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Chapter 1: My Dull Life

I was unwanted at school by most of the student population and I knew that. I had always known that. Ever since I started middle school that is. Ever since then, everyone teased me and made fun of me. There are only those few who are nice enough to befriend me. I know that I'm ugly with my pimples, frizzy, dull hair, chubby cheeks, thick glasses, short, stubby nails, flat chest, and big thighs. I wasn't fat or anything, I was just chubby...... I never knew being chubby was a bad thing. I was also terribly shy. It was the way I was born. I have a phobia of speaking out loud. I was one of the most unbeautifully unwanted people in the school. Still, I have some really good friends.

There is a guy I have a crush on though. He didn't flinch when I touched him, and he spoke really nicely to me. He treated me like I was a normal person. He always made sure to talk to me every once in a while when we saw each other in the halls during passing period. Sometimes, he would just smile and lift his hand in a silent wave. I appreciated the effort he put into making me feel like I existed. Thank you for that.... Seriously.

My life at home is a good one. I have a pretty strict dad, but I know that he's only strict because he wants me to have the best life. I don't hate him when he tries to put pressure on me. I know it's just for my benefit. My mom is also really nice and she makes sure that I am happy. She doesn't like spoiling me or anything. I don't like being spoiled either. I also have a cousin. He doesn't live with us or anything, but he's a good cousin. Even though he acts like an icebox. One really weird thing is that I am rich. I look like I can't afford a proper sweatshirt but my family is loaded.

My biggest wish is to one day become a butterfly. One day, I'd like to soar over everyone and become noticeable and beautiful. When I grow up, I want to be someone famous. Either for design, singing, acting, or anything else like that, I'd like to be something in the world. Someone everyone would know. So far, I'm very far away from achieving that dream. Still..... I work towards it....

My name?


Hinata Hyuuga.