This takes place right after the third episode of season eight: You're My Best Friend. Which is the episode where Donna and Sam become all buddy buddy, but in my rendition Jackie doesn't come back after she leaves. Now, I know Sam is pretty much hated by J/H fans but I don't intend on making her a bitch in this fic. Scenes between her and Jackie will be intense, but that's expected. It's Hyde's point of view.

Sam and I watched Donna walk in the basement door and right up the steps, then a few minutes later she came back down and plopped dow next to Sam. She drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair. A pout formed on Sam's face as she watched Donna's impatience rise to new heights with each passing moment. The two of us exchanged a look but nothing more. Sam wasn't the best on picking up hints but she wasn't dumb enough to rub her nose in Donna's business. After a while Donna popped back up, went back to my room, Sam snapped her head around when something fell to the floor. I shrugged it off, there wasn't anything valuable back there anyways. Donna came back out and grunted as she sat on the back of the couch.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked but decided against making eye contact.

"Have you seen Jackie?" Donna sounded exasperated.

"Jackie's playing hide and seek, so you look in my room?" I raised and eyebrow at her.

"When's the last time you saw her?" Sam stood up.

"Last night."

"Oh." Same frowned at Donna. "Well, what about her parent's home? Did you check there?"

"That's the first place you would look, Sam." I rolled my eyes.

"Well, none of her stuff is in my room and the maid's said she hasn't been there." Donna moved over to the washer machine. She leaned against it as she seemed to stare of into space. "You don't think she skipped town, do you?"

I wasn't going to let Donna's worrying get to me. I could care less if Jackie left town, she should have been ashamed to show her face in Point Place anyways. I looked back to the t.v. I wasn't going to let Donna get to me, but I could help but let my mind wander, too. Jackie was eighteen, she could have been anywhere, doing anything, with anyone. There were plently of perverts in the world who would gladly have their way with her and and leave her for dead. My leg started to bounce the more I thought about some creep doing something to her.

"Did you call Brooke?" I muttered as Sam started talking about all the places Jackie could be.

"She said Jackie called." Donna groaned. "To wish her happy holidays."

"Maybe she went to Vegas." Sam suggested after some time.

"What?" I snapped. I didn't need to ask what she was thinking about because it would be just like Jackie to do something stupid like that. I shook my head. "Whatever. If she wasn't to screw herself over, let her do it."

Sam let another frown play her lips. I pushed her off when she tried sitting on my lap, I wasn't in the mood for her crap right now. Jackie was really starting to piss me off with her jealous bitching. She needed to get over the fact that I was married to Sam, she was screwing Kelso, if anyone had the right to be pissed, it was me. But I wasn't going to let any of this get to me. It would be nice to finally have some quiet time in the basement without Jackie's blabbing mouth.

Fez walked into the basement with Kelso and Randy, none of them looked like they were unaware of this Jackie mayhem.

"We've been to the mall, the salon, and everywhere else Jackie goes." Kelso took a seat on a lawn chair. "We've got a serious case of missing royalty."

"Self-proclaimed royalty." Randy added.

"Me and Donna can go check the mansion. Maybe the maid is lying." Sam went to get her coat.

"No, Sam." I called. "Let her be. If she wants to run away, that's her business."

Sam didn't listen, just like everyone else. Whatever. If they wanted to waste their time on the bitchy self-proclaimed royalty, then let them. But I's have the last laugh when they ended up screwed beyond their wildest dreams. Jackie was legal, barely, but she was legal and she could do whatever she damn well pleased. I wasn't here to baby sit her anymore. So I turned my attention back to the show and continued watching as the rest of them continued leaving the basement. Sam kissed my cheek before she headed out with Donna.

It's funny how thick people can be at times. There had been five people in the basement, all ith the intent on finding Jackie but none of them looked for something out of place. I threw a glance at the pink gift bag sitting on the record player. She came over last night before I headed to my 'bachelor party' and dropped it off. It was haunting me, I decided not to open it, I refused to except gifts from her, she didn't matter. But it taunted me as I looked at it, what could she possibly have to get after what has went down between us? I looked back a the screen, I wasn't going to open it.

Last Night:

"Hey." Jackie said coming into the basement with a gift bag in her hand.

"Hey." I grunted, making sure to put the shades on.

Jackie sat on the couch next to me and placed the bag in her lap. I glanced at her then at the bag. Didn't she know Donna was at home. Jackie stared straight ahead, off into space. I could have asked her what was wrong, but that would have insinuated that I gave a crap. But I couldn't stop looking at her. Jackie bit her bottom lip and let out a gasp that I hadn't been expecting, and, of course, the water works followed. She shoved the gift bag out of her lap and her torso collapsed on her legs. I shifted uncomfortably, did she want me to console her or something? Because I'm pretty sure that's on the top of the list that married guys don't do with their ex's. But she was wailing and that was one thing that broke me down, I couldn't stand the wailing.

"Come on, Jackie. I'm sure whatever happened can be fixed."

"Oh, yeah." She gasped sardonically.

I rolled my eyes as I rubbed her back, I had a feeling she knew exactly what she as doing. I hadn't paid much attention to her when she came in but my eyes settled on the suitcase by the basement door.

"Are you going somewhere?" I couldn't help it.

Jackie lifted her head up and tried her best to wipe the rolling waterfall away, "What?" She must have forgot that she lugged a twenty pound suitcase down here.

"Are you going somewhere?" I nodded to the suitcase.

Jackie looked over her shoulder, "Oh." She looked back at me. "I'm just moving out of Donna's."


Jackie laughed. "Why do you care?"

"You're eighteen, Jackie. Where can you possibly go?"

"I'm sure someone will take me in."

"I doubt it."

"The Foreman's took you in."

"Because of Foreman."

"Whatever." Jackie shook her head. "I just want to clear my head." Jackie looked around the room then gave me the pink bag before standing up. "It's for you. Sam's a bimbo, and a stripper." I didn't interrupt her, she wasn't attacking Sam, she was stating something, or requesting. "But I think she cares about you." Jackie rolled her eyes. "And maybe if you put some time into the relationship, you could give her a clean slate."

"What are you talking about?" I stood up too as she put her coat on, staring down at the ground. "Jackie."

"I told you." She muttered. "I'm going to clear my head."

"Jackie." I grabbed her arm.

Jackie looked up at me, her eyes were full of tears but she looked determined to keep them from spilling. I let her arm go. Jackie put her hand on my cheek and kept it there for a while. I stared at her, what was she up to? She kissed my cheek, took her luggage, and left. I stood frozen to the ground. I could have gone out after her, to see what the hell she was talking about, but that would have showed her that I still had feelings for her, and I sure as hell wasn't going to let her win this battle.

I could have told them about my meeting with Jackie, but that wouldn't have been any fun. But it was bugging me that I had no clue where she was going. She had money, she could have been anywhere in the damn world. I walked over to the gift bag and peeked inside of it. There was frilly crap but it was easy to tell the bag had more to it than that. Curiosity got the best of me. I took the pink bag and sat in my chair with it. Gift number one was my Led Zeppelin shirt that I had given to her for her birthday. I held it out in front of me, I could smell her on it, but I didn't want to smell her in it, I wanted to see her in it. Number two was the book I got her, just for a present, it was all about government conspiracies, I'd written in the margins so she could follow along, and they had little romantic things that she use to like. I flipped through the pages, she'd written me back. I grinned, I didn't expect her to read it, I figured she had lied to me. The bottom of the bag was littered with photographs. And tapped to the bottom was a ring. It was small, but the rock was bigger than Donna's had been. I could have sworn I lost it but apparently not.

I took the ring out of the bottom and held it up. That sneaky bitch. I thought for sure I had hidden this where no one could find it. It was a cheap ring, but it was what she wanted. The inscription wasn't all great, not something she would dream about, but I thought it summed us up. 'Hello Sunshine' was scrawled on the white gold band. Jackie had tied a not to it, too.

You're like the sunshine you brighten my day
With everything you do and all that you say
I'm like the moon so dark and cold,
Without you in my arms to hold.

Like the sun and the moon we're so far apart
But you're always with me here in my heart
When I see you, I glow when you shine on me
Like the sun on the moon across mountain and sea.

But when we're together and I kiss your lips
It's so wonderfully special like a total eclipse
As we drift apart slowly on me, your light glows
Like the space between us my love for you grows.

The note started trembling in my hand. I should have opened it when she was here, maybe I could have talked her out of whatever she was doing.

"None of her clothes are at her place." Sam said when her and Donna came back with Kelso and Fez.

"She went and saw her dad, though." Kelso grabbed a popsicle out of the freezer.

Fez crossed his arms over his chest. "She didn't tell him, but we got him to track her credit card history."

"Where'd she go?" I asked. Sam looked at me, I had my shades on though, I was invincible.

"She bought a plane ticket."

"Let's go to the movies." Sam begged as Donna and Randy got ready to leave to catch a flick.

"No." I muttered.

It was June 20th, six months after Jackie took off for Germany. No one had heard from her, apparently she was only talking to Foreman. He sent us letters, asking what we did to make her run away. But other than that, she might as well have been dead. Foreman had once said that she was making money, had a house, and a boyfriend, but that was like two months ago. And Jackie goes through boys like people go through underwear. The latest letter said that he was coming home in a week and he had a specially surprise from Africa. I grinned at the thought of that brown paper bag I gave him, it'd be full to the top. Foreman was a good friend.

"Hyde." Sam demanded.

"Go by yourself." I flipped the page in the book.

"But I won't to go with you." Sam grabbed my hand.

I yanked it away, "I'm reading."

Same stood there with her hands on her hips. Finally she gave up, "Fine. You guys have fun, I'm going to the mall."

I waited till they were all gone. I had read the book over and over again, just so I could read the writing in the margins. Her hand writing seemed to fade every time I read it, but I couldn't put it down, I needed it. I got to the middle of the book, my personal favorite quote as in the margin of the right page.

O,swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
That monthly changes in his circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.

Thank you Trina Quinn and Shakespeare. So what did you think?