Title: Enters Murdock
By: Razorslove & Murdock

Chapter 13

"Blackout's Lair"

As soon as Blackout had left, Murdock had set about trying to get free. He had managed to weaken the knots on the ropes that bound his hands, and was know anxiously watching the door as he worked on the ropes around his feet.

The husky grunted in pain from his shattered ankle as he flexed his toes inside of his shoes, attempting to loosen the knots of his ankle ropes. His breath hissed through his teeth as he flexed his toes again.

The sudden noise of the door unlocking; quickly caused the husky to still in time to watch Blackout charge in holding the side of his neck and growling angrily.

Murdock chuckled softly as he could see the blood oozing out between the grey tom's fingers, and just imagined what had happened to him.

"Salvage Yard"

Aliee sat curled up on Jake's bed, clutching one of the chocolate furred tom's pillows to her chest. Her ears suddenly perked up when she heard the lock on the door click and the door slowly swing open shortly after.

The black furred she-kat silently watched as Jake entered the room then came over to her. Once reaching his friend, he gently sat down next to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders comfortingly.

"Everything will be alright Aliee, the sooner we finish that weapon for Blackout, the sooner we'll be able to save to Murdock and Callie." The slim tom tried to soothe the she-kat softly.

Aliee didn't say anything in return, instead burying her muzzle into the pillow she still held. Jake gave her a concerned look and gently squeezed her shoulders.

"Jake...." The female began, her voice muffled by the feathery pillow.

"What is it Aliee?" Jake asked softly as he watched his companion remove her face from out of the pillow.

"What do you think will happen if we find Blackout, and it's already too late to save either of them?" The she-kat questioned, looking the tom in the eyes.

Jake looked away to gaze down at the floor; for a moment before answering in a whisper. "I don't know Aliee, I just don't know. I don't have the answer to that question."

The black Kat burried her face back into the pillow, muffling her sigh in it's depths.

Jake looked back at her, wishing there was something more he could do. Huffing out his own sigh, he stood up and made to leave guessing that all Aliee wanted was to be alone. When he reached the door frame the slim male stopped and turned back to her.

"Aliee, I'm sure they're both still alive, but I don't know what kind of shape Murdock will be in. I'm guessing that he could be in very bad condition, but I just don't know." With those parting words, Jake turned back around and left to go check on Chance.

Aliee watched as Jake left the room once she was sure she was alone. She finally let out the tears she could no longer hold back, and wept for the first time since she was little.

"That night"

Chance and Jake had decided that it would be safer for the three of them to sleep together in the same room. Now the three of them lay uncomfortably in Chance's full size bed, with Aliee in the middle, and Chance and Jake on either side of her.

The big tabby-tom sighed as he lay semi-awake; listening as the black furred Kat next to him cried and whimpered in her sleep.

Across from him, Jake was also unable to sleep. Hearing Aliee's pining through the night for her mate made his heart sink into his stomach.

Finally unable to take it anymore, the dark furred female let out a long, loud, pain filled howl that made the window shatter, and the two toms to bolt up and cover their ears.

"Blackout's Lair"

Blackout circled the husky with the least bit of mercy, the grey tom snarled as he dug his claws into the back of the canine's neck.

"Not laughing anymore are you mutt!" The tom hissed coldly, watching the blood flowing out of the wound to stain the back of Murdock's already blood stained shirt.

The canine managed to lift his head up and look up at Blackout through the corner of one eye. His left eye was swollen shut, and Blackout had twisted his broken ankle around until his foot was almost completely sideways.

"I should have killed that little wench when I had the chance! But now I'm going to kill her in front of you instead, just to make you suffer more!" Blackout growled harshly.

Murdock closed his eye and rested his head on the cold floor. His entire body was wracked with pain, in the back of his mind; he could see flashes of him and Aliee together.

His jaw muscles tightened as he though of what his future would have been like with her. A tear escaped from his good eye and his shoulders sagged, he was afraid for his mate, he couldn't protector like this.

At that moment, as if his thoughts of her had summoned her up, the sudden low howl of a pining female echoed through the vents of the old building and into his ears. Murdock felt his heart stop as he somehow recognized the howl as being from his mate.

Despite the pain it caused, the canine took in a deep breath, raised his head, then let out his own long, painful howl. His sadness radiating out from the pit of his soul as, he poured all of his pain into the howl.


Blackout looked down at the dog confused, his feline ears having not heard Aliee's howl. With a snarl, the villain came up behind the canine and slammed his fist into the back of the husky's skull, cutting off the howl instantly.

Murdock clenched his jaws together, his breath hissing through his teeth as a fresh bolt of pain shot through the back of his head.

"Stupid mutt...." Blackout grumbled as he stalked away from his beaten captive and quickly left the room.

"Murdock?" Callie's quiet voice came from where she had been forgotten in the corner.

"What?" The Husky replied lifelessly.

"Are you okay?" The Deputy Mayor asked, her voice quivering from the brutality she had witnessed.

"Does it look like I'm okay Miss. Briggs?" Murdock stared down at the floor blankly

"Well...no." The she-kat answered him.

"Then there's your answer." He replied harshly.

Callie sighed as she gazed down at the injured dog for a moment; then turned her gaze away to stare at a rust stain on the floor.

Murdock silently stared down at the floor bitterly, the memories he had accumulated in his short time with Aliee, Chance, and Jake playing through his mind. Soft tears escaped from his eyes as he thought that he might never see them again.


In a different part of the building, Blackout paced the small, single room with a cot set in one corner. Passing a small mirror, the grey tom glanced at his wounded neck, he growled softly at the sight as he quickly moved away from the mirror and over to the cot.

"That little wench is going to pay dearly for hurting me!" He snarled lowly to himself as he lay down on the cot.

Holding up his fingers, he watched as the discharge of electricity danced across his fingertips. He grumbled lowly, thinking about how he was going to hurt her as his eyes slowly drifted closed.

"Salvage Yard"

Aliee continued to pine away between the two toms that she had known for so long. When the sudden burst of a male's howl came through the shattered window, Aliee immediately bolted up in bed and scurried out from in between the two males.

Chance and Jake awoke suddenly from their light sleep to watch Aliee scramble out of the room, getting out of the bed; they both quickly ran after her.

"Aliee, where are you going?" Chance called after the black female as she ran into the garage.

The she-kat didn't reply as she fumbled with the hatch handle. When she finally managed to get it open, she leapt down into the hole not bothering to use the ladder.

Giving each other a confused look, Chance and Jake quickly slid down the ladder to catch up with their female friend.

"Aliee...What's going on!" Jake demanded when they caught up with her at their lockers.

"I know where my mate and the Deputy Mayor are…" The black Kat replied as she pulled her flight suit on over her sleep wear.

"You do!?" Both toms asked at the same time, looking at Aliee astounded.

"Yes, now hurry up and gear up or I'll leave you here." The female Swat Kat grunted as she pulled her mask on.

Nodding, the two males quickly opened their own lockers and began getting into their gear. While they were doing that, Kat had started toward her Cyclotron, but paused; mid step when she remembered that it had been destroyed.

Growling in annoyance, the she-kat tapped her foot as she looked around the hanger trying to decide on how she was going to get to Murdock.

"Come on, I guess you'll be riding with us until we can get your bike rebuilt." Razor called out as he and T-Bone leapt into the Turbokat.

Running over, Kat leapt into the cockpit and quickly settled down on Razor's lap. In short order the muscular pilot had the jet powered up and ready for launch. Getting a green light, T-Bone rammed the throttle to full, and shot the jet down the runway and into the night sky.

"In the air"

Kat told T-Bone where to go, the tabby didn't waist any time as he turned the jet to the indicated direction. Minutes later, the sleek, black jet was hovering over an old canning warehouse on a pier near the oil refineries.

"They're in there." Kat spoke excitedly, hope and happiness filling her voice.

"Roger that." Activating the landing gear, the big pilot brought his aircraft down for a feather soft landing near the edge of the pier.

Kat was the first out once the canopy had slid back; the two males quickly followed her after grabbing their Gloveatrixes.

After handing Kat a spare Gloveatrix, the three quickly ran for the large doors of the cannery.

"Kat are you sure this is where he is?" Razor questioned when they reached the doors.

"Yes, I know it is." His female partner responded definitely.

Taking a quick look at the chains and padlock keeping the doors locked. T-Bone activated his Gloveatrixe's torch and efficiently cut through the chain links.

"I wouldn't doubt the instincts of a werewolf Razor." T-Bone replied as he finished cutting through the impediment.

Once the lock and chains had been removed, the tabby put his shoulder to the doors and pushed with a bit more force than necessary. Expecting the doors to be rusted closed; T-Bone was surprised when they easily flew open under his assault.

The three Swat Kats cringed as the sounds of the doors banging off the walls echoed down the building's halls.

"Oops..." T-Bone chuckled, and rubbed the back of his neck.

"In the cannery"

Blackout shot up in his cot at the sudden, loud echoing sounds of doors banging against the walls. Quickly jumping up, the grey tom ran out of his small room and down the hall to the room with his captives.

Bursting into the large room, the villain stormed up to where Murdock still lay and pulled him up by the collar of his bloody, ripped shirt.

"Who did you call!" The tom shouted angrily.

Murdock flattened his ears against his head in confusion at what Blackout was talking about.

"Who did you call you dumb dog! "The male repeated again as he slammed his fist into the side of the husky's face.

"I don't know what you're talking about you lunatic." Murdock growled loudly, spitting a glob of crimson fluid to the floor.

"Liar!" Blackout hissed as he let go of the canine and went over to the security monitors and turned them on. The black clad tom growled loudly when he saw the Swat Kats heading down the hall straight for this room.

Looking up Murdock tried to see what the grey furred male was looking at, but all he saw was Blackout's backside. Instinctively sniffing the air, the bloodied up dog smiled as the sweet sent of his mate and his friends filled his nose.

Snarling in fury, Blackout turned back to his beat captive and began to circle the husky like a rabid predator. Guessing what was coming; Murdock cringed and tried to steel himself as best he could.

Without warning, the villain kicked out and struck Murdock in the abdomen, forcing the air out of the husky's lungs.

The bound canine ground his teeth together in pain; then coughed up a gout of white and crimson fluid when Blackout drove his foot into his midsection again, and there was a snapping sound of a rib breaking.

"I'm going to kill you!" The tom growled as he grabbed Murdock's broken ankle and twisted it around violently.

"Elsewhere in the building"

The three Swat Kats where cautiously making their way down the main hall searching for any sign of Blackout or their friends.

Kat kept her eyes focused on what was ahead of her, her ears perked up for any sounds, and her breathing slow and controlled. T-Bone and Razor slowly followed after her, being as cautious of their werewolf friend as their surroundings.

The smell of old, rotting fish filled the halls as the group slowly made their way down the hall checking each room they came across. The three had just returned to the hall after checking another empty room when a loud, canine howl of pain reached their ears.

Kat's eyes narrowed into slits, she growled lowly when the stench of blood, sweat, rage, and fear assaulted her nose. Snarling in anger, the female Swat Kat charged down the hall and around a corner toward where the sound and smells where coming from.

Without hesitation T-Bone and Razor ran after her hoping they'd be in time to save their friends. Bursting into the room at the end of the hall, the heroes gasped loudly at the sight of the tied up, badly beaten, and bleeding canine.


Blackout had jumped away from the poor canine, leaving him to whimper and moan on the blood stained floor when the Swat Kats entered the room.

"What's the matter? kat got your tongue?" The grey tom smirked at the shocked looks on the hero's masked faces.

"T-Bone, get Murdock and the Deputy Mayor out of here. Razor and I will handle Blackout." Kat growled lowly, barely being able to hold her anger in.

The two males nodded their readiness at the plan, before Kat and Razor rushed the black clad tom to distract him, so their partner could get the captives out.

Once his friends had the bad guy's full attention, T-Bone quickly ran over to Callie's side.

"T-bone I'm so glad you guys are here!" The blonde she-kat sighed in relief.

"Me too Miss, Briggs."The muscular tabby remarked as he knelt down and cut the ropes off from around her wrists with his Gloveatrix.

"He was going to kill him." Callie choked out on the verge of crying.

"He's not getting that chance now Miss. Briggs." The big tom replied as he cut the ropes around the small female's legs.

Taking her tiny hand in his large one, T-Bone stood and pulled the Deputy Mayor to her feet, then turned and ran over to where the husky lay.


"Crud..." T-Bone hissed as he knelt down next to the husky and took a closer look at the damage Blackout had done.

Callie bent down as well and gently touched the dog's side, causing him to shout in agonized pain from his broken ribs.

Murdock's breathing was slow and shallow, his breath wheezing out of his open mouth. Crimson blood flowed out from his nose and muzzle in a steady stream, matting down and staining his fur.

One eye was completely swollen shut, the area around it badly bruised. While his good eye was barely open, gazing up at T-Bone and Callie with a pain filled look, pleading to them to help him.

The big tabby sighed as he began to cut through the ropes binding the canine's hands together. The Deputy Mayor quickly set about untying his feet, taking care not to move his swollen, broken ankle.

Once he was free, Murdock quickly curled up into a fetal position, panting and moaning in pain.

"Come on, we're gettin' you outta here." T-Bone soothed as he gently pulled one of the husky's arms over his shoulders then hefted the canine to his feet.

The large canine took sharp breath in as he put pressure on his broken ankle. The Swat Kat adjusted his grip to take more of the husky's weight and keep it off of his broken ankle.

Coming up on the opposite side from T-Bone, Callie grabbed Murdock's other arm and put it over her shoulder as well. Together the two quickly carried the canine from the room and out to safety.


Angry at what Blackout had done to Murdock, Kat and Razor furiously attacked the villain with a non stop barrage of attacks. Not giving him any time to mount a counter attack.

Grunting from the force of the punches and kicks, the grey tom stumbled back trying to get away from the blows and blindly lashed out with his claws. He was rewarded when Kat hissed as his claws swiped across her left bicep.

Determined to end this, Razor leapt forward and hit Blackout twice, once along the side of his head, and the second hitting his throat, momentarily cutting off his air.

The black clad figure gasped for air before grunting loudly as Kat preformed a roundhouse kick to the other side of his head. The force of her attack caused the Tom to fly back a few feet; before landing on the floor with a limp thud.

A cloud of dust rose up from the floor where Blackout had landed, as the dust settled the villain didn't move except for the rise and fall of his chest.

"Alright Kat, you knocked him out!" Razor congratulated his partner as they approached the unconscious Male.

Kneeling down next to the prone form, the slim Kat reached out and got a tiny zap when he touched the coat the grey male was wearing.

"You where right about the jacket Kat. He doesn't look familiar or anything" The dark furred Tom grunted roughly.

"I know Razor. Murdock doesn't even remember him." Kat replied as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Maybe he had his face reconstructed?" She huffed loudly at the brown tom.

"Maybe." Razor mimicked as he stood up.

Kat walked around Razor and shoved Blackout's arm with her foot, but getting no response from him except his steady breathing.


"How do you suppose we get him to the Enforcer's?" The she-kat questioned.

Razor looked at her and smiled, Kat looked back at him not liking the look the slim feline was giving her.

"Absolutely not...I can't carry him, he'd fry me." The female Swat Kat huffed loudly.

"But you can carry him in your wolf form, you can take it Kat, it's just a few miles." Razor replied.

Kat rolled her eyes as Razor continued to give her an expecting look.

"Fine, but I better be getting something out of this." Kat finally huffed.

"You will I promise." The dark brown Swat Kat soothed as he pulled a zip tie from a pouch in his suit.

Sighing, Kat quickly transformed into her wolf form; while Razor bound Blackout's hands together with the zip tie.

Grumbling to herself the huge black wolf waited for Razor to move away, then bent down and hefted the unconscious feline over one shoulder. The jolts coming off his coat only barely noticeable to her wolf form.

"Thank you Kat, it's better than having him in the hold with Callie and Murdock." Razor added as he put his hand on her high shoulder.

The glossy black furred wolf nodded in agreement.

"Now, hurry up and get him to Enforcer HQ, and make sure you aren't seen by anybody. The Enforcers will be all over you in seconds trying to kill you if they see you. Once you've dropped him off go back to base." The tiny tom commanded.

Kat nodded then ran out of the room at full speed, glad to finally have the whole thing over with.

"Outside the Cannery"

T-Bone had just left the Turbokat's cargo hold where Callie was watching over Murdock when he saw Kat run out of the building in her wolf form, and disappear off into the night. A few seconds later Razor emerged through the doors and walked up to the big tabby.

"Kat is taking Blackout to Enforcer HQ." Razor informed as he went over and looked into the hold.

Murdock was lying on the soft pad they had for when they had to save an injured person, and the Deputy Mayor was kneeling down over him.

The two Swat Kats looked at each other than to Callie.

"Miss. Briggs we're going to take you and him to the hospital makes sure he doesn't move too much, it could worsen his wounds." T-Bone commanded calmly.

Callie nodded and pulled the semi-conscious dog's upper body into her lap.

"Aliee..." The husky rasped painfully.

The Deputy Mayor sighed down at him as the cargo door closed and the jet powered up. A second later the she-kat felt the jet gently rise into the air.

"With Kat"

Kat ran on with Blackout slumped over her shoulder, the smell of the tom made her sick to her stomach; it was so overwhelming to her werewolf senses.

She growled loudly, wanting nothing more than to drop him right here in the middle of the forest and beat him like he had done her mate. But she managed to keep a hold on that part of her for now.

However, should he awaken while he was still over her shoulder, she would kill him then and there. Fortunately for the villain, he stayed unconscious.

Reaching the edge of the City, Kat quickly decided to go by roof top so as not to be seen. Leaping from one roof to another, the large, black wolf quickly made her way toward Enforcer Head Quarters.

Once she reached the huge building, she found the skylight to Commander Feral office. Smirking at the surprise she was about to give Feral, Kat pulled Blackout off her shoulder and dumped him into the skylight.

Commander Feral jumped in surprise when his skylight shattered and a body landed on his floor with a thump. Pulling his blaster, the gruff tom carefully made his way over to the tom.

Looking up though the skylight, but not seeing anything, he turned his attention to who quickly proved to be Blackout. Grumbling as he guessed who had dropped him off, the Commander went to his desk and called up a few officers to come take the villain to a cell.

Her task finished, Kat left the roof top before she was seen and began making her way back out of the city. Hearing the Turbokat fly by overhead heading for the hospital, the female wolf heaved out a sigh and hoped she'd hear about her mate soon.

"Mega Kat Memorial Hospital, Several hours later."

T-Bone and Razor stood quietly in Murdock's hospital room, the only sounds being the ping of the unconscious husky's heart monitor, and the drip of IV fluids.

The Enforcers had come and gone, taking the Deputy Mayor into protective custody after she was checked out and released from the hospital. Before leaving, the blonde she-kat had requested that the two male Swat Kats stay to help guard the weakened canine.

Two Enforcers where also left behind to stand guard outside in the hallway. While others where sent to get Murdock's parents, and more still to the yard to get Aliee.

T-Bone huffed out a sigh and looked down to his smaller partner standing next to him. "Do you think the Enforcers will be able to hold Blackout buddy?"

Razor looked back up at his blonde friend, pondering on the thought for a few seconds before speaking. "Maybe, he isn't the same as Hard Drive...."

"And if they can't?" The tabby asked.

"I don't know, it's possible he'd try attacking Murdock or Aliee again, or even us..." Razor responded quietly.

T-Bone growled slightly at the thought, Murdock was already in serious condition, and he could still remember the feeling of the last shock the villain had given him.


In the bed, the huskies tail suddenly twitched slightly and he mumbled something neither tom could make out. Showing that at least their friend; was beginning to come back to the waking world.

Seconds later, the door quietly opening heralded the arrival of Murdock's parents, as two elderly huskies' entered. The female was slightly shorter than the male and had light brown fur, while the male's fur was darker.

The two canines immediately went over to the bed where their son lay. Reaching her son's side, Murdock's mother gently rested her hand on her son's battered cheek and began to weep softly at the sight of her hurt offspring.

Turning her attention away from her son and toward the two Swat Kats, the emotional female husky moved over to them and gave both of them a big hug. "Thank you so much for saving my little boy."

"Your welcome ma'am, but it wasn't just us that saved him." Razor replied quietly.

The female dog broke the embrace and gave them both a confused look, she was just about to ask what the slim feline meant when the door opened and Aliee quietly stepped in.


As if her sudden presence had awoken him, Murdock hoarsely rasped out Aliee's name. The black furred she-kat let a small smile cross her muzzle as she went up to her love and gently took his hand in hers.

"I thought he was going to kill you Murdock." Aliee choked out softly.

She could tell that her mate's wounds were healing quickly; a lot of the smaller wounds had already healed up in just a few hours. The worst of the wounds would take another day or two before healing fully.

Murdock's mother came up behind Aliee and put her hand on the she-kat's shoulder. Turning away from Murdock, Aliee looked over her shoulder to look back at the elder canine.

Murdock coughed then licked his dry lips before speaking. "Aliee…this is my mother Sharon. Mom, this is Aliee my girlfriend…she works with me at the Salvage Yard."

Aliee gave a soft, sad smile to the other female; Sharon returned the smile; then gently embraced Aliee in a hug. Releasing the she-kat, the female canine stepped back to allow Murdock's father to come up.

"Hello Miss. I'm Murdock's father, James; it's a pleasure to meet you Aliee." The old husky greeted her. He sensed a wolfish aura coming off the black furred she-kat but let it go.

"I saw the claw marks on Blackout's neck." Murdock suddenly rasped lowly.

"I should have blown his head clean off when I had your gun." The black beauty growled softly.

"Where did you get the gun?" Murdock questioned again before a coughing fit set in.

Aliee's ears flattened to her head as she listened to him cough roughly.

"I pulled it out from your bedside table." The she-kat replied softly once the coughing had ended.

"Later that night"

Aliee, Murdock, James, and Sharon were all asleep, Murdock in the bed, Aliee in a chair on one side of it, and Murdock's parents in chairs on the opposite side of the bed. T-Bone and Razor where the only two left awake standing guard.

Even in her sleep though Aliee kept her guard up, listening to her surroundings for any sign of trouble.

The Enforcer guards were still stationed outside in the hall, but they wouldn't be much help if Blackout attacked through the door.

T-Bone cracked his neck loudly then sighed as he crossed his arms over his muscular chest.

Suddenly a knock at the door caused Aliee and the slumbering parents to stir. A second later a grey furred tom in a white doctor's coat, and wearing a contagion mask over his muzzle entered the room.

The two Swat Kats wearily watched the doctor as he looked around the crowded room then slowly approached Murdock's bed.

Sharon and James had gotten up from their chairs when the doctor reached the foot of their son's bed. The elder husky's watched as the tom casually reached into his coat to pull out what they guessed would be some medical instrument.

However after a soft clicking sound, what the doctor pulled out was a gun which he quickly aimed at Murdock's head.

Aliee immediately bolted up to her feet as the grey male removed his mask revealing an all too familiar face.

"Hello wench." Blackout hissed softly before turning around and pointing the gun at the Swat Kats. "Move over here next to the bed." He commanded.

The Swat Kats slowly held there hands up and did as told, moving over to stand behind Aliee.

"Well well, looks like I have the love, the parents, the heroes and the victim all in one place. Saves me the trouble of having to hunt you all down." Blackout chuckled as he took them all in.


Aliee's eyes narrowed on Blackout's gun, it had a silencer screwed to it's barrel so the Enforcers outside wouldn't be able to hear any shots going off.

"So who's going to die first?" The villain questioned as he took turns pointing the gun at each of his captives.

The gun's muzzle finally came to a stop pointing at Aliee's chest. "I'm killing you first wench, you took a chunk out of my neck with those claws of yours, now you're going to pay for that!" Blackout snarled as he begins to pull the trigger back.

Aliee gulped and blindly searched for her love's hand, not taking her eyes off the gun or the tom holding it. Finding the brown furred hand, the black she-kat grasped it tightly, intertwining her fingers with his.

Murdock woke from his drug induced sleep at the touch, looking up at his mate, he found her and the Swat Kats standing there seemingly frozen and looking at something at the foot of his bed.

Looking down, Murdock let out a low, raspy growl from deep in his throat at the sight of the tom that had so badly beaten him. He could feel Aliee's hand trembling in his, and he could swear he could almost hear her rapped heart beat.

Time seemed to slow down at that moment as Blackout fired the gun into Aliee's chest with a quiet "Pufft" sound. The blonde haired she-kat slumped to the floor gasping for air, a sign that the bullet had pierced a lung.

Time suddenly seemed to snap back into full motion then as T-Bone and Razor suddenly launched themselves over Aliee's body.

The big tabby did a flying knee hard into Blackout's gut. Stunning him and allowing Razor to pull the gun away from him.


Grunting in slight pain, Murdock pulled the IV out of his arm, then pulled the heart monitor patches off and quickly got out of the bed. Kneeling down the husky took his love into his arms as she continued to gasp for air.

"Aliee...please...just keep breathing." Murdock beckoned hoarsely.

Now free from danger Sharon quickly fled the room to get a real doctor for Aliee and alert the Enforcers.

Aliee continued to struggle for air, though it only seemed to escape out through the hole in her chest.

"Come on love we've been through worse." Murdock spoke gently as he ran his fingers through Aliee's long hair.

James kneeled down beside his son as he pledged with the black furred she-kat to keep breathing.

"You should have just changed and killed him Aliee, instead of standing there like an idiot." Murdock choked out softly.

"And... let everyone.... find out." The female gasped, her breathing worsens as she spoke.

"Yes... and don't speak anymore love, it makes it harder for you to breathe." Her mate ordered softly as he nuzzled her forehead.

"Change, what you mean by change son?" The elder canine questioned giving his son a confused look.

"I'll tell you later dad." The young husky growled softly.


Just then Sharon came through the door with a doctor, a nurse pushing a stretcher, and the Enforcer guards.

The guards quickly cuffed Blackout and took him out of the room while the doctor and nurse set about tending to the wounded feline.

Taking Aliee from Murdock's arms, the doctor placed the she-kat on the stretcher then did a quick check of her gun shot wound. Sighing to himself, the doctor quickly wheeled the bed out of the room with the nurse on his heels.

"I'm sure she'll be okay son, but tell me what you meant by change?" James asked as he helped his son off the floor.

T-Bone and Razor gave each other a look before closing the door after the doctor and planting themselves in front of it.

Murdock sighed and eyed them both for a moment before looking to his father and mother.

"Aliee... is a werewolf." Murdock spoke reluctantly, unconsciously rubbing his shoulder were Aliee had bitten him.

The other two canines gaped at their son in shock, Sharon looking like she needed to sit down.

"Murdock you must be joking," James sighed, his earlier feelings about Aliee coming back to him.

"No dad I'm not joking, she really is a werewolf." Murdock huffed as he lay back in the bed.

"But she could kill you!" Sharon shrieked.

"Mom please keep your voice down, I know that she could kill me. But I can kill her all the same." Murdock sighed softly.

"Murdock, will you come and stay with us after you've gotten out of the hospital?" The female husky asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry, but no, I won't be staying with you, I'll be able to take care of my self once I get out." Murdock replied.

Sharon frowned down at her son disappointedly while James reached out and placed a hand on his mate's shoulder.

"Sharon our son is a big boy now, he can take care of himself." The elder male soothed.

"Three Months Later"

Murdock limped into the garage and lead against a work bench, while his injuries had healed, his ankle would still give him problems every once in awhile.

Aliee had completely healed from her gun shot wound as well, though the bullet had left a scar behind as a reminder.

The husky watched from his place against the table as Aliee worked on a customer's car. He wasn't going to ever let her out of his site or go anywhere without him. She was still fragile despite being a supernatural being. She was the kat he wanted to be with in the future.

Smiling the canine moved up behind his love and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back against him.

"You do know I love you right?" The brown and white dog whispered as he nuzzled the she-kat.

Aliee purred as she leaned back against her husky. "I know you do, and I love you too."

Murdock sighed happily as he kissed the back of her neck, his mate's sweet sent invading his senses before letting her go and stepping back.

"Where are you going?" Aliee questioned as Murdock turned and moved off to leave the garage.

"I.. need to be...alone for awhile." The canine replied, giving her a small smile over his shoulder before limping out the door.

The black furred feline giggled softly and turned her attention back to the vehicle she had been working on.

I thank CodyFurlong for editing this story for me, Thank you so much.

Murdock thank you for letting me write it in the first place.