Chapter 33 – Lux Aurumque


I climbed the tree for a better look. The fire was so beautiful as it rose into the sky spilling the remains of the warehouse into the surrounding water. I wondered how many, if any, were still in one piece. I looked down at Mary who was concentrating and giggling a little. Kiazna and Niko were playing with Bella – keeping her awake long enough to make her feel pain and then sending her back to sleep again. She was screaming silently, thanks to Kiazna's demand that she be mute.

We were nearly at the place Mary had seen in her vision, where my gift would be. I climbed down and sensed them before I saw them.

Five vampires stood in a small clearing in front of a small, but well kept, building. It had a quaint little picket fence around it with signs declaring it to be 'The Little Science Cottage'. I smiled and thought how that fence would look with the blood of my enemies covering it. Maybe I should find out. I glanced at Bella. Hmmm… Not entirely sure she could survive much more and I so wanted Cullen to see her final breath leave her body, and not be able to do anything about it.

One of the five soundlessly appeared by my side.

"We were sent to help you in any way you please. What is it you would have us do?"

I could see in their eyes that they had recently fed and were very young. The extra strength they had in them would be very useful should the fire not have been as effective as I hoped.

"I need you to protect this building. Keep everyone away from it except one vampire. Edward Cullen. I have a surprise for him inside." I showed them the picture I kept on my phone. "You can kill all the others."

They smiled at each other, one snarled as Niko walked past carrying the still bleeding Bella.

"If you do as I say you can bleed the girl dry after."

By silent consent they disappeared into the trees.

Time for the fun to really begin.


I tore off my jacket and threw it into the water. My back screamed in pain at the spot the fire had burned through my top underneath. When are these bastards going to stop burning my stuff?

Emmett jumped onto the end of the dock where I was sitting.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"No and no."

He looked confused. "What?"

"My dress is ruined. Now I am really pissed."

Emmett started to laugh, almost hysterically as Jasper got up and looked towards the warehouse.

"Alice?" he whispered as I saw her come out as well looking in dismay at her sodden clothes which were now being crushed in a hug.

"I feel your pain." I sarcastically muttered as I got up looking back. Carlisle had been thrown into the middle of the road and was just staring at the out of control flames. I looked back at them as the roof collapsed in on itself.

"The girl was dead already Carlisle." Demetri said as he brushed himself down. I barely saw Carlisle move before he was nose to nose with Demetri. He stopped short of laying his hands on him though as the enormity of what he was happening hit him.

"My… My wife… My wife was in there." As he vocalised this his attention swung back to the mini explosions behind him and he started back to the flames.

Emmett grabbed hold of Carlisle and held him. "No, don't do this."

Demetri pulled out his cell phone and dialled only to get a recorded voice telling him that "This number is not available, please try again later."

"Oh, well," Demetri sighed, "Looks like I am down a colleague… and a prisoner."

Carlisle struggled against Emmett who, ignoring Demetri, whispered, "Let's find out for sure."

I pulled out my cell phone and got the same message as Demetri, Jasper turned to Alice who was already concentrating. She shook her head and turned out to the water where Edward who was already listening.

We all heard the answer.

"There's nothing."

Now, I want to hit something.


I didn't know I could hurt this much. Every muscle in my body is screaming and yet I know I can't possibly stop. Her scent, her blood is all over the place… but she is close. It is just as well I don't have to breathe deep to know that. Every hair on me is standing on end. They are everywhere. Every one of the stinking leeches smells the same but the ones on this island smell… worse.

As the warehouse exploded I watched carefully to see who survived. The Cullen's in the water had either stopped or turned back and I could hear the rest of the pack's voices in my head so I knew they were okay.

Any injuries?

Paul reported back that they were all fine – a singed tail but otherwise fine. I told them to go back to the dock to make sure, and to see what the situation was.

The Cullen that was covered in scars asked if we could go and chase down the new born that had been with the ones who hurt Bella – the one that I had been sitting with in a cinema, watching him get sick. Had it really only been a few days ago? Had he known what was about to happen to him?

I sent the pack off. Chasing and killing vampires is their job. Helping them to save the girl? Not so much. They agreed to go back to the reservation and wait for me. Well, agreed is a bit much… They argued a little and I had to get all Alpha on them but… Alpha. Oh, Sam…

Stop it, Jake. You can curl into a ball and cry when you are dead; and going by the strength of the stench coming towards you that might be sooner than you think.


We had put Carlisle in the back of the car that had survived and driven a little ways down the road. There were more than a few of the local people trying to put the fire out and we didn't want to be seen anywhere near it. None of us were trying to think. We knew that something truly horrible had just happened and not a one of us wanted to let it into our heads, should it drive all sense away.

I was reaching out for her… Her future, her present, anything… and still getting nothing. Edward was doing the same and getting the same result. I could feel madness at the edges of my brain and shook my head concentrating on the task at hand.

Carlisle, usually so calm, had given over to the insanity and was struggling to get out of the car. He wanted to go back into the fire to see… just to see if she was still there. I think he wanted to go into the fire to die. I know I would if it had been Jasper. I'm not sure I would want to see a single second of the future should anything happen to him.

The Volturi, Demetri, had decided that he wasn't going to help with the search for Mike Newton, seeing that we had our 'own personal pack of puppies' who could do that for us. Jasper acquiesced, and asked the pack who wanted nothing more than a straight hunt for a vampire. I think that just wanted to get away from the rest of us. I'm not sure it sat right with them, helping us.

Demetri had left immediately and had swam over to the island to help Edward.

I tried, and yet couldn't see what was going to happen over there. I was completely blind. Were my visions still being interfered with or was it because there was still one wolf out there?

"Carlisle, you can't help her now." Rosalie was holding his hands and trying to calm him down. "Running into that building will serve only to do two things. Reveal yourself to the humans and then get yourself killed."

Carlisle looked as if he wanted to scream but was holding it all in. This really was the end of all, wasn't it?



"Rosalie, you should take Carlisle away from here. Emmett, Jasper and I will go and help Edward. It will all be okay."

"Did you have a vision?" Emmett asked.

Could one white lie do that much damage?


"Are you sure?" Jasper asked seeing deep into my soul.

I nodded. "It's the way it's meant to be."


Too much fun. All of this was just too much fun.

The girl was dying. I could hear her heart beating slower reaching the end of her melody.

"Victoria, we have to do something or she will not survive for you to have your final revenge."

She turned to me, clearly unhappy. It wasn't my fault that the girl was too weak to take what I had given her. A few broken bones, a few… okay, many… cuts and bruises. Fun.

"Damn. Is there no one to take the injuries?"

I looked at the pile of stuff I Had collected from the Cullen's and wondered if I should just give out the injuries to them? Victoria followed me and nodded.

"Every one of them."

Then she stopped and turned again.

"Except him."

The door opened giving me the perfect opportunity to not tell her I didn't have anything of his anymore. Sometimes Edward Cullen has excellent timing.


I can feel again. My arms, my legs… All of them in pain, sharp and throbbing, dull and constant, but I can feel.

Oh, Edward, where are you? Will I ever see your face again? Will I ever feel your cool arms around me, holding me tight as the world becomes a beautiful paradise?

As Victoria comes into my unfocused line of sight I wonder if I have dreamt you. Edward, have I always been in pain? Did I ever have a family and friends and a future? She smiles at me and tells me to listen. I will see you again before I die.

To die.

Is this also a dream? And then I know the dreams I have are all true.

Finally, I hear you say my name.