Well guys, I hate to do this, I REALLY hate to do this, but I'm completely unsatisfied with my story as it is now, so I am going to rewrite it. I do apologize for not updating all summer but I had so many other things going down. However, I will give you a sneak peak into just how I plan to start changing the story. I will NOT be taking this story down, but I will also not be continuing it in its current format any longer.

However, I give you the first chapter of the remake right here, right now.

The new story I will be adding this chapter to when the time comes is titled, "Naruto: The Abyssal Defender" You can find it in my profile.


Naruto and Sasuke stared each other down. A vile purple chakra surrounded Sasuke, while Naruto had long since been engulfed by a red cloak of demonic chakra.

Sasuke was the first to move, going through the handsigns required for his Chidori. The familiar chirping sound came to life as Sasuke pumped some of the vile purple chakra into it, turning the electric ball of death a sinister black. Naruto's attack was much more subtle. He merely held out his open palm, forming a sphere of spiraling, chaotic chakra. He, too, pumped his justsu with his red chakra, giving the ball a dark red tint.

The two friends leapt off their respective rock faces, their spherical attacks held out in front of the, due for a head-on collision.

The moment of impact fast approached, with the two hurdling toward each other at breakneck speeds. Just as the attacks would've collided, NAruto released his jutsu, just in time for a hand to grab onto Sasuke's, but not before the Chidori he was wielding pierced Naruto's abdomen.

Lightning surged through Naruto's body as the hand's owner pulled Sasuke and themselves away, leaping back to Sasuke's rock face as Naruto began to fall, head first twoard teh rocky outcrop at the base of the waterfall. His body still crackled with lightning as he smashed into the water, before his body came to a screachign halt thanks to a large, jaggex boulder.

The last thing Sasuke saw brought a sinister smirk to his face as he passed out.

Kakashi pulled his fist from Sasuke's gut only to look on in horror as a huge burst of electricity released from Naruto's body. The water conducted the black electricity in such a way that it immediately cooked any and all living things in it to a dead, burnt crisp.

Kakashi lead a bandaged, yet mostly healed, Sasuke into Naruto's room. Sasuke looked on at Naruto's lifeless body, as memories richocheted around in his mind. He gave Kakashi a blank stare, inadvertedly revealing to his sensei the turmoil he was trying to make sense of. Kakashi continued to stare analytically at Sasuke for several minutes before sighing and walking out of the room.

Sasuke moved over to Naruto's hospital bed. He sighed as he scanned his thoughts for any alternative. He racked his brain for several minutes, but came up with nothing. He almost let a tear fall as he spoke, "I'm truly sorry taht I have to do this, Naruto, but I can find no alternatives. I know you wouldn't understand, but I think I finally understand my brother and his actions." With that, he nudged Naruto several times, and was satisfied when Naruto's eyes slowly opened.

Naruto gazed up into the red eyes of the Sharingan, as he saw Sasuke's pained face for a split second, before a sinister smirk took its place, and NAruto felt the familiar sensation of his insides being electrified. He fell back into unconsciousness just as he felt the depowered hand leave his chest cavity. The last sight that his mind registered was the shift in Sasuke's Sharingan, as the tomoes began to combine.