Title: Enters Murdock

By: RazorsLove & Murdock


Chapter 1

A lone squad car pulled up into the old Enforcer's Salvage yard.

"Here are your orders, you will report to Furlong and Clawson." The Enforcer behind the wheel scoffed at the former Enforcer as he shoved a single file folder hard into the gut of his passenger. "So low you report to the subordinates of the yard instead of those in charge, Burke and Murray." The Enforcer began to laugh.

The passenger said nothing as he took the folder and climbed out of the car with a snarl, he was growing tired of being looked down upon for simply being what he was. He reached back in to retrieve his duffle bag with his belongings in it from the back seat.

"Watch who you are snarling at, that is half the reason you are here."The Enforcer hissed back in a snappy tone.

The passenger just rolled his eyes and bared his teeth at the driver before grabbing the bag and slamming the door shut.

The figure stood there in the dirt and gravel lot as the car pulled out, enveloping him in the cloud of dust it kicked up as it left. After the car was out of sight, he turned to the only building, a garage where two tom-kats in coveralls stood outside waiting, one taller and more muscular than the other.

He lowered his head and heaved out a sigh before moving towards them. He stopped an arms length away and held out the folder before speaking.

"The name is Murdock... Murdock Dawgson, I believe you are expecting me." He greeted in the tone of a defeated person who had no friends in the world.

"Yes, we were expecting you." The smaller tom replied as he took the folder and began to flip through it's contents.

"Yeah but we weren't quiet expecting a..." The larger tom began, only to be interrupted by a jab in the side from the other's elbow. The big tom looked to his friend and saw he was being given a look and nodded in response. "What I mean is..."

"I know what you mean, I'm used to it." Murdock interrupted the large tom.

"Well you have to admit, there aren't many of your kind around here anymore." The larger tom continued.

"True." The canine conceded.

"Hmm... interesting breed too, Siberian Husky." The smaller chocolate furred tom mused with his nose buried in the folder.

The brown and white husky nodded "Yes it is."

"Well you are welcome here." The large blonde tom said, trying to play nice and get on the friendly side of the large dog. Whom was obviously fit, but didn't quite have as much muscle as himself he noted.

"Yeah, we are all outcasts here, so here you are equal." The smaller tom agreed with his larger friend as he flashed a small smile.

Murdock nodded and began to smile too as he looked at the two toms. "Um, what are your names?"

"I'm Jake Clawson, and this is my best buddy Chance Furlong." The small chocolate furred tom answered as he pointed to himself then to his friend.

Murdock gave a friendly nod then looked around the yard taking it all in, and realized that he would be here for the rest of his life most likely. "Well you two already know my name." He replied with a smirk and a cheerful nod.

"Oh there is one other person you need to meet, Aliee." Jake said in a friendly tone trying to get the husky to loosen up and feel more at home.

Murdock raised an eyebrow and was taken by surprise when Chance suddenly yelled into the garage. He was as equally surprised when he saw a blonde haired, black furred she-kat walk out also in a pair of coveralls.

"Aliee, this is Murdock, he will be staying with us from now on." Jake gave the introductions.

"Hey there, nice to meet you." The she-kat greeted, extending her hand out to the taller dog.

Murdock smiled and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you too." He responded happily.

As he looked into her green eyes, his tail began to wag for the first time in weeks upon talking to her.

"Well come on, I will show you to your room." Aliee said smiling at the dog as she turned to escort him to his room in the garage.

Murdock followed alongside her glancing at her out of the corner of his eye as they walked, and listened as she made small talk. Jake turned to Chance when the two were out of earshot.

"He seems nice." The slim tom spoke.

"Yeah, but Jake, I still don't know how we'll be able to hide the fact we are the Swat Kats from him." Chance responed tilting his head.

"You got a point there Chance, it will be hard to hide, especially whenever we take off or land in the Turbokat." Jake continued.

"What are we going to do then?" Chance asked.

"Let me sleep on it bud, I need some time to think this out." Jake responed rubbing the back of his neck.

"Okay." Chance sighed as he headed into the garage.

Jake looked down to the folder in his hand, he flipped through the pages again as he stood in the gravel driveway of the yard. Finally he closed the folder and walked back into the garage. He found Aliee leaning agaisnt the living room wall next to the kitchen doorway with a can of milk in her hand.

"Where's Murdock at?" Jake inquired.

Aliee pointed down the hall opposite her in answer.


In his small room, Murdock was removing clothes from his duffle bag and putting them into the dresser standing in one corner of the room. Jake knocked on the open door, Murdock looked up at the knock.

"Hello Jake, you can come in." Murdock offered as he set a pair of pants into the bottom drawer.

Jake stepped through the doorway and set the folder down on the bed. Aliee came down the hallway, and stood in the doorway with her can of milk.

"I read in your file why you were sent down here. You did some foundation damage to the Enforcer Headquarters...with a patrol car." The chocolate furred kat started.

"Pretty much, but that's not all of it though. I refused to do paper work for that incompetent Lt. Steele." Murdock replied as he folded up another pair of pants.

"Oh really, well Steele deserved it." Jake chuckled.

A crooked smirk crossed Murdock's face as a slight giggle came from Aliee. Murdock's tail began to wag as the she-kat giggled softly holding the can up to her mouth, Jake looked at Aliee then to Murdock.

"He's still got it coming to him I have no doubt about it you too." Aliee grinned as she wiped the milk from her upper lip.

Jake's eyes narrowed as Aliee's glinted bright green, the slim tom gave her a stern look. Aliee just shrugged back then went back to drinking her milk as she walked off down the hall. Murdock tilted his head as he looked at Jake, he was confused slightly as Jake continued to look at the spot Aliiee had been standing at.

"Jake, is something wrong?" The husky asked as he put one of his collared shirts away.

Jake looked away from the door back to Murdock who was kneeling down on the ground in front of the dresser. Murdock tilted his head to the side with his ears perked up.

"Oh no not at all, I'm just glad that your starting to settle in already." Jake lied putting a false smile across his face.

"Starting to feel like home, even though it isn't." Murdock replied absently.

"I noticed that every time that Aliee comes around your tail begins to wag." Jake commented.

Murdock ears flattened to the side of his head, as Jake watched him put another collared shirt in one of the upper drawers. Jake put his hands together and leaned closer to Murdock.

"She's pretty, besides you and Chance, she truly acts like a friend. I don't really know her that well to like Aliee like that any way."The husky replied, not looking at the tom.

"But you like her none the less, am I right?" Jake half teased half asked.

"Yes, your right." Murdock answered as he closed the top drawer.

Jake leaned back on the bed as Murdock stood up off the floor and put his duffle bag into the closet. Then turned to walk out of his room and down the hall.

Jake stood and followed him into the living room where Chance was sitting on the couch laughing his head off.

"Scardy Kat...nice," Murdock laughed, joining Chance on the couch.

Aliee suddently rushed in and grabbed a set of keys that hung from the key rack, Jake and Chance looked at Aliee then to each other.

"Aliee where are you going." Jake asked concerned.

"Out." Came her forced reply as she gritted her teeth together tightly.

"Oh okay, what time do you think you'll be back." Jake questioned.

"I don't know, sometime late, one or two in the morning, it's a full moon tonight." Aliee continued.

"That's right." Jake remembered as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Aliee rushed out of the garage door and over to her car. Unlocking the door she quickly climbed in and clutching the steering wheel tightly, started the car and took off.

"Full moon. There's that investigation going on about that killing two or three weeks ago. They said that the CSI team found fur that had kat and dog DNA in it. It was weird, I did not know such a thing was possible, both of the DNAs weren't recognizable by the data base either." Murdock mused.

"We heard that on the news when it first happened, but yet she still goes out every full moon." Jake huffed.


Aliee drove deep into the mountains before coming to a stop in front of an old tattered cabin. Shuting off her car she rushed up to the cabin door and unlocked it. Once she was inside, she slammed the door closed and locked the twelve locks on the door.

Aliee began to growl loudly as she closed the curtains and shut off the lights, pain soon racked through her body as she collapsed to the floor.

"Salvage yard 12:00 PM"

Jake lay in bed staring at the ceiling figuring up ways to keep Murdock from finding out that Chance, Aliee and himself where the Swat Kats.

"Murdock is smart, he'll figure it out eventually, but we need time to get to know him better. Aliee could always stay behind and get to know him, she seems to have imprinted upon him already. On the other hand, we can just... no, that wouldn't work or any other idea I can come up with. I'll just sleep on it some more." Jake thought out loud to himself as he closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

"Late next morning"

Jake, Chance and Murdock sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and listening to the news about the slaughtering of an entire animal shelter.

Chance shoveled his cereal into his mouth greedily as Jake sat back in his chair, sipping his coffee slowly as he watched the T.V. through the doorway. Murdock sighed deeply as the news reporter commented on the sick, twisted nature of the killings.

Suddenly Aliee came bursting through the door and into the kitchen, her cloths where ripped in the shoulders, back and stomach. She looked horrible, tired and had small scratches across her stomach.

"You're just now getting back." Chance growled standing.

Aliee glared at him angrily, her normaly bright, soft, beautiful green eyes darkening to become cold, hard and harsh. Chance raised his hands and sat back in his chair. Aliee ignored the three males and went to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Jake rubbed the back of he's neck roughly as he set his mug on the table."I guess it was a hard night."

Aliee plopped down on the bed with the curtains drawn over the window. Her hands trembling like leaves in the wind, she heard her neck pop when she turned her head to look at the door. Through the crack at the bottom Aliee saw the shadows of feet before he heard a knock.

"Come in." Aliee hissed lowly.

Murdock slowly opened the door and walked in shuting the door behind him softly. The husky walked over to where the she-kat sat and lowered himslef down next to her making the bed dip slightly. Aliee looked down at the floor. Murdock studied Aliee as she studied the floor, scratching at her stomach scratches absently.

"What happened to you?" The big dog asked softly.

"I just got into a bar fight last night and got arrested, I got out on bail luckily." The she-kat fibbed.

"Oh, you got into a bar fight that sounds really bad." Murdock replied as he rested his hands on the bed.

Murdock looked over her lovely silky black fur as Aliee's bright, soft, green eyes returned. Murdock smiled at her sweetly and had to resist the urge to jump when she suddenly leaned up against him set her head on his shoulder.

Murdock blushed wildly as Aliee rested her head on his shoulder, a soft purr erupted from Aliee's throat as she closed her eyes. Murdock looked the other way rubbing on the back of his neck with one hand, but Aliee kept her head where it was.

"Aliee, who did you get in a bar fight with." The husky questioned.

"I don't remember who, all I know is that it was this big, burly tom-kat." Aliee replied.

"Must have been a hard fight then." Murdock continued calmly.

Aliee suddenly stood and moved to her dresser like a ghost, smoothly gliding across the floor of her room. She opened the drawers without a sound and began pulling out fresh cloths.

Murdock stood and moved to the bedroom door. "I'll just leave you to get dressed in peace." The husky said as he opened the door then closed it behind him quietly.


Murdock silently walked back down the hallway towards the living room where he found the two toms sitting on the couch whispering to each other. Murdock stood back in the entrance of the hall listening.

"Chance, it's not that easy to hide, you know it as well as I do, Alee has a serious problem." Jake spoke softly.

"I know bud; she went to the cabin again, I'm sure of it. She can't control it at all, we've known her for a long time but she has never hurt either of us." Chance retorted.

"Chance please, she's already killed someone, and now she's attacked an animal shelter, she's becoming more dangerous." Jake spat back.

"Werewolf or not, she's still our friend and she's trying her best to control it. Something has triggered it, but I'm not sure what Jake. Aliee has had that wolf under control the twelve years, and it's just now starting to get out of control again, but what's making it go nuts." Chance continued.

"The scent of another dog being around would be my guess. Murdock would be the ideal... well you know. I think she's imprinted on him, we all know it, I guess her hormones are just kicking in." Jake whispered back before catching sight of the husky. "Murdock I know you're standing there." He called out quietly.

Murdock stepped out from the hall and looked at the two tom-kats on the couch. Chance scratched the top of his head roughly through his cap as Jake turned to look at the brown and white husky.

"Aliee is a werewolf?" Murdock asked, not quite believing what he heard.

"Yes, she used to control it very well, but ever since she caught a scent of something, Aliee hasn't been able to control her wolf side as well. She can usually just stay in the yard when the full moon comes around. I think the reason why she can't control herself like she used too, is because of your scent Murdock." Jake spoke up.

"My scent." The husky's voice cracked.

Aliee came up behind Murdock just then buckling the belt of her coveralls across her waist.

"Yes, it's very alluring." Aliee admitted as she walked past the canine and out into the garage.

"Wow, she's very quiet." Murdock gasped.

Aliee grabbed her gloves off the workbench as she headed to the only car in the garage. She quickly popped the hood and set to work, while Murdock just stood in the doorway of the garage watching. Chance and Jake moved passed the dog and over to the car to help.