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Chapter Three: Getting Situated

"Light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear, louder, louder, and we'll run for our lives, I can hardly speak I understand, why you can't raise your voice to say."

Life with the Subakus is easier than one would think. Kankuro tried to hit on me a little at first, but I set him straight. Well, that and Temari's fist colliding with his head and Gaara's deathly aura. We had moved everything from my old home very quickly, seeing as their wasn't much. I had a room across from Temari. Gaara's room was next to mine, and he usually spent most of his time in there, locked away and only coming out for dinner. Kankuro had a room on the other side of Gaara, and for that I was glad. It seemed Gaara wasn't the only sleep deprived person in this family.

Mondays were kung fu night, in which one could hear Kankuro clearly trying to copy the moves he saw. For Temari, Tuesdays were Lets-Make-Over-Matsuri-Chan-Into-A-Hot-Sassy-Gorgeous-Cutie. By the time she was done with her "Lolita" look, Kankuro had about five bruises forming on his noggin and Gaara looked…unusually uncomfortable. And on all nights, one could faintly hear music coming from Gaara's headphones as he once again locked himself in his room. If one ever did try and knock on the door, there would be no answer. It was odd, but it was Gaara.

My living with the Subakus was not something kept secret. No doubt one of Ino's henchmen found out and reported back to her. She quickly took advantage of this, saying I was a live in maid for the siblings. (Although that could be considered true, since they were all slobs.) Even with this rumor though, nobody tried anything. They just whispered. And for some reason whispers really piss off Gaara. We were walking to Biology, and I just barely heard him growl softly under his breath. It about caused me to break into a sweat. Who knew that someone's growl could make your heart race so.

"Gaara?" I inquired. "I hate it. I hate how they look at you, how they talk about you. I want to hurt them all so bad, I just…" He trailed off, quickly glancing at me. Some sort of fear flashed in his eyes. "It's okay. I don't mind. Class doesn't always come with money. They just grew up believing that people like me are maids. People who serve them." As we walked into the class I just barely heard him mumble something not intended for me to hear. "No one will treat you like that. Your mine. I won't let you be abused in any way."

I sorta floated through the rest of the day. Gaara said nothing more and for that I was glad. I had to think. I thought so much that I swear I had a self-induced headache. When the final bell came, I was ready to just go home. I headed to my locker and as I opened it a box fell out. Cautiously picking it up, and undoing the black ribbon, I became sharply aware of a copper like smell, and when I lifted the lid I screamed. Inside was a dead rat, mutilated and decapitated. When a pair of arms wrapped themselves around me, I about had a heart attack.

"Matsuri, calm down." At once I did and relaxed into Gaara's hold. After my breathing went back to normal, he let go of me and studied the box. Kankuro and Temari soon joined us and they all had grim expressions as Gaara straightened, standing up. "I'm afraid that Yamanaka isn't the only one who wants her dead. Kankuro, Temari, our old enemy has returned." Kankuro's eyes widened.

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