeup and pulled on my tennis shoes. I packed all my football gear and headed out the door with an apple in my hand.

I arrived at the "school" a few minutes later. It was more like a bunch of buildings close together, but I didn't care. I made my way to the front office and asked the lady inside for my schedule. She was helpful and motherly.

I wanted to check out the field before school started, so I parked my car and walked to the huge field. I sighed and took in the green grass with it's white boundary lines and the yellow field posts. There were a couple guys in the middle, throwing a football around. I smiled at the sight.

Suddenly, one of the bigger guys threw the ball long and I realized it was going to hit me square in the face. Just as it was about to touch me, I caught the pigskin. The guy closest to me ran towards me.

"Are you alright? I'm sorry for my idiotic brother." He ran a hand through his bronze hair.

"Sorry!" Yelled the two that stayed behind.

"No harm done." I smiled slightly.

The bronze haired boy motioned for me to throw it back to him but putting his hands in a catching position, but I had other plans. I put my fingers over the laces and threw a perfect spiral at the big guy that almost hit me.

The bronze haired boy turned to follow the ball's path as the big guy caught it.

"Whoa! Nice arm!" He called.

They all looked at me with shocked expressions. I blushed at the attention and turned to run away.

"Gotta get to class! See ya!" I called back. I snuck a look back as I neared the school and saw them still standing, stuck in a stupor. I laughed and entered my first class. The teacher made me introduce myself.

"Hey everybody! I'm Isabella Swan. Duh! They probably already knew that, considering how tiny this town is compared to Phoenix. But, I like to go by Bella. My dad's a Navy S.E.A.L., so that makes me a military brat. I've been to six of the seven continents and have stayed in every state in the U.S. I hope we can all be friends!" I tried to say in the most convincing tone I could without sounding sarcastic or stuck up.

I repeated myself class after boring class. It was also stupid because a bunch of the kids were in multiple classes with me, mostly because of the measly 350 odd student body. A chatty girl named Jessica was trying to convince me to become a cheerleader, but I tuned her out most of the time. I was glad to be around Angela. She was pleasant and didn't bother me, unlike Mike Newton. It seems that there are slim pickings at Forks High. I keep getting stares from every boy that I walk by. Good thing I didn't wear a skirt!

It was finally lunch and I could stop talking about myself and just listen to other people's conversations. Mike was trying to round up people to go on a beach trip. I was only half-listening when he asked if I would go and nodded my head randomly. I found myself people watching. It was a typical clique setting. Then I saw the three guys from before. There were two girls with them too. The blond girl seemed to be with the big guy and the pixie like girl seemed to be with the tall blond guy. The bronze haired guy appeared to be the odd man out. They were all very good looking. Jessica saw my gaze and asked me if I was interested in them.

"Huh? Oh. Um, who are they?"

"Those are the Cullens. The blond ones are the Hales. They all are adopted, but the two couples are "together."

She started naming them off. The big guy was Emmett, the blond guy was Jasper, and the bronze haired boy was named Edward. The blond girl was Rosalie and the short girl was Alice. Before I knew it, the bell rang and I headed towards the Biology room.

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