Chapter 4- I've Always Loved You

Yami sat in his office, doing some paperwork. When Yami finally finished, his hand was cramped. He rubbed his wrist, which was rather sore.

"Now you know why I always have hand cramps." Seto said.

Yami looked up to find him smirking in the doorway. "Shut up, Seto!" Yami growled.

"Well, it's lunchtime, so I think that you'll be safe for about an hour." Seto said.

"And when I get back, it'll take me until quitting time to get the rest p up during lunch done." Yami said.

"Probably. Anyway, you want to come with me to lunch?" Seto asked.

Yami raised an eyebrow. "I thought that you usually ate lunch with Joey." Yami said.

"I do, but Joey's having lunch with Yugi today." Seto replied.

"Oh, yeah. Yugi told me about that." Yami replied.

"Come on. We both need to eat. I'm sick of Joey getting on me about skipping lunch to do work." Seto said.

Yami smirked. "How doe she find out when you don't?" Yami asked.

"He's good at convincing my secretary to tell him. I may have to kill Yugi for teaching Joey how to do that thing with his eyes." Seto said.

Yami laughed. "Yugi is good at that. He rarely uses it, but when he does, the person doesn't have a choice, but to do what it is that Yugi wants them to." Yami said.

"You've lived with him for three months and known him for years. Aren't you immune to them?" Seto asked.

"Nope. There are times that I can resist them, but mostly, I end up doing whatever he asks." Yami replied.

"How often does Yugi use them?" Seto asked.

"With him, it's usually once maybe twice with a six months time." Yami replied.

"Geez. I get them two or three tines a week from Joey, and that doesn't include when Mokuba does it." Seto said.

"Well, if we're going we might as well go." Yami said.

The two left the office.

"Joey, could you slow down before you choke yourself? Your food's not going anywhere." Yugi said.

Joey swallowed the food that was in his mouth. "Sorry, Yug. I guess I'm still the pig that I was back in school." Joey said with a grin.

"You've been with Seto for three months. I thought that he would have tried to teach you some manners." Yugi said as he took a bite of his food.

"He did, but he gave up after the first month. He realized that he would have to just accept me for the slob that I am." Joey said.

Yugi shook his head. "How have things between you and Seto been?" Yugi asked.

"We've been fine. I could kill him for skipping lunch sometimes, and I hate he thinks that he has to work so much, but we're getting along fine." Joey said.

"How had Mokuba adjusted to all this?" Yugi asked.

"He loves it. Mokuba likes having me around so much. You know I moved in a few weeks ago, and Mokuba has been all over me. He likes having someone to play with. He said Yami would, but that Yami was busy with work, too, even if he wasn't as busy as Seto." Joey said.

"Yeah. Yami does spend a few hours everyday doing work, but he does take time for himself and others." Yugi said.

"Do you two do things together?" Joey asked.

"Yeah. We tend to go out places together and play new games together. It's been great having him around again." Yugi said.

"You going to tell him how you feel?" Joey asked.

"I-haven't thought about it much. I'd like to, but Im just not sure." Yugi said.

"Oh, come on. You and I both know that you want to tell him so bad that you can't stand it. Just tell Yami already." Joey said.

Yugi sighed. "I'm not sure hoe. It's not like you just go up to someone and say 'I love you. I have since high school. Do you want to date?' That would be rather crass." Yugi said.

"You know that I did. I called Seto, had him meet me for lunch, and told him pretty much right off." Joey said.

"I'm not as forward as you are, Joey. Now, could we get off this topic?" Yugi asked.

"Sure. Are you going to that new night club? You know that it opens tonight?" Joey said.

"Yeah. I know. Heba and Atemu have already asked me and Yami to come with them. Ryou and Bakura, too. Yami and I will probably come. If I don't go willingly, I'm sure that Yami would drag me there against my will." Yugi said.

"Then, I can expect to see you there." Joey said.

"Might as well. I don't have anything else that I need to do tonight." Yugi said.

"Great. I think Seto and I will see you two then." Joey said.

"How have you and Yugi been getting along?" Seto asked.

"We've been fine." Yami replied.

"You wouldn't stress so much about being around him if you'd actually tell Yugi how you feel about him." Seto said.

"Oh, yes. You're an expert on this subject. Joey had to take the first step and tell you how he felt first." Yami said.

Seto glared. "And I stopped stressing about it, didn't I?" Seto asked.

Yami rolled his eyes. "I don't know how to go about doing something like that. I really don't want to lose my friendship with him if he doesn't feel the same way." Yami said.

"You'll never know if you don't tell him. You should at least try to tell Yugi what you feel for him." Seto said.

"I don't know. I might tell him. I haven't decided yet." Yami said.

"Anyway, are you and Yugi going to the new night club tonight?" Seto asked.

"Atemu and Heba asked us to go, too. I really hadn't thought that much, but I figure that we'll go anyway. Why?" Yami asked.

"Curious. Joey roped me into going to it, and I didn't want to be the only one there." Seto said.

"I'll probably have to drag Yugi there kicking and screaming, but we'll be there." Yami said.

Seto smirked mentally. 'Oh, I'm glad. By the time that Joey, Ryou, and Heba are through, you and Yugi will be together.' Seto thought.

"Yugi, are you ready yet?" Yami called upstairs.

"I'll be down in a minute." Yugi called back.

Yami shook his head. "What is taking him so long?" Yami asked.

"Yugi isn't one who goes out to things like this too often. He's nervous and probably fighting to figure out what to wear." Grandpa said.

Yami sighed. "I just wish that he would hurry up." Yami said.

Yami was dressed in black leather pants, a black tank top with a leather jacket over the shirt, and boots.

A moment later, Yugi came downstairs. "Okay. I'm ready." Yugi said.

Yami looked a froze.

Yugi was wearing black leather pants, a white tank top, a black leather jacket, and boots.

Recovering, Yami said, "Come on then."

Yugi and Yami left the house.

"Have fun, and don't wake me up when you get home!" Grandpa called.

The new night club called Lover's Lane was packed. There was a line that went about two blocks.

"Come on." Yami said. He pulled Yugi to the front of the club where the bouncer let them in. Yami glanced down and said, "It helps to know Seto."

Yugi smiled. "I guess it does." Yugi replied.

The club was packed. There were people dancing, drinking, and standing around talking.

Yugi spotted Heba, who waved them over to the table that he was at with Atemu, Seto, Joey, Bakura, and Ryou. Yugi pulled Yami over to the table.

"Glad to see that you two actually made it." Ryou said.

"Thought that you wouldn't make it." Heba said.

"We made it." Yami replied.

"The club's already in full swing. Much later, and you would have missed the party." Joey said.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Joey, this party will be going on until the early morning. I doubt that we would have missed anything." Yugi said.

"He makes a point, puppy." Seto said.

The group enjoyed the club.

Eventually, Heba, Joey, and Ryou dragged Atemu, Seto, and Bakura out onto the dance floor to dance.

"I'm glad that I don't have to do that." Yami muttered.

"You like to dance, Yami." Yugi pointed out.

"Yeah. Maybe I do, but I'm not sure that I really want to here." Yami said. He knew that He would have to dance close to Yugi if he did, and he wasn't sure that he would be able to do that without losing control of his emotions.

Yugi grabbed Yami by the hand and said, "Come on. Let's dance."

"Yugi, I don't-" Yami started.

"Please." Yugi said, making his eyes widen a bit and looked like he would cry.

Yami cursed Yugi's puppy dog eyes. "All right. We'll dance." Yami agreed.

The two made their way out onto the dance floor and started to dance together.

Heba noticed and said, "I didn't realize that they had gotten together."

"I doubt that they did. I think that they may just be dancing together." Atemu replied.

Heba frowned. "I was hoping that this night would have them getting together." Heba said.

"Heba, you can't force things." Atemu said.

"I know. I just want Yugi to be happy. That's all." Heba said.

"He'll find happiness on his own." Atemu said.

Yugi and Yami were dancing together. Their movements flowed with the music, and they moved together in perfect sync.

Yami watched Yugi's amethyst eyes. They seemed to shine in the lights from the ball overhead. His eyes were shining with merriment and happiness. 'I love seeing Yugi this happy. That smile of his could light up any person's life.' Yami thought.

Likewise, Yugi was watching Yami's crimson eyes. His eyes seemed to be a little darker than usual, and that made him seem to be more mysterious than he was before. 'Yami's eyes are so captivating. They could make anyone weak in the knees.' Yugi thought.

The song ended, and another, slower song started.

Yami would have left the dance floor then, but he could tell that Yugi still wanted to dance, so he decided that he would dance this slow song with him.

By this time, Heba and Atemu, Seto and Joey, and Ryou and Bakura were too wrapped up in their own dancing to notice how close Yami and Yugi were dancing.

Yami had his arms wrapped around Yugi's waist while Yugi's arms were wrapped around Yami's neck. The two seemed to move in perfect sync with each other as they danced the slow dance together.

Yami was amazed at how perfect it felt having Yugi in his arms. Yugi seemed to fit perfectly in Yami's arms, and Yami knew that Yugi was the one that he was meant to be with.

Yugi was astonished at how right it felt to be in Yami's arms. He just felt so safe and warm in his friend's arms. Yugi knew that Yami was the one that was destined for him.

As if of their own will, Yami and Yugi's faces seemed to get closer and closer to each other. Their lips were so close that they could feel each other's breath.

Yami, unable to resist, closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to Yugi's in their first kiss.

Yugi was startled at first, not expecting Yami to do that, not once he got over the initial shock, Yugi pressed back against Yami's lips, tightening his arms around Yami's neck.

Feeling Yugi kiss back, Yami tightened his arms around Yugi and pulled him even closer.

Finally, the two broke apart for the lack of air.

Yugi and Yami looked at each other, slightly dazed from the passionate kiss.

When Yami realized what he had done, he was mortified. 'Damn it! How could I have let my emotions get the best of me like that?' Yami asked himself.

Yugi was rather horrified by what he had done, too. 'I can't believe that I did that! How could I kiss Yami like that?' Yugi questioned himself.

"I'm sorry." the two said at the same time.

They then looked at each other, realizing that they had said the same thing at the same time.

"Yugi." Yami said.

"Yami." Yugi said.

It was then that they realized they were still on the dance floor when the music started to blare.

"Yugi, let's go home so that we can talk." Yami said.

Yugi nodded.

The two left the club.

Yugi glanced at his watch and nearly had a heart attack. "It's already one in the morning!" Yugi exclaimed.

Yami looked at his watch and saw that Yugi was right. "That's one of the things about clubs. You don't think that you're there that long, but hours could have passed by." Yami said. He took Yugi's hand and said, "Come on. Let's get home."

Yugi blushed lightly when Yami grabbed his hand, but went with Yami.

The door to the house portion of the Game Shop, and Yugi and Yami walked into the house.

"We should be as quiet as possible. You know that Grandpa is in bed." Yugi said.

"Right. Let's go to my room. It's the furthest one away from Grandpa's room." Yami suggested.

Yugi nodded, and the two went into Yami's room.

"Yugi, I'm sorry about what happened at the club. I never meant for that to happen." Yami said. He was a little uncomfortable talking about this.

"Yami, why did you kiss me?" Yugi asked.

"Well, um, you see, Yugi, the truth is that it's part of the reason that Seto and I didn't work out." Yami said.

"What do you mean?" Yugi asked, confused.

"You know that Joey was in love with Seto since high school." Yami said.

"Yeah. You just didn't know that until they got together." Yugi said.

"Well, I knew that in high school, Seto was in love with Joey. Seto thought that Joey hated him, and that's why Seto never told him. Anyway, when Seto and I got together, I knew that he was in love with Joey. You see, I was also in love with someone, but I knew, or at least I thought, there wasn't a chance that this person could ever return my feelings, so Seto and I ended up getting together. Our relationship was never built on anything solid. We both knew that we wouldn't last, and I guess we both got to the point that we couldn't stay together because we knew that we were not the one for each other." Yami said.

"Yami, why haven't you told this person how you feel?" Yugi asked, even though it broke his heart to do so. He knew that he was in love with Yami, but he wouldn't let Yami see how hurt he was and make Yami feel guilty.

"I thought that this person didn't return my feelings, so I decided not to tell them, so that I could keep their friendship." Yami said.

"You'll never know unless you tell them, Yami. You know that it doesn't do any good to keep secrets from other people." Yugi said.

"I know, but this person's friendship means a lot to me, and I didn't want to lose it." Yami said.

"You should tell them, Yami. If they are truly your friend, then even if they don't feel the same way, then it won't change your friendship." Yugi said.

Yami smiled. "You know, Seto's been telling me lately that I do need to tell them, and I'm beginning to think that he's right." Yami said.

"Then go ahead and tell them tomorrow." Yugi said.

"Actually, I think that I will tell them right now." Yami said.

"Isn't that a little late to ask a person to meet them?" Yugi asked.

"I don't have to do that." Yami said.

Yugi blinked. "Why's that?" Yugi asked, confused.

Yami took a breath and said, "Yugi, you're the one that I'm in love with. That's why I kissed you."

Yugi's eyes became wider than they already were. "me?" Yugi squeaked.

Yami nodded. "I've been in love with you since high school, and I thought that there wasn't a chance between us that's why I started going out with Seto. I fooled myself into thinking that I could love him, jus like he fooled himself into thinking that he could love someone other than Joey. I do love you, Yugi, and I know that nothing will ever change that." Yami said. He lowered his eyes to the floor, waiting for the inevitable rejection.

Yugi walked forward, took Yami's chin in his hand, raised Yami's face, and kissed him.

Yami's eyes widened shock.

Yugi broke the kiss and said, "Yami, you could have told me back in high school, and we both would have been saved a lot of grief."

"What?" Yami said, confused.

Yugi took a deep breath. "Yami, I was in love with you in high school, too. I wasn't sure that I had a chance with you ever, especially when you and Seto started to date. Anyway, I figured that I would never have the chance with you, so when Ryou asked me out, I jumped at the chance. I always knew that Ryou loved Bakura, and that he would probably leave me for Bakura one day just as Ryou knew that if I had the chance with you, I would have left him. Our relationship wasn't built on anything solid, either. I guess we just wanted someone to be there." Yugi said.

"Then, you still feel the same way?" Yami asked, feeling his hope rise slightly.

Yugi nodded. "I never stopped loving you, Yami." Yugi said.

Yami couldn't help it. He pulled Yugi into another kiss, this one more passionate than the one in the club.

When they broke apart, Yami said, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Yugi said.

Yami kissed Yugi again passionately, gently pushing Yugi back onto the bed, falling with him.

The sun shone into the room through the windows.

The sun hit Yugi on the face. Yugi opened his eyes and sat up. Or he tried to at least. Strong arms held him down. Yugi turned and looked at Yami's sleeping face. He smiled at how innocent Yami looked when he was sleeping. Yugi leaned down and kissed Yami on the lips.

Crimson eyes opened and looked at Yugi. "Good morning." Yami said.

"Morning. Did you sleep well?" Yugi asked.

Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi and pulled him down into a kiss. "I did once we finally went to sleep." Yami said, smirking.

Yugi blushed lightly at the mention of the night before. "Yeah. We were up pretty late." Yugi agreed.

"You know, I think that I would rather just stay in bed today." Yami said.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Yami, if we stay in bed all day, Grandpa will be worried that we're sick. Now get up." Yugi said.

"Fine." Yami said.

They finally got up and got dressed before heading downstairs.

"So, you guys finally got together?" Heba asked.

"Yes. We did." Yugi said.

"About time." Bakura grumbled.

"Bakura!" Ryou scolded.

"It's okay, Ryou. Yes, we are together." Yami said.

"How did that happen?" Seto asked.

"I guess that night club got us thinking." Yami said.

Atemu raised an eyebrow. "And that kiss had nothing to do with it?" Atemu asked.

"Kiss?!" Heba, Seto, Joey, Ryou, and Bakura exclaimed.

"Oh, yes. When they were dancing, I noticed that they kissed each other, and they left after that. I assume it was to talk to about that kiss." Atemu said.

"Shut up, Atemu." Yami hissed.

"You kissed and then you talked. I can see that." Seto said.

"Knock it off." Yugi said.

"Well, at least you finally did get together." Ryou said.

"Yes, and I think that everything's been fixed." Atemu said.

"What do you mean fixed?" Seto asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Well, you and Yami were not meant to be together. Yugi and Ryou weren't. Joey and Mai weren't. I'm just saying that you're all with who you really love now." Atemu said.

"Yes, and now we don't have to wonder when you're going to finally realize that you're with the wrong person and get with the right person." Heba said.

"You two wondered that?" Bakura asked.

"Yes. We all knew who you really wanted to be with. We're just glad that you finally did get with the right person." Atemu said.

"He does have a point." Yugi said.

"Yeah. We are all finally happy." Ryou agreed.

"At least we don't have to go through all of this again." Yami said.

They all agreed with that.

They have been with the wrong person at the start, but they were finally with the person that they were meant to be with, and that was what mattered.


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