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Introduction :

Hi! I'm Isabella Marie Swan or Bella. I'm the creator of werewolves and vampires. Well... it sounds weird because of the enmity between vampires and werewolves but it was never meant to be that way. But I guess they can never exist side by side. Being the creator of both of them makes me the missing link, somewhat like the mother of both of them. So, I am cross breed between a vampire and a werewolf. I live in my vampire form but I can transform into a wolf. In my vampire form I am mostly like a vampire but I have some wolf traits. I have a beating heart, which beats at a speed slower than normal humans, I can sleep when I want, I can blush and I can imprint ( I think so, but it hasn't happened yet ). Being a vampire, I am beautiful, my eyes change colour( don't worry I am a vegetarian), I am indestructible unless you rip me into pieces and burn them, I have super speed and strength, my body temperature is really cold, I glow in the sun, I have a special power and I drink blood. But, I can transform into a wolf any time and that's when my wolf traits claim me. My heart beats much faster, my thirst for blood disappears, I heal amazingly fast if hurt, and I turn into a huge brown wolf with chocolate brown eyes. I smell normal to both vampires and werewolves; after all I did create them. I am immortal and live my life travelling from one place to another, settling down and moving again, to protect the secret I hold.

AN: More information will soon be revealed. Her power is the same as its supposed to be just stronger. In this she can also completely make someone else's power useless whenever it is related to the mind and if she wants she can just simply block it from her only.

Chapter 1: Moving to Forks

Forks seems to be the perfect place to settle in. It is rainy, cloudy, green and small. It has a small High School down the highway, where I am going to enrol. I wonder how many times I've enrolled in High School, but I rather not bother counting. I bought a small apartment and a Chevy red truck, nothing fancy so I don't attract attention and it seemed normal for a 17 year old who lives alone. But, I do have my Audi R8 stuck in my garage and I don't intend on revealing it, but I couldn't just throw it away. Anyway, I am going to start school tomorrow, and since it's late and I've already hunted, I think I should get some sleep not that I actually need to.

I walked into my apartment which I had bought. It was quite small but it had a certain charm to it that made me feel welcome. I decided to freshen up and then get some sleep. I walked to the tiny, but convenient bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I organised the bathroom the way I wanted and then changed and headed for bed. It was easy to get sleep after the whole days journey.

AN: sorry for the small chapter