Here's another story. Yet another Yugi and Yami don't admit that they are in love with each becasue of fear of rejection.

Couldn't get this idea out of my head.

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Summary: On the way home from spending the day at the Kaiba mansion with Joey and Mokuba, Yugi gets caught in a blizzard and is missing. Yami, Atemu, Heba, Leo, Yuesei, Seto, and Joey immedaitely start looking for thier missing friend. When they find him, Yugi's half frozen and unconscious. Will Yugi be able to survive this icy ordeal? Will Yami be able to tell Yugi that he's in love with him, or has Yami missed the chance to be with his Light?

Disclaimer: I won nothing except for the plot!

THe characters of Leo, Yuesei, Kyla, and Sayora have nothing to do with Princess Neferteri AKA Kyrsta's characters. They are my own creations.

Chapter 1- Caught in a Storm

Yugi and Mokuba were laughing themselves senseless while Seto glared at them.

"It's not funny!" Seto yelled.

Mokuba wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, big brother, but seeing you trip over these shoes and fall head first to the floor was funny!"

"He's right it was." Yugi agreed, holding his stomach, which was hurting from laughing.

Seto turned his icy glare to his lover, who grinned at him.

"Now, Seto. Just calm down." Joey said, holding up his hands and backing up a little.

"Calm down? Puppy, if I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times not to leave your things lying around in the middle of the room, especially the living room!" Seto shouted.

Mokuba leaned over to Yugi and said, "He really gets pissed when he and Joey are about to, you know, and he falls over something. Man, he never yells louder than he does then."

Yugi couldn't help it. He burst out into a fit of laughter.

"Shut up, Moto!" Seto shouted.

That only made Yugi laugh harder.

"Come on, Seto. Take it easy. You know that Yugi doesn't mean any harm by that." Joey said.

"The things that I put up with for you." Seto muttered as he walked out of the room.

"Sorry, but I couldn't help it." Yugi said.

"Don't worry. I'll make it up to him later." Joey said.

"Yeah. I bet you will. You're probably the only person who can do stuff that makes him fall and get away with it." Yugi said.

"So what? It makes him happy, and I stay out of trouble." Joey said.

Mokuba blushed at the mention of his brother's and Joey's nightly activities. "I just wish that Seto would invest into some soundproofing for your room. Honestly, Seto wonders why I want to sleep during the day. It's because I can't sleep at night because of you two." Mokuba said.

Joey blushed at that.

Yugi just laughed.

"It's not funny, Yug." Joey said.

"To me, it is. It's nothing new to me, Joey. I can hear Leo and Yuesei since their room is right next to mine, and I can also hear Heba and Atemu since they're on the other side of me." Yugi said.

"You just lucked out with where your room is." Joey said.

"Not really. When it gets too much, I just go to Yami's room. He lets me sleep in there when it gets too loud since it's harder to hear them in his room." Yugi said.

"So, you two end up sleeping together." Mokuba said innocently.

"Yeah, we-NO! Not like that!" Yugi exclaimed, blushing at what Mokuba had implied.

Joey and Mokuba were rolling on the floor, laughing.

The two knew about the fact that Yugi was deeply in love with his darker half, Yami, but Yugi was too scared to say anything to Yami about it. He was often teased by Mokuba and Joey about it.

"I go in there to have some peace to sleep. Yami gets that and let's me. It's not like we do that." Yugi said, fighting to stop blushing.

"So, you two just sleep?" Joey asked.

"Well, not all the time. Some nights, we can even hear them in his room. We'll end up talking, or might end up playing a game of duel monsters. We'll even study for tests we might have." Yugi said.

"So, in the time that you two talk, you never end up telling him how you feel abut him." Joey said.

"No, Joey. You know that I don't want to ruin the friendship that I have with Yami, and if he didn't feel the same way, we might end up distanced or not friends at all. I don't want to take that chance. You know how much I value my friendship with Yami." Yugi said.

"Seems to me that keeping a secret like this from him isn't good, either. I mean, you literally have to avoid he subject of love interests all the time." Mokuba said.

"Oh, Yami knows that Yugi's in love with someone. He just doesn't know who it is." Joey said.

"How do you manage to hide that one?" Mokuba asked.

"I just don't say his name or describe how he looks." Yugi said.

"What's Yami said?" Mokuba asked.

"That I should tell this person how I feel." Yugi muttered.

"Then tell him." Joey said.

"Not on your life. Could we talk about something else?" Yugi asked, desperate to get off the subject of his feelings for his Dark.

"Let's play my new fighting game for the Xbox 360. Up to four players can play, so we can all play." Mokuba said.

"Okay." Yugi said.

"Sounds good to me." Joey agreed.

Mokuba set up the game, and the group started to play the game.

* * * * * *

"Oh, come on, Yami. Why not?" Atemu asked.

"Because I don't want to, that's why!" Yami retorted.

"You know, it's not doing you any good not telling him." Leo pointed out.

"Great. Now both of you are on my back. I don't want to tell him, and that's that!" Yami growled.

"Yami, it's not my nature to interfere in other people's lives, but I think that you should do what Leo and Atemu have suggested and tell Yugi that you are in love with him. You are driving yourself crazy not telling." Yuesei said.

"For the last time, no!" Yami said.

"Come on? You can't tell me that in the times Yugi's ended up in your room at night that the subject hasn't come up?" Atemu asked.

"The subject came up, but I didn't tell him." Yami said. He glared and added, "And it's because of you three that Yugi ends up in my room to begin with. If you'd all be quiet, Yugi wouldn't need to seek refuge in my room."

All three blushed at the remark.

"Why don't you tell him when the subject does come up?" Leo asked.

"Because he already has someone he likes." Yami said dejectedly.

"Who?" all three asked. This was news to them.

"I don't know. He's never told me a name or what they look like. All I know for sure is that it's a guy, and the reason that Yugi hasn't told him is because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship that he has with this person." Yami said.

"Yami, that is the perfect reason to tell him." Yuesei said.

"No. If Yugi wants this person, then I'm going to let him. I want Yugi to be happy." Yami said.

"Yami, sometimes, you have to fight for the things that you want, and yes, that includes the person that you want to be with. Atemu did." Leos aid.

"Yeah. You do remember that Heba was with that guy from school for a few weeks. That was when I finally snapped. I couldn't stand the thought of Heba being with that guy, so I started to fight for his affections." Atemu said.

"Yeah. By acting as a secret admirer for two weeks." Yami said.

"yeah, but I did get him in the end. The guy was good for nothing anyway." Atemu said.

"That is true." Yuesei agreed.

They heard the front door open and close.

"Is anyone here?" Heba called.

"In the living room!" Atemu replied.

Heba walked in, rubbing his arms.

"Something wrong?" Yuesei asked.

"It's freezing outside." Heba answered.

"I think that there's supposed to be a snowstorm coming." Leo replied.

"Where's Yugi at?" Heba asked.

"He went over to see Joey and Mokuba at the mansion." Yami replied.

"What have you guys been doing?" Heba asked.

"Not much. Just discussing Yami's lack of a love life." Atemu answered.

Yami glared daggers at his twin.

"Well, it'll just be the five of us when Yugi gets back. Kyla and Sayora are both over at a friend's house, and Grandpa's going to be at that dig for a few more weeks." Leo said.

"If there's a storm coming, then there's not going to be much that we can do." Atemu said.

"Well, we could plan on a movie night, and hope that we keep the power." Yuesei said.

"When that fails, there are things that we can do in the dark." Atemu said.

"Good Ra! I didn't need to hear that!" Yami shouted.

The other four laughed.

"Oh, come on, Yami. It's not like you didn't know that already." Heba said.

"Maybe, but I don't especially like hearing about it. I have to hear you in the middle of it enough as it is." Yami said.

"I think I'll see what I can fix us for dinner." Leo said, getting up and going into the kitchen.

* * * * * *

The snow had started to fall, and the wind was howling.

Yugi was getting his coat on.

"Yug, are you sure that you don't want to stay here? I mean, we have plenty of room, and the weather's pretty nasty." Joey said.

Yugi smiled. "No thanks, Joey. I'll be fine." Yugi said.

"At least let me drive you there." Seto said.

"No. I'll be fine, really. It's not as far as you think to my house. I'll be fine." Yugi said.

"But the storm's really bad already." Mokuba said worriedly.

"And the weather channel did say that it was only going to get worse." Joey added.

"For the last time, I will be fine." Yugi said.

"Well, if you're sure. Just call when you get back to the house." Joey said.

"I will, Joey. Bye." Yugi said. He was bundled up as he left the mansion to go home.

"Do you think that he'll be okay?" Mokuba asked.

"Don't worry, Mokuba. I think that he'll be fine." Seto said. He managed to convince Mokuba, but he wasn't able to convince his lover or himself.

* * * * * *

"Man. That is really a bad storm out there." Atemu said, listening to the howling winds.

"Well, the weather channel said that this would be one of the worst snowstorms that Domino has seen in years." Yuesei said.

"You know, I think that we are going to end up being without power tonight." Heba said.

"Well, I think that we're going to have a simple dinner of soup and crackers tonight." Leo said.

"That'll work." Yami stated.

Leo glanced outside. "I doubt that Yugi will be coming home. He'll probably stay at the mansion with Joey, Mokuba, and Seto tonight." Leo said.

"Well, it's probably for the best. I doubt that any of us really want Yugi to be caught coming home in this snowfall." Yuesei said.

"Snowfall? I think this could be considered a blizzard." Atemu said.

"That's pretty much what it is." Leo answered.

Yami bit his lip. He didn't want to worry anyone, but he had a really bad feeling. It was the feeling that he usually got when something bad was about to happen, and with Yugi not in the house, that had Yami even more worried than he was before.

* * * * * *

Yugi walked through the harsh wind. He was having trouble walking and was freezing. "M-maybe I should have t-taken Seto up on his o-offer to drive me home." Yugi said through chattering teeth.

The fierce wind knocked Yugi backwards and he fell onto his butt on the ground.

"Or maybe I- should have stayed at the m-mansion altogether." Yugi said.

Yugi stood back up and continued to fight the wind. He held an arm in front of his face as he trudged through the snow. He tripped over something in the snow and fell face-first into the ground. He sat up brushed the snow form his face. Looking down, Yugi realized that he had tripped over a rock in the snow.

"This is really not my day." Yugi muttered. He got back on his feet and continued his way through the fierce wind.

Yugi thought he heard something, but wasn't sure since the wind was blowing and howling so much.

A second later, he heard the sound of beeping. Turning, Yugi found himself looking right at a car's headlights.

"Ahh!" Yugi screamed as he moved out of the way and fell into the snow.

The car whizzed past him.

Yugi sat up and held his head. He had a bad headache now.

"Just what I need. Something else that will slow me down." Yugi said. He stood up and continued to struggle through the winds and snowfall.

* * * * * *

Yami was looking anxiously at the clock.

Yugi hadn't called them to let them know that he was at the mansion, and that had Yami really worried. Yugi always called when he knew that he wasn't going to be home when they thought that he would be.

Yami left the living room and went upstairs to his room. Picking up his cell phone, Yami turned it on and dialed Yugi's cell phone.

The phone rang.

Yugi's cell phone went to voice mail. "Hi. This is Yugi. I can't answer right now, so just leave your name and number and get back to you soon."

Yami put his cell phone down and looked out the window nervously. 'Aibou, where are you? Please don't tell me that you were caught in the storm.' Yami thought.

Yami went back downstairs.

"Where'd you go?' Atemu asked.

"I went to call Yugi on my cell phone." Yami answered.

Atemu rolled his eyes. "Yami, for Ra's sake, Yugi is probably staying at the mansion since this storm is so bad. Stop worrying." Atemu said.

"Atemu, I can't help it. Yugi usually calls when he's going to stay somewhere else when he knows we think he's coming home just so we won't worry. I tried to call him, but it went to his voice mail." Yami said.

"The mansion is huge. No one might have been close enough to hear it." Heba reasoned.

Leo could tell that Yami wasn't satisfied with that answer. "Yami, call the mansion and ask Seto or Joey if he's there." Leo said.

Yami nodded and did as Leo suggested.

"Worry wart." Atemu muttered.

"He's worried. You can't blame him with this storm." Yuesei said.

Yami waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" Joey said.

"Hi, Joey. Is Yugi there?" Yami asked.

"No. Isn't he home yet, Yami?" Joey asked.

Yami's blood ran cold. "What do you mean?" Yami asked.

"Yami, Yugi left here two hours ago. Even with this storm, he should have been there by now." Joey said.

Yami's expression said that something was wrong.

"Yami, what is it?" Leo asked.

"Yugi left the mansion two hours ago." Yami said.

Leo took the phone and said, "Joey, put Seto on." Once Seto was on the line, Leo said, "Seto, you and Joey start searching from the mansion on. Heba, Yuesei, Atemu, Yami, and I will start looking from here toward the mansion. Between us, we should be able to find Yugi fast."

"Okay. We leave right now. I'll leave Mokuba here in case Yugi calls here." Seto said.

"Okay." Leo said and hung up the phone. "Come on. We need to get warm and start searching. This storm's getting worse by the second, and the longer Yugi's out in this, the worse he could get." Leo said to the others.

All five dashed upstairs to their own rooms and got themselves dressed in warm clothes.

They met back downstairs and left the house to start searching for Yugi.

I hope you like how this began.

The next one is about the group searching for Yugi.