To all my readers,

I am saddened to say that we are nearing the end of L's Q's and A's. As much as I love – and I mean LOVE – co-writing this with L, the sad fact is that I have no time, and neither does L. He no longer lives in my closet, as he's been getting important cases left and right. I am struggling under AP courses and plays and musicals and what have you. L was visiting today and we managed to wrap this chapter up, and he's fortunately got some free time, so he will be residing in my closet once again for a month or two. I found a computer that accepts my flash drive to use this summer, so that's another lucky break. Though I am unsure of how much longer this will last, I bring you this incredibly belated chapter of L's Q's and A's.

the viper strikes:

yes i lived!

hey l

entertain me. i'm bored!

i get to leave on the 23rd of October to go to Pittsburg with my brothers.


i'z no when it is but i'm want to wish it early cause i'll be away from

computer, maybe, for a while

bye allz

Dear the viper strikes,

It is good to know that you are alive.

(EowynsPen: Hey, that's my line!)

Thank you for the birthday greeting.



yeah, it is a noble sport but i got really bored with it... well, not bored,

but there was no where for me to go (i could only take it at one place and i

was one of the best there so there wasn't as much of a challenge as i wanted

there to be)

haha Princeton is awesome :D its really pretty too!

Ever watch Seinfeld? If no, you NEED to watch it :D its great.

Dear puddingcup,

I see.

(EowynsPen: Is it true that Princeton has a quidditch team?)

No, I have never watched it. A boy in EowynsPen's school watches it though.




My prediction... my worst nightmare... it came true!

Oh- nice cute and adorable lil' chappie! I have decided to leave some


1. What would you do if I said I liked Kira better than you?

2. Will you come to camp with EowynsPen? It's lotsa fun, and I can glomp


3. BOO! I know I scared you.

4. Send me pictures of yourself dressed up as a pink princess. Why, you ask?

Blackmail, of course!

5. Can you poke EowynsPen for me? I'm too far away to reach her. *attempts

to stretch arm to EowynsPen* Nope, my arm is a state or two short... *sigh*

6. *gives cake*

7. *takes cake back*

8. Ah, I relent. *gives cake back*

9. Bye bye, L-kun! GIVE KIRA MY LOVE! Hug him for me, kay?

Dear AnimeFallingStar,

Who's Riniel?

(EowynsPen: A cool name that she wanted me to use. Please, though, Rina, just call me EowynsPen. It lessens the confusion. And as for all you rapists out there, no my name is not Riniel. I almost wish it was, though, because Riniel is an awesome name!)

I see.

(EowynsPen: I can't! I'm not that far in FMA! And besides, you already told me what happened!)

Thank you.

1. I would wonder as to why you would prefer a murderer to a detective.

2. But… it's an all girl's ca…

(EowynsPen: Stop envisioning girls at a summer camp. Besides, I was in the oldest camper cabin this year, so they'll mostly be younger kids.)


(EowynsPen:… You're envisioning me in a swimsuit, aren't you?)

Can you blame me?

(EowynsPen: Shut up. It's not my fault I can't see my feet. /)

Unfortunately, I cannot come, as EowynsPen's mother is a fan of making sure everyone overpacks, so I would not be able to fit in the suitcase.

3. No, actually, you didn't.


(EowynsPen: We don't even have a pink princess costume! Rina, are you trying to make me broke? It already costs enough to feed him and comply with the demands of long-distance phone calls to Light.)

5. Very well. *Pokes EowynsPen.*

(EowynsPen: Oh, it's on! As soon as this chapter is finished, we're gonna have a poking war, L!)

6. *smiles happily* Thank you for the cake!

7. *Looks sadly at empty table*

8. *smiles again* Thank you!

9. (EowynsPen: *sigh* Hold on. *picks up phone, dials numbers*)

Light: *picks up phone* Hello?

(EowynsPen: Hey. Hold on, L needs to talk to you.)

Light: Is this another fan thing?

(EowynsPen: Yeah. Here he is. *gives phone to L*)

Hello, Light-kun. AnimeFallingStar, aka Rina, asked me to give you her love.

Light: Okay then. Tell her thanks.

*holds finger over speaker* Light wishes to thank you.

Light: Anything else?

Yes, she wanted me to hug you.

Light: Should we meet at the same place as last time?

That sounds good.

(EowynsPen: Okay, L. Let's steal the car; fortunately my parents are off somewhere… at a baseball game I think… funny, they don't even like baseball. *drives to the place*)

Light: Hi.

(EowynsPen: You got here fast.)

Light: *shrugs* I'm Kira. I got a good plane ticket.

*L hugs Light*

(EowynsPen: *snaps a picture* Okay, we're good. *drives L home* Happy, Rina-chan?)



OMG…Did I just…I didn't…Oh my gosh…

Anyway. Woah. I forgot to give questions in this chapter. Oh well. Hehehe. ^^


1)Can you sing me a song? ^w^

2)I kind of lost interest in yaoi..-le gasp- are you happy? One less fan to go around thinking everything you do in the anime must have some secret meaning to it. =^^=

3)What was your life like at Whammy's?

4)Any other people you were close with aside from Mello, Matt and Near at Whammy's?

5)What would you do if someone dumped a bucket of cold water on you and yelled "OMG. YOU'RE WET!"

6)What are your fears?

7)If you were any mythical creature…what would you be?

8)If you could be a president in some country..what would be your decrees?

9)If you were abducted by aliens…what would you do and say?

10)If you were born as a girl, which I'm not saying you were, what do you think your name would be?

11)In relation to the above question, how would you have acted around Light?

12)Would you be prone to wear make up? (I have a feeling you're going to say you'd wear eye liner)

13)How would you handle your first.. uhm… you know..that time of the month?

14)Why do you hold things like they were germ-filled skunks dipped in fleas and a bag full of pee?...What? I know that question sounds weird..

15)I just reached 15 questions…Awesome. Hope you and EowynsPen didn't have a cramp answering them all. ^^

Bye bye. *gives confectioneries* Love you guys. ^^

Dear HikariNoSage,

1. If you wish. *Starts singing "I'm A Little Teacup."

2. You may have interest in whatever you wish, although I occasionally do find myself exasperated with yaoi fangirls when they pertain to me.

3. I rarely found myself at Whammy's. It was created by Watari to groom my successors.

4. I was always close to Watari, and to some extent A and B, as my first copies, of course.

5. I would be wet, and calmly ask them why they had done such a thing.

6. I fear the triumph of evil over good, and constantly fight against such an occurrence.

(EowynsPen: You're such an adorable little justice, aren't you?)

7. I would be a wizard, so as to have another tool to aid in distributing justice.


8. I would work to fight crime and reduce hunger. I would not like to be a president, though, as then far too many people are allowed to go nosing into your private life.

9. I would study them and speak only when necessary to avoid antagonizing a possibly hostile foreign race.

10. L.

(EowynsPen: Or Elle! *giggles*)

11. I would have acted the same as always, except perhaps during the hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, during which I could experience mood swings that would cause me to be happier or grumpier than usual.

(EowynsPen: *whimpers – does not like period mood swings. Or cramps.*)

12. No. I see no need.

13. I would research the subject in order to properly deal with it using the proper tools.


14. I handle everything as if it were evidence, because it might turn out to be evidence, and one must wish to contaminate evidence as little as possible.

15. I have not gotten any cramps, though I thank you for your concern.

(EowynsPen: Nah, I like typing!)


(EowynsPen: I'm loved too? YAY!)


Hello L-kun...if you so wish to currently be called that, I am aware you have many aliases, but I'm not sure which one you are using at the moment...

1) Since you disagreed with Kira's ideals and ambitions, then what is true justice in your eyes? (Not that there is true justice, everyone has there own opinion on what justice really is, therefore we cannot see that, which is righteous judgment.)

2)If you found a death note, what would you do?(more so, before you even knew about kira)

3)What did you think of working with the other members of Kira Task Force? Slow? A nuisance? Inspiring?(excluding Light Yagami)

4)Is it hard for you to be around people, since there aren't many with your intellect?

That's all, but with more answers sometimes comes more questions, no?*small smile*


um...*hugs* thank you, I shall take my leave now...

Dear thesimplethingsinlife,

Yes, in this story I use the name of L, for convenience.

(EowynsPen: You have an AWESOME penname!)

1. True justice depends on the circumstances. As a basic rule of thumb, however, I believe that true justice is everyone getting exactly what they deserve.

2. At first I would consider both the possibilities: that it is a prank, and that it is real. Then I would examine it closely for any scientific proof that it may be real. Then, I admit, I would test it once to see if it was, indeed, real. Then, finding that it was, I would destroy it. No human being should have that sort of power.

3. The Kira Task force were a dedicated and hardworking group of individuals. I am very grateful for each and every one of their contributions.

4. Yes.

(EowynsPen: You cocky bastard.)

Yes, indeed – answers beget questions as questions beget answers.

*hugs back* You are quite welcome.


'ello! time of Qs!

1. when was the last time you were angry?

2. how fast do you type? (in WPM)

3. when was the last time you laugh?

4. do you think of death while working on the Kira Investigation?

5. can you roll your R's like in the spanish word: perro?

6. was it hard tying a cherry stem in your mouth? or was it very simple to you?

7. to EowynsPen: do you sometimes torture L? in like a good way or bad way?

8. when was the last time you smile? not the one in episode 6, btw.

9. do you have abs? (inner me: pervertyness)

10. how long does it take you to solve cases?

11. what is the BEST sweets/desserts of all time in your opinion? mine is cookies :)

12. did you already know that Mello died by the power of the Death Note?

13. is 13 a bad number?

Dear xXkhang91Xx,

1. Two weeks ago when my orders were not carried out and the criminal I was chasing slipped away. I had to catch him a day later than I had anticipated.

2. I have never checked. *Checks* I type at roughly 100 words per minute.

3. Yes, I did occasionally ponder death while working on the Kira Investigation.

4. Yes.

(EowynsPen: If you can't roll your r's, just say 'pot of tea' over and over again super fast, and soon you'll be saying 'para ti' with a rolled r!)

6. It was difficult at first, but now it is very easy.

(EowynsPen: …)

7. Yes, she does.

(EowynsPen: Yes, I do. ^-^ Good ways though, although once a reviewer forced me to torture him the bad way, with asparagus.)

8. About an hour and a half ago while having a conversation with EowynsPen.

(EowynsPen: He smiles with his friends. He just knows how to separate work and business.)

9. Yes. All human beings have abdominal muscles.

(EowynsPen: She means abs visible to the naked eye.)

Oh, I see.

(EowynsPen: … *tackles and lifts up L's shirt* He DOES!)

It's the martial arts training. Kindly remove my shirt, please.

(EowynsPen: … *pulls shirt back down*)

10. It depends upon the case.

11. Cake.

(EowynsPen: LEMON SQUARES! ^-^)

12. Mello-

(EowynsPen: *interrupts* Mello is not dead.)

13. No.

(EowynsPen: *lectures on the history of the number 13 and it's reputed "ill-luck")


My first is in apple and oak but not tree: a

My second is that with which we can see: i

My third is in danger and daring, and yet

Is not in repentance or even regret: d

My last and final is always first: I dont know. xDD I think I might be wrong on one of these though. Its a really good riddle though. xDD

This secret you know now is my worst

Dear xXForgottenxXxPrincessXx,

(EowynsPen: This review was left yesterday for chapter 5!)

Congratulations for nearly solving the riddle. Thank you, although to tell the truth, I was forced to simplify it when EowynsPen, who even knew the answer, complained that it was too hard.

(EowynsPen: It was! And the last letter is 'a'.)



I guess a lot of people had already solved the riddle, but since I just started reading this today, I decided to give it a whirl.

My condolences L, I must hurt to have someone you care for die. D:

Dear xXForgottenxXxPrincessXx,

(EowynsPen: This review was left yesterday for chapter 6)

Thank you. I appreciate it very much.


Finally, I an start asking MY questions.

But first, I must say that Case Closed gets really dramatic in the movies and at several points, my friend and I were shouting, "Watch out Conan!" Or "No Rachel!" and "Dr. AGASA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

-coughcough- Anyway... another just random thought here, my friend asked me what I would do if L ever rejected my 'love' for lack of a better word. I told her I would make that Mikami face when Light said he didn't know, seriously, I think I would. xDDD

And then if L accepted me, I would make that face that Light makes before he says to Near, "Yes, I am -coughretarededcough- Kira. Are you going to kill me?" and he has that strange look on his face and that smile...Or Near's smile. xDD Its funny.

Okay, onto questioning.

1) There's an evil monkey that lives with you in the closet. What now? D: -dramatic gasp-

2) I played this flash game and I ate your house made of candy. How do you think you reacted?

3) This one is for EowynsPen: Can you give Light this cloth and ask him if it smells like chloroform? -innocent smile-

4) This is not a question. :o

5) I know the secret of why L is still alive: He got tired of Light being such a dick and left to a different anime. Its true! Unfortunately, Chief Yagami, Light, and Misa went with him. -depressed sigh- I can tell you what I mean if you would like to know. :D

6) I agree with you that B is slightly creepy, but what's your real reason with disliking him? Did he do innapropriate things to you while you slept? -le gasp!-

7) I read this riddle once in a magazine that I found...but I can't remember it so -gives a party hat- Sorry, we're a little low on sweets. Its sad...

8) Why don't many people like Near? Its sad...I know he's a little self-centered and all that and not very interactive, but I bet if people watched the L:Change the World, they would feel different. I like the reasoning behind Near's name. You're words made me cry. And trust me, I don't cry easily. My friend was surprised when I started muttering. "Don'tdieL, I luffles you!" and then burst into tears. ;~;

9) This one is again for EowynsPen (whose name I can't spell right without reference. Why did you pick such a hard name to spell? xDDD) Why don't you like the person who played L? They could have picked someone else. Like I heard from someone who heard from someone else who got it from the internet that for the american death note live action they were going to make it Zac Efron. And by all that is holy, I hope that that is a false rumor. That...that would make me cry. Worse then if they picked the guy who places stupid Edward. Sorry if you like Edward and all, he can stick it in his juice box and suck it. There, I used Mormon cussing. xDD

10) Have you ever told your Mormon friend Jesus was really black? Did she scream at you in response? Hahah.

11) Watari is awesome.

12) If I was going to play a game of lazer tag, I would call Watari for my team. And Matsuda.

13) Which reminds me...Have you ever read the Death Note: The Abridged Series? Its a riot, btw. I even cried when you died in that. BUT YOU AREN'T DEAD! D: I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!

-_-Sorry, I will try not to shout anymore.

14) I hate asparagus, juice from or not. I feel very sorry that L had to taste it. -pukes a little-

15) Even though Mastu was kinda an idiot, didn't you feel proud of him at the end for stopping Light from writing down Near's name? I mean, does he have a kick-ass timing or what? Mastuda was my favorite because he was the comedy relief.

16) I hope I am keeping you entertained. Is the closet stuffy?

17) Oh, when you ask Light if the rag smells like chloroform, write a bunch of stuff on his face. Because that is funny, and it makes me happy.

18) Would you ever shock Mastuda with something if he said something really stupid? Like, called you Stephen Hawking?

19) You should watch Case Closed. Even though the art ad stuff is kinda odd, its really cool. And the fanfic crossover's with DN and Cased Closed are really cool. Well, some of them.

20) Can I reccemend a song to you? Its a pretty cool song. Its called Burn the Night Away by There for Tomorrow. Its a pretty awesome song.

21) Has someone ever mistaken you for goth or emo, or thought the dark circles under your eyes was eyeliner?

22) I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Misa is intelligent. A read a manga once about this girl who was pretending to be stupid as her pokerface.

23) Which brings me to my next question: If Light had acted like a complete retard when he met you, would you have still thought he was Kira, or would you have lost suspicion? Especially if he had faked an accident where everyone thought he got brain damage in the process?

24) what did you think of Rem when you first met her?

25) I used to like Light...up until he was like, I will be GOD of this new world! Then I was like, screw this shizz, L is better then you.

26) I had a dream once where I was the very first ever Kira and my brother killed himself with the death note using it for a college paper or something. And then I got arrested for something, I think I a store or something, then I was confined for a different reason and I was being questioned about Kira and then suddenly, Light was telling Near, my friend who randomly popped up, and me to jump out of a plane. xDD Does that dream creep you out?

27) What are your thoughts on Hitler?

28) Can I be your bestest friend? :D

29) Oh yeah, my computer mouse is having difficulies. It keeps clicking twice unless I click violently. Do you have any ideas on how to fix that? D:

30) Have you ever watched Nip Tuck? There was this lady who said, "I'm tired of putting people to sleep!" And my friend was like, "No pun intended :D"

31) My whole family thinks I'm going to be a serial killer. If I do, I want you to know L, that I'm still your friend. Even if you end up being the one to catch me. I would be honored.

Anywho, its like 2:30 am and even though I have insomnia, I must try to get some sleep.

And btw L, you are brilliant. Just don't get a swelled head. It might mean a tumor.

And EowynsPen, if anyone gives you shit about this fic, ignore them! They just want L in their closet like I do. xDDD

Have a wonderful [insert whenever you read/start reading this]. Cake and jam and...chocolate to everyone.

And here's a riddle to...erm, confuse you or something. xDD

Which of the following statements is true?

1. Only one of these statements is true.

2. Only two of these statements are true.

3. Only three of these statements are true.

4. Only four of these statements are true.

5. Only five of these statements are true.

6. Only six of these statements are true.

Dear xXForgottenxXxPrincessXx,

(EowynsPen: This review was left at 3 this morning for the most recent chapter)

I have never seen the Case Closed movies.

(EowynsPen: I've read the first hundred manga chapters and watched the first two movies! I really liked them!)

1. In the event that an evil monkey was sharing the closet with me, I would request that EowynsPen find other accommodations for either it or me.

2. I don't know. I don't know how the makers of the flash-game programmed my personality.

3. (EowynsPen: *grumble grumble* I'm billing you for the gas and long-distance phone call. *calls Light*)

Light: Hello?

(EowynsPen: I'm sick of driving to meet you. Come to my house. *hangs up*)

Light: Is this another fan thi… oh, you hung up. *hangs up and drives to EowynsPen's house*

(EowynsPen: Does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?)

Light: Ha-ha. How dumb do you think I am?

(EowynsPen: This is the top student in Japan, people. He's not falling for old tricks. *shoves cloth under Light's nose* However, I'm faster than he is. *Light passes out*.)

4. No, it is not.

5. What an interesting theory.

(EowynsPen: Nice theory. In reality, though, Q owed a favor and saving the lives of L, Light, Misa, Matt, Mikami, Mello, Beyond Birthday, Soichiro Yagami, etc. was how he repayed it. Naomi Misora's still dead, though.)

6. I do not particularly like or dislike him. He is a murderer and so it is my duty to hunt him down and put him to justice.

7. Thank you for the party hat.

8. I don't know why people dislike Near.

(EowynsPen: Because he's a sheep. Oh, and *gives long, angry lecture on inaccuracies and general awfulness and non-manga-plot of the movies.* Also, the producers admitted that they're going off on a hook with L Change the World, and the authors said that Near was not a Thai child at all. Yes, his name is cute in the movie, but it's not actually Near.

9. (EowynsPen: Read the Lord of the Rings, and you will have no trouble spelling my penname. And I dislike the person who played L because he did not look, sit, act, or eat like L. And ZOMG I am SO excited about Warner Bros making a new Death Note movie! Did you know, it's going to adhere to the manga plot? It's like a movie of the first three manga volumes! *squeal!* And NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have not heard that but if they are stupid enough to make ZEfron L then I will cry. He's NOTHING like L! And why the frickin' enchiladas would they pick Robert Pattinson? Ew. He wasn't even good as Cedric Diggory. And HAIR GEL ALERT!)

10. No, I have not.

(EowynsPen: *starts singing* I love my Mormon boy, he is my pride and joy…)

11. Yes, he is.

(EowynsPen: I want him to be my grandpa.)

12. I can understand that.


13. I have not.

(EowynsPen: *dies* I watched it on YouTube. LOL. And no, L isn't dead.)

14. Thank you for your sympathy.

(EowynsPen: I dislike it as well.)

15. I was very proud of him.

(EowynsPen: I love Matsuda.)

16. Yes, you are keeping me entertained. An no, it is quite roomy, and there is a large enough crack under the door for sufficient air to get through.

17. If you insist. *writes "KIRA" on Light's forehead.*

18. Matsuda knows that I am not Stephen Hawking. And no, causing injury to one of my associates is needless, inhumane, and counterproductive.

19. I doubt I will have time.

(EowynsPen: I've read a lot of it!)

20. I shall have to listen to it.

21. Not that I am aware of.

22. Those who make assumptions about intelligence based on appearance clearly know little about the mind.

23. There is never 0 suspicion. Light had always been in a perfect position to be Kira; faking mental illness would be suspected of someone who wished not to get caught, so my suspicion would not have been lowered. However, I doubt that Light would have done such a thing, as it is counterproductive to his overall plan.

24. I thought that she was completely inhuman.

(EowynsPen: How accurate.)

25. Many sociopaths are, indeed, very normal and likeable when they are not committing the deeds for which justice and society condemn them.

(EowynsPen: Remember when he gave up the Death Note and forgot he was Kira, and worked alongside L? He was wonderful!)

26. No, it does not. What an interesting dream.

27. He was an imperialist dictator.

28. Perhaps once we get to know each other quite a deal more. For now, I must say that I do not know you well enough.

29. Have you checked for a twisted wire? Try going to your nearest computer technician for hands-on service.

(EowynsPen: You sound like a commercial. Anywhoo – go to GEEKSQUAD!)

30. No, I have not.

31. I appreciate the sentiment.

(EowynsPen: My friends and family think the same thing, but I haven't so far, so everything's good. What matters is what you actually do, not what people think.)

Thank you.

(EowynsPen: *sarcastically* L? Get a swelled head? Perish the thought!

And thank you! Some people have been complaining about it.)

Hm, a riddle. Well, the answer is –

(EowynsPen: No, L! I wanna try it this time! Okay… *studies riddle* It's the first statement, because each of the statements make all of the others untrue, meaning that only one of the statements can be true, and that is that one because it states that.

P.S. Thanks for the reviews, story alert, favorite story, author alert, and favorite author! I'm honored!)

Well, I thank you all for reading this chapter. I'll try to update more often from now on, but I don't know how much longer this fic will last. I love you all!