Ruki44: Ok you guys might remember a while ago a story of mine by the same name that I took down. Well this story isn't the same thing at all.

Ruki: What do you mean, I'm half vampire, Takato is a werewolf, and Jenyra is a vampire hunter.

Tetra: Sounds pretty much the same to me.

Ruki44: That part is the same, but the story line is completely different. First off Ruki doesn't transform into a vampire due to high emotions, she was born a half one. Second off, Takato actually can transform into a werewolf, third off, Takato and Ruki work for Jenyra. And finally, this isn't gonna suck ass.

Rukia: Yea right...

Hinata: ...This isn't going to be another Twilight rip off, is it?

Ruki44: Nah, this has different aspects of different animes in it. Like I will be using some different type monster types from Rosario to Vampire, and I got the idea of working for a corporation and partners from Zombie Loan. The only idea I got from Twilight was that vampires and werewolves don't get together well.

Ruki: We'll see...

Ruki44: =p Anyways, I don't own anything, hope you enjoy!


The Vampire-Werewolf Unlikely Combo! A New Assignment!

My fingers ran through his soft fur as we did our patrol. Our job was to find any unregulated supernatural beings and capture them and bring them to headquarters. If they resisted, take them down. It may seem harsh, but that's how the world spins…that's how our world spins.

Our world being the supernatural world of course.

I'm a vampire…well half vampire anyways. Mom was a human, dad was a vampire. My partner and best friend Takato Matsuda is a werewolf. Who is currently posing as a dog…who looks more like a wolf…

A jingle came and Takato pushed his head into my hand as he eyed passing people. My eyes traveled down to his neck where a black collar was fastened tightly around his neck, metal tags clanging together in a jingle as we walked down the street, the moonlight reflecting off of them.

I didn't have to read them to know what they said. Takato, 4334 West Street, Shinjuku. That address was MY address…well was my family address. I currently live in an apartment with the rest of monsters who are under Youkai Inc. protection and control. The living quarters are like a college dorm room, my roommate is Alice McCoy, what type of monster she is I have no idea. But she isn't in much so I pretty much the room to myself…but when she is in, she does these weird…rituals. When that happens I usually crash with Juri Katou, a witch and an unexpected friend of mine.

Anyways, a well meaning cop had given Takato the collar since he was running all over kami's creation causing havoc and so I had to take responsibility for him…and so she gave him a collar and told me he must be with me at all times. Takato was damn lucky he didn't need a leash.

"So for all intents and purposes really, Takato belongs to you." I shook my head as Jenyra's teasing voice rang through my head as we were forced to explain the deal with the collar and dog tags. Jenyra was my other best friend and a vampire hunter. Also we work for him…monsters like us aren't allowed to do whatever we want in the human world…in fact even though we worked for Jen, we were on a much looser leash then other monsters who aren't under an agency like Youkai Inc's control. Weird how the world spins sometimes.

Another whine and Takato pressed his muzzle into my hand. I looked down at him and sighed as I scratched him behind the ears.

"You are such an attention whore." I told him as I swear he grinned at me, his crimson eyes dancing with amusement. "Have you found anything yet?" I asked him. Takato barked and shook his head. I looked out into the darkened streets, human going on about their business, throwing both Takato and I a weary look as we passed them by. Takato whined at the dark looks. I petted his brown fur again, soothing his easily hurt feelings.

Takato knew he look scary…yet he got hurt when people got scared of him. He was really something else. And I was the one of the few that could soothe his hurt feelings for some reason. I don't know why either. Jenyra said it was because it's in my human nature to do so…after all he said, a dog is a man's best friend. Whatever that meant. Anyways, we shouldn't be as close as we were either. Vampires and werewolves didn't like each other for lack of better terms.

It was indirectly Juri's fault that we became this close in the first place. Juri was Takato's partner before I moved to West Shinjuku and started to work for Youkai Inc. last year…and she had a crush on Takato too…I think. She was rather friendly and always was nice to me even when my human teenage mood swing emotional side won over. So I sort of became friends with her, but I had a bit of a problem with Takato at first since he was a werewolf and all.

But Takato was that kind of guy who just got in your face and tried to make friends with you, didn't matter if your species were worst enemies. Juri said I was the first vampire to actually be even civil towards him…actually I was the first vampire apparently I later learned who actually talked to him without looking at him like he was trash. Jenyra said it was probably because of my human side that I was like that…

But we weren't partners because of Takato's obnoxious personality. It was because of one mission. One stupid mission. Jenyra found it fun to send me as backup for Takato and Juri a lot because he said this is the first time a vampire and a werewolf were civil towards each other and there was no way in hell he said that he was letting that go to waste. I was sent out originally because Takato got hurt while he was in his wolf form while protecting Juri and if I hadn't arrived when I did, they both would have died.

Since speed is my attribute, (Vampires and half vampires such as myself have four attributes to chose from: attack, defense, power, and speed. Each vampire has one attribute that is more developed then the rest, giving them an edge in that field.) I was able to save both Juri and Takato from a rampaging monster (Please don't ask me what the hell it was because I didn't even know what it was in the first place. Jen had randomly sends me as backup whenever it seems Takato and Juri are in danger, least he misses an opportunity) but in the process I had gotten hurt myself and was slowly dying from the large loss of blood and power.

Juri saw this and she did what something that would make Takato and me to become partners…forcefully. She unlatched her partner chain to Takato and connected Takato's chain to me in an attempt to restore my power after she had used a shit load of magic to heal my wounds.

You see partners are bound to each other by a link that can be connected and removed by will. Each person is classified into two categories, independent and dependent.

An independent person is somebody who can fight alone on their own if need be. An independent person is determined by personality, powers, and abilities. Both Juri and I are independents.

A dependent person is somebody that needs a person in fights. Powers and abilities usually largely influence this decision, but if somebody's personality is dependent enough in some way, they become a dependent person. Takato is a dependent person due to personality, he's too immature to fight on his own and like I constantly have to remind him, he's an attention whore.

Being linked has advantages, power freely flows between the link and if one (or both) partners power is at a low, the bond between the two restores the power. (Though it is unsure how come it works like that, but nobody is complaining) Also being linked keeps a person from going feral (an animalistic mode where all rational thought is thrown out the window) when their emotions overtake them, which even though is rather rare, isn't unheard of. There is numerous other advantages, but I don't care enough to remember them all right now.

Anyways, thanks to link both Takato and I were able to get back up and defeat the monster. But when we got back to Jen to report, (we sort of had to put the poor bastard down…despite Jen's policy of trying to get every monster back alive) we learned when we were trying to reconnect Takato and Juri that the link was stuck.

When Jen checked the records in frustration, it was learned that once a vampire (even if it WAS a half vampire) and a werewolf became partners, they were partners until they die or the dependent partner becomes an independent (two independents can't work together), and with Takato, that wasn't going to be anytime soon. It was some queer genetic glitch which was rather unheard of because like I said, vampires and werewolves were at ends with each other. Juri seemed ok with the whole thing, in fact she started to giggle.

I would later learn Juri liked to play cupid, her favorite victims were the "unlikely cute couple"…a.k.a…Takato and I. I don't know how many set ups I've had to avoid in her schemes of us finding true love and unite the two species so they wouldn't fight anymore. Or some crap like that.

The clock chimed one and I looked to Takato.

"That's our shift. Best get back to Jen on time for once. He's been a bit miffed all day and I do not want of that turned on us." I muttered. Takato barked in agreement and he shivered at the thought. An angry Jen was not a fun Jen.


"Hey Jen!" I yelled as both Takato (who had transformed back into his human form) and I waltzed in his office. Jen spun his chair so that it was facing us and propped his feat up on the table.

"Ruki, Takato, did you find anything?" Jen asked us. Takato shook his head.

"Sorry Jen-kun, nothing." Jen nodded his head.

"I see…well you came at a good time. You have an assignment." I groaned, I may be a vampire, but I needed sleep, I didn't need hours and hours of it, but a nap would be nice…

"This minute Jen? We hold had a four hours of rest last night and even though we are monsters, we do need sleep." Takato argued. Then he put his hand on my shoulder. "Plus in case you have forgotten, Ruki is only half vampire, she needs sleep. You're full human yourself so you should be in bed." I sweatdropped, sure use me as a bargaining chip because I was half human. Jenyra smirked and put elbows on his desk and his head so it lay on his hands.

"Yes, I know she is a half vampire, which makes you and her the best candidates for this job. And don't worry, the new assignment won't take place until tomorrow morning. Meet me in the waiting room at six o clock and then I will explain your assignment and your roles in it. Good night, you are dismissed."

"Yes sir!" Takato snapped to attention. I however just waved my hand lazily as we walked out of Jenyra's office and toward the dorm rooms, we both lived in the same building, but I lived two floors above him.

"Good night Ruki!" Takato told me cheerfully as we reached the landing for the fifth floor, which was an all guys floor, the six floor was mixed and the seventh floor, my floor, was all girls.

"Night Gogglehead." I replied, referencing to the goggles he insisted on wearing while posing as a "normal" human during the daytime. I trudged up two more flights of stairs and was about to go into my room when Juri rounded the corner.

"Oh hey Juri, what are you doing up so late?" I asked her as she walked toward me, obviously miffed about something.

"Some girls two room down are having a freaking party and are really loud." She grumbled. "Can I crash in your room tonight?" I smiled.

"Of course, you know that." I told her as I unlocked the door and swung it open, flipping on the switch, lighting up the room. Inside was a bunk bed in the corner of the room with two desks on the other side of the room. Next to the door were two closets. In between the bed and desks was a table with a TV on it with a Wii connected to the TV. Games and controllers were under the table. There was also a doorway that lead into to the bathroom. There was a mini fridge next to beds, there was a fridge in the communal kitchen, but I didn't like to store my food and drinks there…there might be an off chance somebody might eat it.

"You're a life saver Ruki." Juri smiled as she walked in. I shrugged modestly as I threw my coat on the back of my chair.

"Hey, you let me crash in your room all the time when Alice is here, this is no big deal." Juri smiled and shrugged.

"Hey we're friends and that's what friends do." I laughed.

"Yea, exactly. You can go to bed, I have to take a shower because Jen gave us an assignment in the morning." I told her. Juri seemed thoughtful at this.

"An assignment huh? It must be with that customer we got earlier today. I was looking something up for Jenyra-kun and I noticed him and some girl talking in the business room. She didn't look much older than us…your assignment is probably going to revolve around her." I nodded my head as I searched for my pajamas.

Youkai Inc. isn't just a place that keeps monsters under control and away from the human eye; it is an agency open to the public. The most common is cases where "supernatural" stuff is happening to a human (mostly the human is unknowingly being stalked by a youkai, and the best way really to deal with that is with another youkai.) but trivial detective work is also quite common too, as well as body guarding from anything. A couple of youkai in the upper sector under Jenyra's father work with the police or other agencies of the sort.

"Thanks for the heads up Juri. I'll see you later, have a good night's sleep." I told her as I finally found myself and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.


"You have to tell me all the information alright?" Juri told me excitedly as we walked toward the room where the youkai-human transactions commonly occur. I grumbled, how could she be this wide awake and this happy at this ungodly hour?

At 5:30 the fire alarm went off, and since we wanted to keep up the appearance this is a normal human establishment, everyone had to get up and go through the procedures of a fire drill. Turned out it was some loser broke a circuit while trying to cook pancakes.

Since I was up anyways, I figured might as well get ready for the briefing. Juri decided to tag along with me, probably curious and probably protecting any and all unlucky idiots who dared bother me in my half asleep and annoyed mood. For a half vampire I had most if not all the powers of the vampire with my human side negating the weaknesses.

Sure I didn't like the smell of garlic, but not enough to stop me, and I since I wasn't brought about by selling my soul, holy objects didn't affect me either. (Though to be fair, not all vampires are affected by holy objects, only ones who had given up their soul…which isn't a lot. Pride does come in handy sometimes) Sunlight didn't affect me at all, though like everybody else I am susceptible to a sun burn.

Also unlike vampires, I wasn't immortal, I would live a long human life sure, but I would die like a normal human would. Nor did I need blood to survive, though it was also a lie to say I didn't like the taste of it. Whenever I would get a scratch (probably from a bullet or something normal humans would die from), I would try to get the blood off without resorting to a band aid. I don't get excited by the sight of blood though, if that's what you're thinking either…but I do like my meat toward the raw side.

"Ok." I yawned as Juri chuckled. I gave her a mock glare and began to rub the sand out of my eyes. "Mornings should be made illegal." I grumbled as we reached the door to the "World Mixer" as everyone that lived and worked here liked to call it. Juri laughed at this.

"That's funny coming from you." She was referring to my vampire side. Vampires were known for being able to function with hardly any sleep or no sleep at all. I just grunted.

"Ruki-chan, Juri-chan! Good morning, we've been waiting for you two!" Jenyra greeted us cheerfully. I growled as Juri cheerfully waved.

"Morning Jen-kun, Takato-kun, morning Miss. I'll be talking to you later ok Ruki-chan?" Juri greeted them as well. I waved as I walked toward Jenyra, Takato, and the customer. It was a tradition to use suffixes even if you never used them when a customer was around. Something about the feeling of being friendly or some crap like that. The light in here was killing me. Where the light was in the hall was dim out of curtsey of people like me who had extra sensory senses, the light in here was bright to appeal to the humans who came in here.

"Sorry I'm late." I apologized, hoping my eyes would quickly adjust. "I just woke up and I'm still kind of tired." That would buy me a few minutes without the customer getting suspicious why the light was affecting me more than a normal person. I yawned for a good measure then rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand to show that I was indeed tired. I was better at faking tiredness then most monsters in the morning sense I was half human…and really was tired.

"It's alright Ruki-kun, I was about to explain the assignment to you and Takato-kun anyways." Jenyra told me as I reached them, my eyesight was catching up, so I was able to give him a dirty glare through half opened eyes. Jenyra liked to call me Ruki-kun, Juri explained to me that he does that for all tomboy girls such as myself, but that doesn't make it less annoying.

"…Makino-san?" For the first time I looked at the customer, by this time I was used to the light and who it was shocked me. It was Rene Auburn, a rather quiet girl who went to the same school I went to before I came here. She was always picked on by the other girls and I was sure she was afraid of me, even though she didn't know I was a vampire…or half of one at least.

"Oh, so Ruki-kun knows Rene-chan?" Jenyra asked, a devilish smirk gracing his face as Takato shot me a look, unnecessarily warning me that Jenyra was cooking something up that she wasn't going to like. Rene seemed started by Jenyra's sudden statement and she began to move her mouth, but no words came out. Probably still in shock from seeing the scariest girl she ever knew from her past standing in front of her.

"Yes, we went to the same school. We also had math and history together." I informed Jenyra. Rene looked at me with a rather shocked expression. I cocked my head, some of my fiery red hair falling into my violet eyes. What was she so shocked about?

"That was two years ago…" She murmured finally looking down. So? Takato seemed to understand where Rene was getting at.

"Ruki-chan has a very good memory…and she pays attention to the slightest details too." Takato explained softly, giving me a warm smile. I scratched my cheek, a bit embarrassed. I didn't see what the big deal was and why she was so surprised that I remembered her.

"I see…that would explain a lot…I just thought that…she like everyone else…" I was totally lost now. Takato leaned over and whispered in my ears.

"Invisibility complex. She's the type of person to melt into the scenery." He explained. I nodded at once, understanding. "She also has low self-esteem too, so watch what you say alright?" I sweatdropped at this. I was rather well known for not having any tact.

"Uh…yea…anyways, what do you need us to do?" I asked, making her jump like five feet. Jenyra chuckled at this.

"It's simple really. Rene-chan has been having some…unwanted company following her and harassing her through phone calls and mail and such. She has actually never seen them, so it's going to be your job to protect her from the assaults as well as find the assailants and make them stop." Jenyra explained. I nodded my head, instantly understand why both Takato and I fit this job perfectly. Our abilities to track and hunt people down will let us find whoever is bothering Rene.

"No sweat." Takato replied, most likely trying reassure Rene. Jenyra then took out a calendar.

"Currently school is out for spring break, but Rene-chan is participating in the school's musical production so she still has to go and practice even though its break. As you know Ruki-kun, the school is a girl's only academy, meaning out of the two of you, only you will be able to protect her in the school grounds." Jenyra informed me, a small smile dancing on his lips. I blinked. Say what now.

"Sorry to inconvenience you, if you don't want to, I'll be fine by myself…I mean I'm not the only one in there." Rene mumbled. I looked at her before laughing, obviously shocking Rene, who like all my old classmates, had never heard me laugh before.

"It's alright, it's no big deal. Just surprised that's all." I told her before turning to Jen and giving him a deadly sweet smile. "But no uniform. I am not going undercover." I told him. Jenyra just shrugged and grinned.

"Alright, have it your way. Takato-kun, Ruki-kun, do your best." And with that I was suddenly thrust back into the world of my past.

Ruki44: Ok a couple of quick notes. About the partner thing, you know Chika...and that other guy have chains in them from Zombie Loan? And it's invisible? Partner chains are like that, only partners don't have to switch hands and the can go far away as they like from each other. Also, there is no yuri hints in there if you thought that. Juri and Ruki are just really good friends, like Jenyra and Takato are. Got it?! On that note, tell me what you think, you have no idea how many times I had to rewrite this thing...

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