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"Stupid boys" I mumbled, wiping the tears furiously as they continued to fall. I made myself even smaller and burrowed into the corner of the supply closet in the dark. They hadn't left me alone for two weeks now. I was so sick and tired of being abused, both mentally and physically. It wasn't anything bad ... but they would throw things at me in class, call me names. Well it had started that way. And me being me, I had reacted. I told them that I wasn't going to take their crap and they had better stop now before they got into serious trouble. It only made them worse.

And the very reason I was huddled in the dark storage cupboard of my favourite room in the school was clutched in my shaking hands. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the page.

"Caitlyn" the scruffy handwriting read "don't threaten US. Just because your best friends with Nate Black doesn't mean your better then us. We don't know why he would be friends with you anyway. Your so butt ugly, we wonder how many mirrors you've cracked."

And the bit that really hurt the most was "and no one will EVER love you. Especially not Nate Black. You're going to be alone forever."

I bit her lip again and a fresh wave of tears cascaded down my face. If there was anything that got to Caitlyn Geller other then my music, it was my best friend in the whole world, Nathaniel Jake Black. And how head over heels in love I was for him.

He didn't notice. Boys were so blind.

Plus there was that girlfriend of his. Selma. She was not a nice girl.

She only wanted to date him because he was famous. But the fame was nothing to me. We had been friends far too long for her to care. He was just Nate and I was just Caitlyn when we were together.

The door in front of me was shut, but I saw the light flicker on in the music room outside. I stifled my sobs and prayed they wouldn't come to the storage cupboard but of course, they did.

I watched the areas that the light was blocked out grow larger under the crack in the door and closed my eyes as it opened.

Oh God. Did it get any worse?

"Why do you want to go in the storage cupboard Nate?" Selma's whiny voice moaned. That voice. It was very nearly the worst thing about her, if she wasn't dating the love of my life. I heard him mumble something in return and Selma sighed before there was thudding sound. I opened my eyes, immensely grateful for the dark shadow that hid me right now. Nate has been thrust into the cupboard and Selma was now pressing him against the piano I was hiding next to. Because of the way it dipped, he was leaning very awkwardly.

"Selma" he said, pushing her away with one hand "wait."

She ignored him and threw herself back at him, her fingers tangling in his gorgeous curly hair and her lips attacking his with a force. I looked away. I felt absolute pain, but this was nothing she hadn't seen before. How I longed to be the one on those lips. I would never treat them with such force. They deserved to be loved, not mauled.

"Stop it Selma" Nate said in a second of air, but it was sucked away again. When Selma's hand began to lift Nate's top towards his head. My stomach churned. I did not want to see this.

"Selma!" I wouldn't have to.

"Yes Natey poo?"

I could all too easily imagine him rolling his eyes.

"Listen ... I don't think we should be together ... anymore."

My mouth dropped. Selma's brow furrowed. "What did you say?"

"This" he gestured to them "isn't working for me anymore. I'm sorry, Selma."

Her face was priceless. "Well it's still working for me. And I don't just give up Nate!"

He didn't reply. She exhaled angrily and stamped her foot. "This isn't good enough Nate! We go together! I'm popular and you're a celebrity which automatically makes you popular! Can't you see?! The entire school expects us to be together! And if rumour gets round that Selma Goh can't keep her boyfriend. What do you think that's going to do to me?"

"Selma. You'll be fine. "


Jeez, OTT much?

"Selma ..."

There was a crack. She had actually slapped him around the face. It took every ounce of self control in me to not leap to my feet and kick her to timbuckfreakingtwo. Selma turned and left.

Nate stood in silence. He didn't make any move to leave, so guess I was stuck here until he was gone.

Suddenly, he turned and began to organize the music pages on top of the piano. That was so Nate. Throw himself into something else so he could forget for a while. I struggled backwards more silently until his feet were almost in front of me. I screwed my eyes up, hoping he wouldn't see me.

Then the sound of paper falling started and didn't stop. Pages and pages of music notes were falling onto my in the darkness. I raised my arms in alarm – although, what was paper going to do to me?!

It bounced off me and I prayed he didn't notice that it wasn't tumbling to the floor, like it should.

"What the ...?" he mumbled, leaning forwards into the darkness and fumbling for the light above my head – yeah, what bright spark put a light switch at the back of the cupboard?

I looked up and the light switched on. Our inches were a few inches from each others. I could only imagine what my puffy eyes and sore face looked like.

He looked positively shocked to see me sitting there. I half smiled. "Erm ... hi Nate."

"Caitlyn ... what are you doing here?"

I opened and closed my mouth. "Can't a girl sit in a storage cupboard if she wants to?"

His brow furrowed, adorably. "Okay ..."

"Listen" I said, trying to stand up – he grabbed my hand and pulled me up with him as he straightened up "Selma is such a –"

He placed a hand over my mouth. "Caitlyn." he whispered "don't."

I could smell him perfectly. It was driving me insane how much I wanted to place my lips over his plump ones. Is it even natural that a boy has lips divine looking?

I lifted my hand that held the note and removed it, nodding.

"What's that?" he asked nodding to the paper. I blushed and snatched it behind my back. "It's nothing."

He raised an eyebrow. "Really? So why are you blushing?"

"I – I'm not!" I said quickly. He suddenly threw his arms around my waist, reaching behind me to grab the paper. I squealed and struggled backwards, his smell closer then ever before. Hate to have a Twilight moment, but it was intoxicating.

"Nate" I said breathlessly as we hit the wall "stop!"

His chocolate eyes looked down into mine and he smiled brilliantly. "Not a chance."

His fingers finally found mine and in shock, I dropped the paper. He chuckled and bent down to pick it up. I hung my head as he scanned through it, his face distorting in confusion. "Caitlyn ... who is this from?"

"No one" I whispered, tears beginning to fall again. Nate was the last person I wanted to see that, let alone see me cry over it. I looked up and he was looking at me ... I couldn't describe it. Like he wanted to make the world a better place just so I would stop crying. He placed a hand either side of my face and wiped my tears away softly.

"Who wrote this, Caitlyn?" he said quietly, bringing his face very close to mine and looking deep in my eyes. I shook my head and tried to look away but he held me fast. "Caitlyn. Tell me."

I looked back. "Ryan Workman and his friends."

He nodded and pulled me into his arms. I leant my head into his chest and sobbed onto his blue chequered shirt. He lay his head on top of mine and rubbed my back as I sobbed. The weight of his head suddenly lifted and I could have sworn for a few seconds I felt something softly touch my hair.

"Okay Caity" he let go of me and I noticeably drooped. He chuckled and grabbed my hand in the most daring move he had ever made. The boundaries of our friendship were becoming blurred ...

"Let's go."

"Where?" I asked, confused.

"To beat the shit out of those guys. No one touches my Caity."

I couldn't help it. I let out a wild sob and threw my arms around his neck and buried my head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around me again.

"Don't, Nate. It's not worth it."

I couldn't believe what he wanted to do. Nate was not a violent man ...

"They deserve it."

"Think about what it could do to your career ..."

"I have" I felt him nod "and I still think it would be very worth it."

He would sacrifice his dream for me. Me.

"Don't make mistakes on my account Nate. And I would never let you."

"I'd like to see you stop me" he said. I could hear a grin in his voice and I looked up to see him smiling again.

"Nathaniel. I could overpower you easily."

He laughed and suddenly picked me up, flipped me over and gently placed me on the floor below him. I caught my breath and crossed my arms. "I am so not talking to you anymore."

I pulled myself up and watched him laugh at me good naturedly. I stalked out of the closet into the music room and felt his hand grab mine as I reached for the door. There goes that electricity again.

"Caity ... please talk to me. I can't go very long without talking to you."

I let a grin slip onto my face. "Sure."

"I can't" he said, suddenly all trace of teasing gone. I turned and saw he was wearing a very serious face. "I – I love you, Caity."

I opened my mouth to reply, but suddenly, all the lights went out.


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