Title: Just one night

Author: Helmi1

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, the story comes from my head but I don't own the characters. Please don't sue me, I don't have any money, so it's pointless.

Pairing: B/A

Rating: M, The first chapter contains some graphic adult material but there is a warning before it starts and when it's over.

Summary: Buffy has the first one night stand of her life but the night has consequences and changes both of the participants lives. B/A! AU story, all human.

Chapter 1

"Come on, B! You've been completely dateless for over four months now. If you soon don't get something, your gates are going to close up shop", Faith whined and threw a dark red tank top at Buffy who was sitting on the bed.

"Faith, I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now", she tried to protest but Faith just spun around with a smirk on her lips.

"Who said anything about a boyfriend?"

"Faith! You know I'm not good at that, the whole one night thing."

"How can you know if you haven't tried it", Faith said again with a smirk and threw a pair of black leather pants at Buffy. Buffy looked at the clothes she was holding and then lifted her gaze to Faith.

"I know you're getting a kick out of this 'let's get Buffy out clubbing-thing' but there is no way I'm going out there in a tank top and pair of leather pants."

"You're right, you're not. That top was just on the way. You're going to wear this", Faith said and pulled out a blood red halter top that only had strings in the back holding it together. Buffy's eyes bulged, she knew when she bought it that she was going to regret it and now was the moment. She shook her head furiously when Faith just nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Faith, NO", she tried but it was in vain because an hour later she was at the club wearing black leather pants and the red halter top. Once again she shook her head not knowing how this had happened.

"I can't believe you talked me into this", she sighed and looked around herself. "Come on, B. It's good for you to go out sometimes, not always stay cooked up in that little gallery of yours. And look all the hotties", Faith said draping herself to her shoulder.

"Have some fun for a change, look at all these hot guys that are totally checking you out." Buffy glanced around herself then turned back to Faith. "They are looking at you, not me", she protested, she never had had much of a clue how much men really wanted her.

"Come on, B. If I swung that way, I'd totally be after you", Faith assured with a lopsided smile. "Oh, great. Just my luck, I find the perfect honey and it's a woman and we're both into men", she joked and earned a fake punch to the chin from Faith. Faith grabbed Buffy's hand and started dragging her with her.

"Hey, B, let's give these boys a real show", she said with a mischievous smile that Buffy knew so well. There wasn't much for her in the club, she wasn't all that comfortable with the big clubs in LA so she just might as well enjoy herself. She let Faith lead her to the dance floor and they started dancing to the loud techno music that was blasting in the club.

They danced to the beat, gyrating their hips in perfect sync with each other, it had been their little show ever since they were in high school together. Faith grabbed her hand lifting their arms over their heads and swinging them on air while she danced closer to Buffy. They were now dancing nearly against each other, moving to the beat and in perfect harmony with each other. During the minutes they had been dancing, as always they had drawn a lot of attention and a group of guys had appeared dancing around them, trying to get a piece of action but as always the two friends dismissed them still dancing with each other rather than with the guys around them.

Buffy was swinging her long blond hair back, lifting her arms above her head as she gyrated her hips to the fast music. She was so in her own world that she didn't even notice the intense pair of eyes that were locked on her every movement. The music changed and slowly Buffy stopped dancing, leaning closer to Faith.

"I'm going to get a drink!" she yelled over the music and Faith nodded. "Okay!" she screamed back and started dancing with the guys around her once Buffy made her way to the bar.

"Whiskey", Buffy told the bartender, showing her ID since she had learned by now that she needed to show it every time she bought alcohol. "Coming right up", the bartender answered after glancing at the document and Buffy's face. She didn't usually drink whiskey, she didn't even really like the liquid but sometimes she just felt like drinking it, she didn't know why. She downed the drink with two gulps and grimaced at the taste. She leaned against the bar sighing deeply and pressing the cool glass against her flushed skin.

Faith bounced to her, draping her arm around her shoulder and saying a loud 'Hey!' to her ear. Buffy turned to look at her with a small smile on her lips.

"Hey. You seemed to be making friends. Who's heart are you gonna stomp this time?" she asked grinning and Faith laughed. "Yeah, nice bunch of boys. But they're just for a piece of ass and that's not gonna be me", Faith answered smirking and ordered two whiskeys.

"I already had one", Buffy protested showing her the empty glass. "Now you're gonna have another one. Come on, B, live a little. Let loose the beast I know is just dying to get out for some action!" she said swinging her hips and arms as a demonstration. Buffy just laughed and drank down the whiskey that was placed in front of her. Faith did the same but all of the sudden seemed a little distracted.

"Yo mama!" Faith said and whistled lewdly. Buffy turned to look into the direction Faith was staring at. "Check out the sex on legs!" Faith continued in the same manner and that's when Buffy met with the most intense pair of dark eyes she had ever seen. The guy winked at her with a small lopsided grin playing on his lips and she couldn't stop the blush from rising to her cheeks. But she couldn't tear her eyes away from his, they were full of lust and playfulness and again she blushed furiously.

Faith turned to look at her friend in question, then returned her eyes to the hot guy, raking her gaze up and down his body till returning back to Buffy who seemed to be blushing. A wicked smirk rose to her lips and she leaned into Buffy's ear.

"I'm gonna head back to the floor. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Quickly she ordered another whiskey for Buffy and returned to the dance floor before Buffy could protest. Buffy looked after her friend that was now dancing with a different group of guys and with a sigh she drank down the whiskey in front of her even though she could already feel the affect of the previous ones. She turned her head to look at the 'sex-on-legs-guy' but to her disappointment he was gone.

"Hey", she heard a soft yet a seductive voice against her ear and she turned around just to gaze into the most beautiful eyes that were like dark chocolate and so sharp that they seemed to be looking right inside her head. "Hey", she managed to whisper back.

"Let me buy you a drink", he said with a voice that she could listen forever and all she could do was nod. She knew it wasn't a good idea but the shots of whiskey and his dark eyes were clouding her judgment. He sat next to her and ordered the drinks.

Buffy couldn't help but let her eyes travel up and down his body, she was trying to be discreet but failing miserably. Her eyes raked up his powerful legs that were clad in faded jeans and up his lean stomach to his broad shoulders that were covered by a black dress shirt. She could see he must have a fabulous body under those clothes. She didn't notice that his eyes were running all over her body, not even trying to be discreet and he was thinking the exact same thing as she was. Her eyes wandered up and were met by his that were looking at her with a mix of amusement and burning desire.

"Like what you see?" he asked with a gruff voice that send a shiver down her spine and her face flushed yet again. He leaned closer to her, his hand wandering along her thigh to her hip and he said to her ear like he was reading poetry:

"I'm Angelus." She quickly glanced him up and down getting new confidence as the alcohol invaded her system even more.

"The name suits you", she said back and he laughed. "I'm Buffy", she finally clarified and offered her hand which he took and lifted to his lips. He pressed a slow, soft kiss to her wrist and a burning heat rushed through her settling between her thighs. The bartender set down their drinks to the table and Angelus handed her the other glass. They downed the drinks with one swing and placed the glasses back to the table, she wasn't even grimacing at the taste anymore.

WARNING: The next part contains graphic adult material, if you just don't approve these kind of scenes (or just don't like them) or you are too young to read, please skip this till the next bold text.

Buffy and Angel rushed through the front door of Buffy's house, kissing passionately and trying to shed their clothes off while moving farther into the house. She ripped his shirt off his body, buttons flying everywhere but neither of them cared. Once the smooth skin was in view she kissed down his chest wrapping her lips around his nipple, he groaned deep in his throat and his eyes darkened even more.

He pulled her up for a kiss that grew more heated by the second, their hands roaming all over each others bodies. He quickly tucked at the string that was holding her shirt together from the back and pulled the knot on behind her neck, letting the fabric drop to the floor baring her plumb breasts. He looked down at her hungrily and bend down pulling her into a hungry kiss while his hands trailed up to her chest, covering her breasts with his large hands and massaging them gently. She moaned into his mouth, her hand going up to his head, threading her fingers into the dark hair while the other hand worked to open his belt which proved to be difficult because of her lust and alcohol filled mind.

He abandoned her lips, trailing down her neck to the valley between her breasts, licking and kissing the area all over before he sucked a nipple into his mouth, easing it with his tongue. He was driving her crazy with his talented tongue and hands, and finally she managed to pry open his pants, pushing her hand inside. She was pleased to notice that he was going commando and that he was very well endowed. She couldn't stop the moan from escaping which he returned as he felt her fingers curling around his already painfully hard erection. He took a hold of her hand before pulling it out of his pants and ignoring her protest, he cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground her core against his hardness.

"The bedroom?" he managed to ask before he attacked her neck with his talented lips. "Upstairs", she breathed and moaned as he sucked at her neck and quickly headed up the stairs nearly running the steps. He found the bedroom and threw her to the bed. For a short while he just looked at her, all open and ready to be taken and he grew even more hard if it was possible anymore.

She gazed into his eyes while opening the fastenings of her leather pants and as soon as she managed to open them, he yanked them off her feet, leaving her clad only in a pair of red lace panties. She sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled his jeans down, his impressive member springing free from its confinement and making her mouth water. She couldn't resist, she leaned down kissing his stomach, slowly moving down twirling her tongue on the soft skin and hard muscles till she reached her goal.

For a fleeting moment she admired the most perfect member she had seen and pressed a slow wet kiss to the tip twirling her tongue around it, making him groan at the sensation. She moved down, shedding wet tantalizing kisses from the tip to the root till she took him into her mouth, first just the tip teasing it with her tongue. Slowly she took more and more of him into her mouth, her hand caressing his balls while the other stroked his member where he wasn't embedded in her mouth. He groaned and threaded his fingers into her long locks of hair, the slow movements were making him crazy, she was making him ready to explode but at the same time keeping him far enough from the climax.

"Buffy", he groaned and pulled her off his member with a loud popping sound as she released it. He leaned over her, pushing her flat against the bed and attacked her lips with fiery passion, moving them farther into the bed.

"Rubbers", he said to himself breathlessly, quickly scrambling to the end of the bed, picking a condom from his pants and quickly returning back to her. He settled back on top of her but kept his weight from crushing her by balancing himself on his elbow while ripping the foil off of the condom with his teeth. But before he could roll it on himself, she stopped his hands and he turned to look at her in question. She smirked at him, taking the condom into her own hand and rolling him to his back. She placed the condom to her mouth and crawled down his body, leaning down over his member and taking him into her mouth, rolling the condom on his cock while doing it. She sat up and rolled the condom all the way down with her hand before lifting her gaze back to him. He swallowed hard, he was afraid he would cum just from the demonstration.

He grabbed her hips and rolled them around, her on her back under him. For a short moment they just stared into each others eyes while he spread her legs and she wrapped them around his thighs, feeling his hardness press against her core. He leaned down, ravishing her lips hungrily. His hand fondled her breasts while the other made its way to her core, his thumb slowly rubbing the bundle of nerves as his fingers teased her outer lips and dipped inside her channel. They both moaned and soon the need was too great to wait any longer.

He pulled his fingers out of her and positioned himself on her entrance. He pushed inside her wet channel, stopping midway to let her adjust to his size before pushing all the way till he was sheathed inside her. They both groaned at the sensation. He couldn't believe how tight she was, he could feel her pulsating around him. She grabbed him from the back of his neck, pulling him into a hungry kiss, ravishing his mouth with her own and wrapping her legs around him tighter to pull him deeper inside her. He moaned at the feeling of her walls squeezing his cock and he couldn't wait any longer. He started moving inside her in steady rhythm, in and out till she was trashing under him.

"Harder! Faster!" she commanded breathlessly and grabbed his ass, bringing him in deeper, something she would have never done sober. He changed his position, lifting himself on his haunches and thrusting inside her with punishing force, grazing her clit with every thrust. She screamed in pleasure and lifted herself against him, kissing him with passion and raking her fingernails up his spine. He nearly growled and sped up his pace. She kissed his neck, shoulders, chest and chin before licking her way to his ear and giving it a gentle bite.

She was rising quickly towards the peak and soon she was screaming his name, her inner muscles rippling around him, squeezing him tightly till he spilled his seed inside the condom. He fell against her on the bed but managed to keep his weight from crushing her.

After a while, he lifted his gaze to her face and saw the loveliest sight he had ever seen and it almost made his groan out loud. She was still descending from the most intense release she had ever had, drunk or sober, and she slowly lifted her hand to cup his face. She smiled at him, the alcohol and perfect bliss making everything hazy, and she pulled him into a gentle kiss, completely different from any other they had shared before. She grunted her disapproval when he pulled out of her and quickly discarded the full condom before rolling back to face her. He kissed her languidly but soon the kiss was full of fire.

She climbed on top of him, grinding her core against his once again hardening cock. She was slowly driving him crazy and soon he had enough, he grabbed her hips and guided his cock inside her wet heat. They both groaned at the sensation, she placed her hands on his chest for balance and soon she started move on him, gyrating her hips languidly and lifting herself almost completely off of him only to be slammed down by him.

He urged her to move faster and soon she was riding him with punishing rhythm. The sight of her riding him, her perky breasts bouncing with every movement was driving him crazy and he couldn't take it anymore, not having his lips on her sweet skin. He sat up, his arms circling around her and his lips attacked her neck, sucking the tender flesh before moving down to her breasts. His other hand moved down to between her legs and he started rubbing the sensitive nub quickly building her towards the climax. He could feel his own release nearing.

She reached her peak, her inner muscles clamping down on his cock milking his release out of him, making him yell her name as he spilled his seed inside her. She fell against his chest, breathing hard and he wrapped his arms around her protectively, pressing a soft kiss to her shoulder. He grabbed the sheet from the bed and pulled it over them before closing his eyes.


Angelus groaned as he slowly opened his eyes only to close them again as the sun shone through the window brightening the room enough to hurt his eyes. Once he opened them again, he noticed that he was in a strange bedroom, groaning he untangled himself from the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed. Sighing he ran his hand across his face and through his hair, trying to remember what had happened last night.

He heard the sheets rustling behind him and he turned to look. There was a petite blond wrapped in the sheets, her long blond hair shining golden from the rays of sunshine and a small smile playing on her lips. 'She doesn't seem to be suffering from a hang over', he thought to himself and quietly rose from the bed. For a long while he just stared at the beautiful creature he had shared the bed with and it was almost enough for him to stay, almost.

Moving as quietly as he could he gathered his clothes from the floor and made his way out of the bedroom to downstairs where he quickly put the clothes on. He glanced once more at the stairs and fought against the urge to run them up and wake the small blond with kisses. He shook his head at the thought, it was the first time he had ever even considered of staying the morning after. Sparing one more glance at the apartment, he left, the closing of the door waking Buffy in the bedroom.

Slightly confused she looked around herself, happily stating that she was in her own bedroom but more gloomily noticing that she was also naked and having a slight hang over. She noticed the leather pants laying on the floor but there was no sign of her top, with a groan she rolled over to the edge and reached for the phone on the night table. She quickly dialed Faiths number and while waiting for her to answer, she was assaulted with very erotic memories of the previous night. She groaned again, realizing she had slept with the guy that Faith referred as sex-on-legs, going through the night, she could remember him saying his name was Angelus. 'At least I got his name', she though dryly to herself.

"What?!" came Faith groggy and annoyed voice from the phone. "Did I wake you?" Buffy asked her. "Yes!" came the grumpy reply.

"Do you have a hang over?" "Yes!" Faith said more annoyed. "Good", Buffy shot back causing Faith scrambling to sitting position on the couch she had passed out as soon as she managed to get home.

"Do I detect that someone is not happy this morning?" she said to the phone while closing her eyes and hanging her head between her legs to stop the room from spinning.

"You bet I'm not happy", Buffy shot back while making her way to the closet and pulling a robe on. She left the bedroom and went to downstairs where he found his top.

"Okay, I'm coming for coffee in ten minutes so you can yell at me then", Faith said and got up from the couch, staying still for a moment before making her way to the door. "You can't drive in the condition you sound to be in", Buffy said to the phone and sat down to the couch.

"I'm not, I'm going to bound on Spike's door till he promises to drive me there", Faith said with a small grin, things were looking up, torturing Spike was one of her favorite hobbies.

"If you're having a hang over, so is he, only worse", Buffy tried to reason but it only made Faith smile wider.

"I know. He always gets trashed on weekends but it never affects on his driving ability. Remember three years ago when he got totally wasted, drinking beer and vodka and the next morning we all went to the road trip to Seattle." "Yeah, I remember, he was snippy all the way there. One of these days you are going to drive him insane", Buffy warned but Faith just chuckled.

"You know he's a masochist when it comes to you and me. Okay, I'll see you in ten, but the coffee ready", she said and hung up. Buffy threw the phone to the couch and sighed deeply, closing her eyes. Soon she regretted it cause again she was assaulted by the images of Angelus ravishing her body and the most intense orgasm she had ever had. With a frustrated groan she got up and made her way to the kitchen.


Angelus drove around the city, trying to clear his head and get rid of the images of the beautiful blond he had left to the apartment.

"Come on, idiot, get over it, it was a one night stand, nothing you haven't had before. Get a grip", he chastised to himself once he got to the stop sign. The driver on the car next to him looked at him like he was a crazy person and Angelus send him one of his death glares making the man cower in his seat.

As soon as the light changed, Angelus sped away and drove to his apartment. After closing the front door he started shedding his clothes off, just then noticing the missing buttons on his shirt. A memory of the blond ripping it open flashed through his mind, making him growl in frustration. 'Buffy', the name popped into his head, he had met her in the club and she had introduced herself as Buffy. He almost had a urge to go through the phone book, trying to find her number but he resisted it, reminding himself that it was just one night.


Buffy and Faith were sitting in the kitchen nursing their cups of coffee. "So, I take it some one got some", Faith smirked and Buffy shot her an annoyed look.

"What makes you think that?" "I saw you leaving with hunky and you look like you've had a lot of good loving", Faith answered, her grin just widening.

"Why didn't you stop me?! I was drunk." "Come on, you so needed it, a good roll in the hay was just what you were lacking, few more days and you'd been ready to bust, you haven't had a good fling since Riley and that was four months ago, I'd already gone stir-crazy. Come on, B, the guy wasn't such a hardship to look at and I bet he had a body like a Greek God."

"Faith, I'm not you, I can go without a guy in my life. I'm really not into one night things and no matter how great last night was, it was just one night", she said and finished with a groan before hiding her head into her arm on the table.

"So it was great?" Faith questioned grinning like a fool. "I had two of the most intense orgasms I have ever had", she mumbled into her arms not lifting her face. "Go, Buffy!" Faith cheered and Buffy shot him a dangerous look.

"So why are you so grumpy if you had the greatest sex in your life?" "Because it was nothing more, and with a guy I hardly know. I like to know who ever I'm in bed with, I need the connection", Buffy said glumly and inwardly groaned cause she had felt that certain connection with Angelus and she knew it was never going to be anything more than one night stand.

"Okay, I'm sorry, B. I know you're not like me, I can settle on quick romp with a random guy, I don't need the whole angst that comes from dating and loving someone. I should have stopped you before you left, I promise to grovel for at least a week", Faith apologized sincerely and added the last part with a cheeky smirk.

"Okay, you're forgiven. But only because how good the night was. And it might take longer than a week of groveling", Buffy said with a small smile playing on her lips. Only she wasn't smiling inside, she was afraid forgetting the gorgeous stranger was going to be more hard than she wanted it to be.


To be continued...