Watership down-What really happened.

By the end this story will be quite long so sorry in advance about that. This is my first fan fiction so please review. Basically my little spoof about Watership Down. I own none of the rights or the characters.

Chapter 1

The sun was setting over another day in May. Which was surprising since usually you can't see the sun through all of the clouds and it's usually pissing down in England. There was a hill dotted with rabbits, all stuffing their little furry faces. The warren was at peace, awww everything's peaceful like Christmas morning when the parents have dosed their kids with valium, bless.

Two rabbits appeared; the first seemed at ease as he had been at the warren for all his life and he had kept himself out of trouble. The second was nervous and looked around (as most animals do). He had a nervous twitch and a stammer which constantly annoyed his big brother. He hopped about and sniffed at tufts of grass until a bee flew out and whizzed past him. He dived for cover causing the rabbits around him to look at him and ask each other what had happened.

"It's only Fiver, freaking out about flies again." Said a rabbit with black tipped ears.

Fiver ran up to his big brother. "Th-th-there's something q-q-queer about the w-warren tonight. Let's go d-down to the b-brook."

Queer? Hazel looked at his brother cautiously. Surely his brother isn't that way inclined, though that would explain a lot; the freak outs, him sniffing rabbit pee, the constant trips to the brook in the middle of the night with Pipkin. Oh Frith!

"Ok Fiver see if you can find me a Cowslip" said Hazel, at least this way he could keep his eye on him.

It didn't take long before Fiver found one. They were just beginning to eat when two rabbits came and stopped them.

"Ok hurry up and leave we'll take it from here." The speaker was that of a large Owsla member, all brawn, no brain.

"Fiver found it Toadflax." Hazel had to stand up for his little brother.

"And we'll eat it. You two aren't buck enough to handle it" as he spoke his companion began striking poses to illustrate his bulging muscles, very unimpressive.

"Cowslips are for Owsla only. Do we have to teach you?"

Hazel noticed that Fiver's eyes lit up. Oh great now his little brother is also masochistic. How many more surprises will come up today?

"No. Come on Fiver." Hazel felt a bit awkward trying to forcibly shift his brother while trying not to give him any pleasure.

They then crossed the brook. The further away from the main warren the more frightened Hazel became. What sorts of rabbits lurked in the bushes? He knew all too well, the kind that got a bit too friendly with young does and kittens.

"I'm thinking of leaving this warren all together you know." Hazel had to break the painful silence. "Fiver, look!"

There was a freshly moved pile of earth with heavy posts and a board in it. A few nails had been left around (tut, tut, tut health and safety).

"Oh Hazel this is where it comes from" said Fiver "it's coming closer and closer!"

"What is?" asked Hazel

"I don't know" replied Fiver "The f-f-field, the field, it's covered in blood!"

Oh Frith! He's totally lost it thought Hazel. He's gone mad mind you who'd notice another madman around here?

"Have you taken your medication today?" asked Hazel as his brother was now rolling around on the ground having a fit.

"It's covered w-with blood."

"It's just the light of the sunset." Said Hazel "let's go back to the burrow." He instantly regretted saying that.

"It'll come the-there d-don't think it won't!" whimpered Fiver.

"Now stop it!" Hazel shrieked. "You paranoid schizophrenic twot. Back to the burrow. Move it!"

Hazel had to physically push him back and down the burrow.

No-one could read the notice board. It said "This ideally Situated Estate, comprising six acres of excellent building land, is to be developed with high class modern residences by Sutch and Martin, Limited, of Newbury, Berks."

Did Fiver forget his medication? Is Fiver and Pipkin's relationship more serious than Hazel thinks? Will "Sutch and Martin" survive the Recession? None of these questions will be answered in Chapter 2.