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Chapter One: Because People Like Me…

"When I feel blue, I think of you, cause you true, wherever you are, near or far, you still are my shining star…"

Konoha High was a school of great diversity. Students from several countries came to share in the vast amount of knowledge available at the school. Students came from Suna, Oto and Kiri as well as several other countries. Matsuri happened to be from Suna. Home life wasn't too great on account of that her family was dead and she lived alone all her life. Like many other students from Suna, she loved Konoha. It was a welcome respite from the sweltering sun of the desert and there was no sand to get in places most uncomfortable. Another perk was the lakes and rivers, the tall trees that shaded you as you sat under those tall guardians as you completed outrageously long homework assignments (Thanks Iruka-Sensei.) and the people. The people, so warm and accepting, loved to meet foreigners and hear their stories.

Yes, Matsuri loved it all. The best part had to be that He also attended Konoha High. Subaku Gaara , dark and foreboding as he was, was the one and true obsession and love of Matsuri. She and about a quarter of the schools population of females. (The top attractive males at the school included Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Neji, Uzamaki Naruto and…Subaku Gaara.) Yet, even with the vast amount of estrogen that longed to be his, Gaara never showed interest in any of the girls. In fact, the whole fan act seemed to disgust him. "Who wouldn't be?" Matsuri asked herself as she walked to her first period. "They throw themselves at his feet, ready to be used and abused. They show no sense of pride or dignity." As much as Matsuri loved Gaara, she refused to act as though she was not a strong, independent woman who could not handle living without a man there to support her and tell her what to do. "Can they honestly not see the disgust in his eyes when they fawn on him like he is some sort of king?" No, fangirl girl antics were not for Matsuri. Sighing, she looked at the ground, watching the cherry blossoms float like little fairies at her feet. The wind whispered through the trees and the sweet scent of the small stream nearby made her sigh in longing. She looked up and saw the school coming into view, its tall main building standing six stories with a domed top. Off to the side, two smaller building framed the tall, castle like structure, each standing at three stories tall.

A small rustle in the brush to her right distracted Matsuri. It was only a squirrel dashing from one tree to another, an acorn clutched in its tiny hands. With her attention else where, she hardly noticed that she had caught up to someone and pretty much ran them over. "Oof!" She knocked the person over and landed hard on top of them, scattering her books on the worn path as she went down. As Matsuri began to sit up, unaware of the person below her, a low growl brought her back to the situation. "Get off of me." It wasn't a request. It was a command. Her dark eyes flew to the person beneath her. Her face flushed. "I am so sorry Subaku-san. I was distracted." She rolled off of him and gathered her books before standing. Gaara had already stood glaring down at her. She, unlike the other girls, looked him straight in the eye and once more apologized before excusing herself. "How did I not know that it was Gaara? The way he smells, that musky and clean smell, and that growl…" Her thoughts trailed off as she remembered the sound of his low voice that seemed to flood her senses and make her woozy. "I hope that I didn't anger him. We get new lab partners and I have a source that tells me I am his new lab partner for the rest of the year."

The rest of the day wore on as usual, and in biology, the last period of the day, she and Gaara were indeed partners. While Matsuri was expecting a colder attitude from Gaara, she got instead a very civil and cooperative partner. By the end of the class, the other students wondered if the two's relationship was more than just acquaintance, causing some to be curious and others to be disgusted. When the bell rang, Haruno Sakura caught up to Matsuri just as she was about to leave. "So, you and Gaara seem to be pretty close." Matsuri flushed. "We were simply completing a lab, I hardly call that grounds for such assumptions." Sakura rolled her eyes. "Oh please. You are the first girl that he has ever really been polite to other than his sister and "them." Matsuri didn't reply.

Trouble was coming, trouble spelled with a capital "I." Sakura, noticing the approaching figure shivered and went down another hall. "Why hello there little Matsuri-chan. I hear you have been getting cozy with Gaara." It wasn't a question it was a statement. Matsuri cursed Kami-sama as she pushed open the front doors and stepped out into the courtyard. "You do know that nothing can ever happen between you two, right? You're a nobody and He is a somebody, one of the Konoha High Four." Yamanaka Ino's smirk disappeared when Matsuri answered, "Nothing is impossible Yamanaka-san, and I don't think it is in your place to decide who's life matters in this world and who's doesn't." Before Ino could reply, Matsuri had stalked off, leaving a very unhappy heiress. "She thinks she can rise above her station? Fine, she can let herself think that, but when I crush her under the heel of my designer shoes and she come begging for my pardon, we'll see where my place is and where hers is."

Matsuri knew that even thinking the words she said to Ino was dangerous. After all, people like her don't delude themselves into thinking that someone like Gaara, one of the Konoha High Four, would ever find interest in a poor orphan girl. Emphasis on the poor.

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