Ruki44: Well Happy Easter everyone! And if you don't believe in

Ruki: ...What other holidays are around this time of the year?

Ruki44: I don't know.

Tetra: Make one up.

Ruki44: Like what?!


Ruki44: ...

Hinata: You know that would have worked rather well anytime of the year but this time.

Ruki: Yea which reminds me, what is the deal with bunnies and Easter? I mean isn't the whole holiday about when Christians believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead?

Ruki44: Yea...but who cares? Chocolote!

Tetra: Really, I think that's the last thing you need...

Ruki44: Nonsense!

Hinata: No...I think their right. Just like the last thing Rukia need is that pixie stick...

Ruki44: WHAT! o.0

Ruki: -.- Well crap...

Tetra: Well ok readers, you might not know this but Rukia and sugar...not best combo there was ever. So we're going to go hide now. Puts out a huge ass chocolate Trojan horse this is for the brave soul who wants to come get it when Rukia has sugar.


Capture Allison!

We had been running around the city looking for Allison. It was a good thing I was in my street clothes because we would attract a lot of attention then I already was. Back here I'm quite famous, a famous model mother would do that to anybody. Plus the fact that Takato was a giant dog didn't help the stares.

"Find anything yet?" I hissed to Takato as I sprinted to keep up with him. Takato barked and shook his head no. I growled as we approached a bridge and tons of teenagers were milling about. I didn't have time to push through the lot

Without a second thought I nimbly jumped up on the railing and ran past the teens that way earning surprised yells as they saw me ran by…only to get run over by Takato who didn't seem to mind barreling through people, when he was in his dog or human form. I looked back and smirked at the teens' stupefied faces. This was going to be put in their blogs no doubt about it.

As we reached the edge of the bridge I jumped off the railing nimbly and kept in time with Takato's own pace. Takato was right, my vampire powers did kick in really quickly. Takato barked and made a sharp turn for a path that lead to the park.

I followed him up a path that was not taken care of very well since weeds were growing between the cracks of the pavement. I followed Takato up a small set of steps to what looked to a rundown building of sorts. Takato transformed back into his human form before approaching it.

"I remember Ms. Asagi, my teacher before I left school with Jen and Juri to go to work for Youkai Inc, that this was the entrance to an underground tunnel…it leads all the way into the next town. I can't remember what she said it was for…it was three years ago. I think Allison ran into the tunnel…I smell cat demon." Takato informed me.

I walked up to the rusted up fence and climbed over it.

"We'd best check it out then huh? If she goes all the way into the next town that would be bad because even with your nose, we would be on unfamiliar turf. We wouldn't be able to corner her like we would be able to here." I said as Takato followed me over the fence. I walked into the dark tunnel, feeling glad for my ability to see extremely well in the dark. Takato simply nodded and we ran into the tunnel.


"We've been chasing after Allison-san for awhile." I gave Takato a slight glare that sent my message across rather well-don't patronize me. Apparently using my vampire powers right after I regained them after I lost them wasn't probably the smartest idea I ever had.

I was sitting up against the tunnel dark (and rather slimy) wall as I tried to catch my breath. Takato was crouching down, watching over me slightly worried.

"I'm fine." I told him as I tried to control my breathing. Yea, defiantly not the smartest idea I ever had.

"It's only normal. I mean you really shouldn't have excreted yourself…I mean there I guess you are sort of fighting off a sickness. I mean you suddenly lose your powers and your body is like in shock from that. Then you suddenly get them back…so your body is thrown into a state of double shock if that's even medically possible. And a few minutes after you get your powers back you are forced to use them…quite honestly you should have passed out awhile ago if you were a lesser person." Takato told me sympathetically.

"Does everything come back to science? Seriously, there is like an explanation for everything. Even magic has a logical definition to it!" I groaned as Takato finished his medical talk of why I was exhausted. Takato chuckled.

"Sorry. Most everything can be explained away by science." Takato told me good naturally. I raised my eyebrow.

"Most everything huh? What can't be explained away?" I asked curiously. Takato simply winked at me.

"The insane brash way you act." He told me with a small smile. I smirked.

"Oh that? That's a combination of a lack of common sense and my emotions ruling my every move." I tell him good naturally. This caused Takato to laugh. That's when a loud hiss emitted from the shadows. Takato stopped laughing immediately as his eyes went wide and immediately began to scan the area. I was instantly on guard and since I had better night vision then he did, looked carefully down the dark tunnel from any signs of what made the hissing noise.

The only warning I received for what happened next was a flash of yellow eyes before this huge ass black feline attacked Takato. Takato yelped and skidded backwards and I stood up from where I was sitting and despite what Takato said about resting, I used my vampire speed to land a very solid punch on the cat.

The cat skidded back about five feet before using its claws to stop itself before it turned its attention on me. It hissed and lunged at me, but Takato, who had turned into a dog, launched himself at the cat and he and the cat tumbled a couple of feet down the tunnel.

"Takato!" I yelled as the cat managed somehow to get out on top and raised one of its giant paws and scratched Takato making him yelp and some blood splatter out and hit the floor. I growled and rushed at the cat before it could make another attack on Takato. "I don't think so!" I yelled as I rushed up behind the cat and wrapped my arms around it in a vice like grip.

Using the adrenaline that was currently rushing in my veins, plus my powers which were growing at an unbelievable rate thanks to the link that Takato and I shared, I was able to pry the cat off Takato. The cat hissed and struggled in my arms but somehow I was able to restrain it. Somehow being the operative word.

"Ugh…like you are going to escape that easily." I growled as Takato stood up and shook his body eyeing the cat warily as I restrained it.

"Take…it…back…" I looked at the feline in my arms. It could talk? "Take…it…back…" It repeated again and Takato's fur stood on end and he snarled. Animal demons like Takato can only talk in their human forms. This cat was a demon for sure…but…how was it talking?

"Take back what!" I demanded still holding the cat in my arms. The cat demon began to struggle in my grasp and I noticed its fur was getting shorter. It was reverting to its human form.

"Take it back…" The struggling got weaker and in the place of the giant feline was a girl about the same age as me and Takato. I immediately recognized her right away…it was Allison. Of course…Rena had said her family background check said she had a neko demon as a grandmother. I felt stupid for not realizing it earlier.

Takato shifted back into his human former and cautiously Allison who by this time was crying and cautiously checked her over.

"She has cat ears, eyes, as well as a tail. Probably due to her unable to fully control the demon blood in her. She probably only turned back into her human form as a result of a loss of energy." Takato concluded. I sighed, that was just great. Then Takato approached Allison who was repeating the same mantra between sobs and gently poked her forehead making her recoil in shock. She must not have realized any of her surroundings…

"You! You're that boy that hugged Ruki-hime in front of the school! What are you doing here…what am I doing here?" Allison yelped surprised. I unceremoniously let go of her from vice grip making her drop to the floor.

"Good question. You apparently attacked Apollo when you two got into a fight before running off and turning into a neko demon." I told her with a slight frown on my face. Allison raised her head from the floor (she sort of landed face down…) and looked at me shocked.

"Ruki-hime?! What…do you mean…what's going?" Allison looked like a deer that was caught in headlights…and getting fried too apparently if her face was any indicator. If it got any redder, I could fry an egg on it…great now I want eggs. Must…not…think…of…breakfast foods…

"Well first off could you please not call me Ruki-hime? Just Ruki is fine. Second off, I just said it. You attacked Apollo, ran off, turned into a cat. We found you accidently and you attacked us. Then you turned back and here we are." I told her, my frown getting larger. What was so hard to understand about that?

"What?!" She yelped before turning her attention to Takato who simply smiled and raised his hand.

"No worries. We're fine." Allison looked like she had been suckered punch.

"How can you say that…you just basically said I'm a demon that attacked you…you must think ill of me now…" My frown turned into a look of confusion.

"Why we would we think that? You were probably just insane from the transformation…perfectly natural…I think. I mean you couldn't exactly control your inner demon…" I trailed off before Allison stood up and grabbed my shoulders and slightly shook me.

"That's just it though! I'm a demon! Doesn't that bother you at all?!" Allison more or less yelled in my face. I blinked, well there went my hearing.

"Ah! You weren't in control of yourself when you attacked us so you probably didn't notice. Neither of us is human either...sort of. I suppose I should properly myself…you see Ruki and I work for Youkai Inc., an institution that is made up of demons and is run by humans that specialize in controlling demons, like vampire hunters and exorcists and what not. As you may know, Youkai Inc. is a company that takes on many different jobs but is most noted for its help in police work such as crimes and finding lost people.

I'm what you would call a werewolf…though I would like to clear the misconception that werewolves transform on the full moon only. We can transform day or night whenever we want. We usually take the form of a big dog or wolf.

Ruki on the other hand is a vampire…well…half vampire. This means she's basically human with vampire powers…well the technical explanation is that she is half human, half vampire…but really she's more human." Takato explained in a good natured way that if I didn't know everything thing he said was 100% true I would seriously doubt what he said. Allison merely stared at him for a moment, she had stopped shaking me but her hands were still on my shoulder.

"Yea right. You're probably just saying that to make me feel better." My point exactly. Takato frowned a bit, not exactly understanding why she didn't believe him. I brushed her hands off my shoulders.

"Trust me, we're not joking. Takato, transform into your dog state. Seeing is believing as they always say." I commanded Takato. Takato simply shrugged and got down on all fours and promptly transformed into his dog form. Allison yelped and hid behind me, cowering in fear. I was about to say something her being a demon too so she shouldn't be afraid of Takato until…

"Dog…" I blinked a couple of times in confusion as Takato turned back into his human form.

"Ah, neko demon…cats and dogs are naturally enemies…" He mused before hanging his head. "Why do werewolves have all the enemies?" I smiled at him.

"Don't worry about it." I then turned my attention to Allison. "You're going to need to come with us. Youkai aren't allowed to run around unsupervised. Last time I checked you had the choice of being a regulated demon or a field agent." Takato told her good naturally. Wait…there were choices?!

"Hey! I didn't get a choice, what gives!" I yelled, growling a bit. Takato shrugged.

"Half vampires believe it or not are extremely rare. Right now in Japan there is about 15 total and you are the only one that leans toward the human side. The other half vampires are leaning toward the vampire side…it all has to do with which parent is the vampire. In most cases it's the mom and since whatever mommy eats, baby eats…and well…yea…" Takato trailed off lamely.

I was being forced to work because I was the only half vampire in Japan that had a human mother?! I sighed as I rubbed my temples. That would also probably explain my gung ho attitude about not drinking blood. In a demented fairy tale, it would be left at 'your special' or something like that and since I was the only 'special' vampire in Japan I would have this huge epic battle over the fate of something huge…Japan…the world…the universe and I would eventually triumph and live happily ever after.

Too bad this was real life.

"Whatever…" I grumbled before eyeing Allison. She couldn't exactly go out into the light looking like how she did. The tail she could easily hide without any assistance…the ears and eyes not so much. "Meet me at the end of the tunnel. I'm going to get a hat and sunglasses for Allison…I mean no offense or anything but you would attract a lot of attention." And with that said and done I ran off leaving Takato and Allison in the dark behind me.


I returned a half an hour later to the tunnel entrance with a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat. Luckily it was summer out and Allison was wearing summer clothes or else she would have looked just as suspicious with her cat features hiding.

"Here you go. Put these on." I told her calmly as I handed the items. Allison took them a bit wearily.

"That was fast. Takato-san said you were going to be back very soon before he transformed into his dog formed and proceeded to kidnap me. I thought he meant in like an hour, maybe a bit more…" She trailed off, obviously a bit uneasy. I shrugged.

"Vampires and half vampires excel in either speed, strength, attack, or defense…I excel in speed…but I lack in others." I explained to her.

"So…you didn't transform into a bat?" Allison asked a bit shyly. I stared at her. Human monster literature was proving once again to be a pain in the ass…providing all these misconceptions…

"No, I did not. Vampires do not transform into bats...some can transform yes, but only into different humans they met before. However that is only a select few vampires who excel in shadow techniques. They cannot copy the human's personality and quirky traits so they have to stalk them so they know how to impersonate them perfectly…too much work if you ask me…" I growled at her. Allison meeped and put the hat on her head, pulling it down hard so the brim covered her cat like eyes. Takato laughed at this.

"Ah Ruki, Allison-san can't help she doesn't know about vampires. The only thing she had been taught was from books like Dracula and Twilight…at least she isn't asking why the hell you aren't sparkling in the sun." Takato chided me lightly before turning to Allison. "If you have any questions about vampires, or werewolves or any type of monsters you can ask me or Ruki.

But if you ask anything something like 'can vampires read minds' or 'be able to see in the future' or something that relates to Twilight, I can't promise your safety. Ruki pretty much hates all vampire books, especially Twilight since it's a romance novel and boy does she hate romance novels…" He trailed off with a small smile.

"That doesn't surprise me in the least." I heard Allison mutter under her breath as she put on the sunglasses I gave her. Takato laughed and I turned around frowning. So what if I didn't like romance novels, especially Twilight. I think it's simply insane how the entire female population is getting worked up about it. I've heard rumors that fans are now trying to find vampires that sparkle in the sunlight by going places that are rainy and damp.

"Whatever. Let's just go." I growled, shoving my hands into my pockets before sulking down the path. Perfectly natural to hate gushy romance novels…


"Rena-san really is a kitsune?" Allison was shocked as we sat back in the hospital as Rena solemnly nodded her head, watching Gill and Terry carefully who had decided to come and check out Allison.

The reason we were back at the hospital was that Juri was none too happy that I was ordered to go out and she let Jenyra know that. She wasn't too pleased that he made me drink blood to get my vampire powers back either. She forced him to get on his hands and knees and declare that he was sorry. Takato managed to get the whole apology on his cell phone. It was totally worth it being forced to return to this dreadful place again. I really hate hospitals…

"Yes. I never saw the point of hiding it…it's such a pain in the ass to keep a secret and if somebody finds out, they could use it as blackmail against you." Rena explained. I rolled my eyes as I shoved some chicken noodle soup into my mouth, swallowing it before I put my two cents in.

"Doesn't mean you go introduce yourself that way every single time you meet somebody. I guess subtly was never your strong suite." I told Rena cheekily. Rena studied me with a cool expression.

"Just as tact was yours." I raised my spoon acknowledging her.

"Touché." I then turned my attention to Allison. "Say, what made did Apollo say that made you so worked up anyways?" I asked her curiously. Allison blushed a bit.

"Ah…it's nothing you need to concern yourself with Ruki-hime." She mumbled, looking anywhere but me.

"Why does Allisonmon call Rukimon, Ruki-hime?" Gill asked innocently. Good question.

"It's because Ruki's kaa-san is a famous model. Models are very beautiful women and men…mostly women who allow people to take pictures of them. They advertise different stuff. Hime means 'princess'…and they are very beautiful people too, especially in fairy tales.

So I guess the link I'm trying to make here is that Ruki's mother is very beautiful so therefore Ruki is very beautiful. And since Ruki's mother is the queen…it's only natural that Ruki is the princess…" Rena trailed off. Everyone just stared at her dumbly.

"Actually I call her Ruki-hime because she was forced to play the part of the princess for our school production. It was ironic and many people that year were calling her Ruki-hime. I guess I never got out of the habit…" Allison explained as I blanched at the memory. That dress was so damn itchy it wasn't even funny…

"Ah here is everyone! And Allison is with them, great!" Juri's overly cheerful voice emitted from the door way.

"I'm not here because I want to be." I reminded her as Juri waved my compliant off as she stepped in the room, followed by a rather whipped Jen. Sometimes I wonder who was really behind everything…Juri or Jen…I'm thinking Juri…

"Whatever. First things first. Allison, normally you would have a choice…but right now we are sort of understaffed and we need all the help we can get so we're drafting you. When this is over you will be allowed the decision if you want to stay or go.

Second off, Rene's missing." I spat out my soup at Juri's last words and a loud 'WHAT!' came from everyone but Jen (who probably knew) and Terry and Gill (who probably didn't know what was going on in the first place).

"What do you mean she's missing!" I yelled at Juri. Juri laughed sheepishly as Jen took up the explanation.

"You see…while there was a search party for Allison…Rene sort of…disappeared…we think she got kidnapped. So now we have to go find her…and…well that's pretty much it." He ended lamely. I resisted the urge to drown myself in my soup. Barely.

"One thing after another. Jeez, it's like some sort of manga or anime…or a bad fan fiction based or something. I mean come on this is just too surreal." Takato complained, crossing his arms across his chest in a defiant matter.

"Yea…well…this is life…now we have to form a plan to find Rene." Jen said. Drowning myself in my soup really sounds like a good idea…

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