1st PlaceBREAKING BEAUTY By: Yami416

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This fic is really quite spectacular. The minute I read it I knew it was going to be on of the top places. No one much seems to write Fanfiction about this period in Breaking Dawn, but it was amazing.

The wording and characterization going on in this fic work so well, and Rosalie is expressed so clearly through it. It shocked me at how evil and calculating Rosalie was in this fic, yet it was written in such a way that you could almost see her, although twisted, point of view.

There are almost, if you would excuse the pun, no words to express how wonderfully I love, especially the end of this fic. It really is deserving of 1st place!

Congratulations Yami416!

[ I think the shallow nature of Rosalie Hale is beautiful only because it's so unbearably honest. She keeps no lies to herself. It's the same rash and bold nature of her husband only accompanied by her conceited, egotistical qualities. ]

"I'm not sure...." she whispered, rubbing her temples as she sat beside Jasper. "It's like Bella is on the other side of a thick haze...I can't see her well." I folded my arms over my chest and turned to look at my father figure.
"Really Carlisle? Pregnancy?" I didn't put as much effort into not sounding condescending; not as much effort as I should have. Throughout the entire conversation the only word that had registered in my mind was 'pregnancy'.
"It's the only plausible explanation right now, Rosalie." A white hot emotion surged through me, one that caused Jasper to look up in shock.
"Must she get everything I've ever wanted?" I hissed angrily. Emmett placed his shoulder on my hand, trying to calm me down. It did, though the mitigation was infinitesimal. He'd unintentionally reminded me that she did not have him. Emmett was all mine and she was spending forever with Edward.
My grimace grew less pronounced. Edward didn't deserve me anyway.
"I don't think that's the case, Rose," Esme said sweetly. "The offspring might..." She trailed off, thoughtful. It was unreasonable for Esme to be on...Bella's side. Hadn't Esme died grieving for the one child she'd labored for? Didn't she feel an ounce of the raw jealousy and agony I was?
"Are you sure you can't see anything?" Carlisle asked Alice again. I fought the urge to wish death upon Bella and settled for rolling my eyes. If the child died, which ultimately meant the death of the mother, she would have nothing instead of everything. As sick as it was, the possibility made me feel much better than Emmett's comforting hand.
"I'm trying Carlisle. It's impenetrable...." Jasper was still staring at me, his mouth slightly agape. How could he be surprised? Edward flaunted what a shallow pool my mind was... it was common 'knowledge' in this household. I turned on my heel and started up the stairs at a human pace, knowing the amount of short-lived attention I'd receive. Emmett hesitated before coming after me, probably to give his family an exasperated look. Once I was at the top of our grandiose spiral staircase I darted to our bedroom at an inhuman rate. When Emmett finally reached our closed door, I was standing in front of my large mirror, admiring the curves of my body and subconsciously looking for imperfections.
"Rose..." he began in his husky but still melodic voice. I ignored him and became lost within my beauty; the way my blonde hair twisted and curled in all the right places and the gorgeous shade of topaz that accompanied said hair. Did I always have a small pout on my lips when I was furious? Flawless.... Even the angry furrow on my eyebrows was to die for.
As I watched my appearance, a new reflection joined mine. There was a wry smile on my husband's face as he slipped his large arms around my tiny waist.
"It's not like Bella planned this pregnancy..." he joked lightly. "It was completely unexpected."
"As is everything else she holds dear in her life." I snapped. Humanity...the ability to age and bear children... and now she had a child to bear! Bella Swan...Bella Cullen...just the thought of her, swollen with the fetus I'd always wanted...I stopped breathing. I'd tried so hard to like her- my jealousy had always gotten the best of me- but I'd still tried. Now I wanted nothing more than to watch her squirm beneath my glare again.
"This isn't Bella's fault."
"She's the pregnant human," I reminded him with cynicism. Instead of retreating from me, Emmett's arms became tighter, crushing my stone form against his. He kissed my collarbone and pressed his cheek against mine.
Any other man would've been done with me. Behind my face and body, what was I?
'Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who's tired of sleeping with her...' The quote echoed in my mind for a brief moment. I opened my eyes, having not realizing I'd closed them, and looked at my impeccable stature. My conceited and vain nature was something I'd lived with all my life. Rather than loathe myself and try to change, I accepted me and also found someone willing to keep me forever despite it. I was faultless in the matter of my altruistic personality- I was conditioned to be the way I was by my parents.
Emmett's moist kisses helped me register the situation in my head once more.
"A baby Em...." There was anguish crippling my lovely voice now. I would've continued but it wouldn't show him the true pain I was experiencing. He could never truly fathom my need for a child because there were some things that words could not express.
"We don't know that," he reassured, "Because Edward's a vampire the offspring could be a monstrous, deformed sanguinist." Bella always got her way, even when she didn't mean to. The baby would be perfect- just like her life. "The fact that Alice can't see Bella isn't a good sign."
I horribly hoped Alice was blinded forever.
Bella's life was a constant thorn in my side ever since she'd stumbled into my brother's Biology class three years ago. She had endangered my family with her tantalizing blood, caused us to move because Edward decided to be self-sacrificing, and engaged us in a newborn war to protect her. What would she drag my loved ones into now?
My cellphone rang, a melodic bell sound.
Nothing compared to my voice.
Emmett let go of my body and sat on our unnecessary bed, watching me with playful eyes. I looked at the small screen as my phone buzzed. The name 'EDWARD' was displayed in large letters but there was no way he wanted anything to do with me. I flipped it open and pressed my ear to it.
"Rosalie?" It wasn't the musical voice I'd been expecting. It was Bella, the last person I wanted to speak to. Emmett's eyes bulged and he reached for the phone immediately. "It's Bella." she continued as if I didn't already know. "Please. You have to help me."
I didn't have to do anything. I was Rosalie Hale.
"What do you want?" There was much more venom in my voice than intended.
"It's Edward. I think... I think he wants to kill our baby." Her voice broke on the word 'kill' and 'baby'.
"And why did you come to me?" I hissed.
"Well...you were the first person who I thought of. Please Rosalie. Please."
"Please what Bella? Help you? Protect you? What do I look like, a security guard?" Emmett continued to reach for my phone but I flailed my hand at him impatiently. She was trying to stifle her sobs now.
"I have to hurry before he comes back. You're the only one who can help me. Please...I can't let him kill our baby. I can't let him kill him."
For a moment, an astonishing moment, I didn't matter. 'I can't let him kill him.' Bella's words reminded me of a beautiful baby boy, Vera's Henry... the child that made me decide I needed to continue my bloodline.
"What...what makes you so sure it's a boy?" I could imagine the beautiful infant, smiling as I cradled it in my arms. A flame of hope flickered within me.
"Please..." she continued to whisper. "I want him so bad. Don't let Carlisle and Edward take him from me." I looked to Emmett, who was shaking his head, frowning at me.
"This isn't good," he muttered. "What the hell is she thinking?" He rose swiftly and left the room, probably to speak to Carlisle.
"Are you there?" she whispered.
"Yes. Yes Bella, I'm here."
"Please Rose...help me save my baby." A gorgeous, curly haired boy with dimples...just like Henry...just like Emmett.
"I'll be there at the airport, waiting for you. I won't let them hurt-" I couldn't say 'your baby'. It was physically painful. "-the baby."
She didn't notice my infinitesimal pause. So human. She sighed with relief and the sorrow in her voice ebbed.
"Thank you Rosalie. Thank you so much...thank you..." I could see her sickly, satisfied smile in my head now. "He's coming," she said suddenly. "Bye!" I closed my phone and looked at myself in the mirror again, pondering what I'd just agreed to. Surely my decision would drive a wedge between our family but I couldn't care less at this point. I was nearly desperate- manic- to hold a child. Any child.
A child I could call my own.
This 'baby' growing within Bella- surely it would kill her as it fed it's expanding mass. There was no doubt in my mind that it was lethal, dangerous. I reached for a brush to comb my hair, assured that Bella would die for her spawn. I didn't even have to hope for it- it would be natural....
Like breathing air.
Like being beautiful.


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