Author's Note

This story is based off of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto, the respected and rightful author and artist of the series Naruto.I do not claim ownership to any of the characters mentioned in this story and I do not claim ownership of this series. The characters and setting belong to Masashi Kishimoto and Shonen Jump publishing.

Story Inspired by: Hinatagirl410, a great singer and great amv poster on YouTube.

Action inspired by: Gears of War 2 and the Dark Knight.

Romance inspired by: Hinatagirl410, her NaruHina amvs gave me the inspiration.

The villains inspired by: Slipknot, one of the most metal bands on earth! The Joker and Two-Face from the Dark Knight. The Locust Queen from Gears 2.

Beauty and the Kyubi: A NaruHina Fan fiction

By Alec Perdeau

Chapter One

It was late at night when the servants and maids of the Hyuga household heard the eldest daughter of Lord Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata Hyuga, crying. She had never cried this hard before, not even as hard as she did as a child. Hiashi and his servants rushed to her bedroom to see what was bothering her.

"Hinata, what is the cause of this!?" Hiashi asked with deep concern in his voice.

"Nothing, father." Hinata answered in between her sobs. "I just had a very bad dream, that's all."

"Please, don't startle the house like this again." Hiashi said in relief. "I thought that something terrible had happened."

Something terrible did happen and the bad dream which Hinata spoke about had very much become a reality. The boy of her dreams, Naruto Uzumaki, whom she had so long admired, had left the village of Konohagakure to train with one of the great sanin, Jiraiya, after failing a mission to rescue his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. Hinata never got the chance to tell him how she felt about him and she could possibly never get the chance now that he was gone and facing unknown perils.

"I'll be fine. I'm sorry for startling everyone." Hinata said with a fake smile.

"Good. Sleep well daughter." Hiashi said as he stroked Hinata's head. Everyone left after the incident and went to sleep. Hinata silently sobbed herself to sleep dreaming of assassins in black robes and crossed out head bands attacking her crush.

The next morning, Hinata left to train on her own in the woods when she saw another girl also training. A girl the same age as Hinata with pink hair, Sakura Haruno. She was a former teammate of Naruto's and had also been taken under wing by one of the great sanin, Tsunade. She appeared to be practicing heavy cardio. Hinata knew Sakurafairly well; she was a determined girl and perhaps could give her some words of advice in Naruto's absence.

"Sakura, do you have a minute?" Hinata asked quietly.

"Oh, hello Hinata. I didn't notice you." Sakura said while catching her breath.

"I wanted to ask you something." Hinata said. "About Naruto, do you think he'll be alright on his own?"

"Naruto isn't alone. He has Lord Jiraiya with him and he is going to come back stronger than ever." Sakura said with a smile.

"You have faith in that?" Hinata asked. "You aren't worried something could happen?"

"No, not at all." Sakura answered. "Naruto went through a tough loss when he and the platoon lead by Shikimaru failed to bring back Sasuke. But that is just even more motivation to train harder. I believe that he'll come back ready to take back Sasuke and fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage. If he knew that I was worrying about him instead of focusing on my own training, he would never forgive me. He would want you and me to have confidence in him."

Hinata felt a deep movement in her heart. Like a hurricane and started inside her. She found the faith that Sakura spoke of and made a new resolve.

"Thank you Sakura." Hinata said strongly with a smile. "I can feel it now. From this day forward, I'll work hard to be as strong as Naruto when he returns."

Hinata went deeper into the woods to work on rotation and katas. She had the resolve to be strong and stand by Naruto when he returned. Then she would be ready to tell him how she felt.

Far off in the Land of Fire, Naruto sat meditating when suddenly he felt a vibe in his core. Like a plea from a distant spirit. He didn't know why, but the voice of Hinata Hyuga rang in his head when he felt it.

"Hey, pervy sage!" Naruto called out to his mentor. "This exercise your teaching me, is it supposed to make you feel things from a distance?"

"First of all, from now on you are to call me master. And second, I don't know what you're talking about." Jiraiya answered as he lost his focus.

"I just felt something come at me like a voice from a thousand miles away." Naruto said while looking behind his back to see if maybe there really was someone far away calling.

"Perhaps the gods are trying to tell you something." Jiraiya said. "Part of being a sage is to listen to the spirits and their wisdom."

"What could they be trying to tell me by making me hear the voice of a girl?" Naruto asked.

"Maybe their telling you to grow up and get yourself a girlfriend!" Jiraiya said feeling humorous.

"Yeah, and maybe their telling you to stop being such a pervert!" Naruto shouted back feeling insulted. "But now that you mention it, I would like to know what it feels like to have a girl care about you."

"Don't bother." Jiraiya said. "Women are trouble."

"Yeah, then why are you always chasing after them?" Naruto said.

"I've told you before, it's all necessary for my research. I can't write my next bestselling novel if I don't have inspiration." Jiraiya said with a smirk.

"Ah, keeping telling people that and soon enough the authorities are going to catch you and make you do time." Naruto said as he resumed his focus. Naruto couldn't help but feel that this voice meant something to him. Perhaps maybe, someone very special was about to come into his life. But until then, he had to focus on getting stronger.

Chapter two

Two and a half years passed since Naruto left Kohnohagakure and the village was as lively as ever. At one of the village's natural waterfalls, a beautiful young girl was washing herself after a hard day's work. She removed her clothing and armor till only her underclothing remained. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt the refreshing cascade poor down her head. Suddenly a young man about fifteen years old followed by a dog came upon the beauty while she was bathing. The young man had lustful thoughts as he looked at the girl; he smirked as his imagination ran wild. He then stopped thinking of perverted things and began to speak.

"Your done for the day already Hinata?" The young man said. Hinata spun around and wrapped her arms around her chest to hide her breasts.

"Kiba! You pervert! Don't sneak up on me when I'm half naked!" Hinata shouted in anger.

Hinata had grown into a beautiful young woman. She now had long flowing black hair, hair that her father said was identical to her mother's, and a fit physique. Her body was slender and petit, like a little angel. Her voice now had a wonderful tone to it now that made people wish she would sing to them instead of in private. Hinata was by far the beauty of Kohnoha and the princess of the Hyuga clan.

"Sorry, I thought we close enough friends that you wouldn't mind me coming to you when ever." Kiba said with a laugh.

"No! I know what's been going through you and Shino's mind for the last two and a half years!" Hinata said as she went to get her towel by the rocks. "You two can't control your hormones and I'm the one who you can look at for eye candy!"

"Well, I thought that you might be interested in the latest gossip in the village." Kiba said. "They say that Naruto has finally returned to Kohnoha."

Hinata's eyes grew wide and she blushed with embarrassment. Not because she still had her crush on Naruto but because after all this time, it seemed as though her teammates were becoming more aware of it. She didn't want Naruto to know until she told him; she didn't want a rumor to spoil it all. She immediately began to get dressed and ran off with all her equipment, towel, and shoes.

"Why do you always get like that people mention Naruto? And why are you in such a hurry?" Kiba asked as he watched Hinata run off.

"I just remembered something I need to take care of." Hinata said as she struggled to get her armor back on. When she dashed off barefoot, not caring about anything she might step on. As she ran thru the village, she narrowly dodged travelers and other civilians who were doing business. She soon began jumping up into the air to more quickly avoid people. Hinata then took her time in the mid-air to try to put her sandals back on but found it most difficult.

"Damn it! I'm never going to make it in time to get home get out all that stuff that I had saved to wear for when Naruto came back!" Hinata thought to herself. When she finally strapped her right sandal on, she realized she was only a few feet away from the ground. She flipped herself upside down and landed in a hand stand and immediately got back onto her feet and ran. Hinata approached her home and saw her sister Hannabi walking out.

"Hinata, where are you going in such a hurry?" Hannabi asked watching her sister storm into their home without even taking her shoes off. Hannabi was now a Gennin, and working to become a Chunin like her sister. Though, she was more concerned about Hinata becoming a Jonin. Even though Hanabi had long ago been chosen to be the heir to the clan, she considered her sister to be more fitting to lead.

"Sorry! I don't have time to answer!" Hinata said as she swiftly turned the corner and headed for her room when a maid stopped her.

"Hinata-dono, you shouldn't be running thru the house like this!" The maid said. "And what do you think you're doing running thru the house with your dirty shoes on!?"

"I am so sorry!" Hinata said as she maneuvered around the maid and rushed down the hall towards her room. She took no time to look around when suddenly a servant carrying a huge box swung it out the side door and hit Hinata on the head! Hinata fell on the floor squirming in pain. She blacked out and felt some one pick her up. She was out cold.

Chapter Three

Hinata woke up. Everything was dark, her head still hurt from the blow. She looked out her window and saw that it was night time. She would never find Naruto now, if he was back in the village. She saw her bedroom door open and her father walked in.

"Hinata, why were you in such a hurry today? Your sister and everyone in the house were worried about you." Hiashi said.

"I'm sorry father." Hinata said as she struggled to lift herself up. "I can't remember after taking that hit to the head."

"I don't want you to do anything harmful to yourself." Hiashi said. "Your still, and always will be, my little girl. Your safety and happiness are my first priorities."

"I know, but I want to be more independent now. I am sixteen now, and I am no longer an apprentice shinobi." Hinata answered her father. She wanted the freedom to be on her own so she could pursue her crush, and maybe fall in love.

"I understand but just remember what you mean to me and everyone else." Hiashi said. "I don't want to lose you like I lost your mother,"

"You won't." Hinata said with a smile. She always found a way to smile whenever her father mentioned her mother. Even though she had only faint memories of her, Hinata always felt that her mother was there for her.

"Please, get some rest so that you're not weak tomorrow." Hiashi said with a sentimental look in his eye. His daughter reminded him so much of his deceased love. Hinata went back to bed and her father shut the door. Hinata slowly and quietly began to cry. She could have potentially lost Naruto again. He could leave again and never know her feelings.

"Please, all the gods that reside in heaven, and mother, give me chance to let Naruto know how I feel." Hinata prayed. "I don't want to lose him again. When I think of him now, I see endless possibilities. He might have grown up now; he could be even more than what I saw in him when I was young. And just maybe, he will see me the same way. Mother, please confront the gods in heaven and let them know my plea."

Hinata fell asleep, dreaming of Naruto again. But this time it was a pleasant dream.

Hinata woke up the next morning and getting dressed and eating, she immediately set out for her sensi Kurenai's house. Hinata knocked at Kurenai's front door and waited for her to answer. Kurenai answered and though she couldn't express it do to morning drowsiness; she was surprised to see Hinata seeing her so early.

"Hinata, why are you here so early in the morning? Is this about training or is it something else?" Kurenai asked while rubbing her eyes.

"It's something else, something personal to me." Hinata answered shyly as usual.

"Well come in and we'll discuss it over tea." Kureni said as she let Hinata in.

"God, I hope one of those horny little pricks in the squad didn't knock her up and she needs help coping with it." Kurenai thought to herself. "I'll kill them if they did. Hinata has always been the sweet one and if they talked her into bed I'll never forgive them."

Kureni brewed tea and she and Hinata sat in the living room to talk.

"So what is it that you want to talk about?" Kurenai asked as she put her cup of tea down on her living room coffee table.

"Let me think of a way to describe this." Hinata said as her face got red with embarrassment. "Well, you know how you sort of had a crush on Asuma before you started talking to him?"

"This isn't something Kiba and Shino put you up to is it?" Kurenai asked feeling her privacy insulted.

"No! It's nothing like that!" Hinata said as her face got redder with embarrassment. "It's just that there is someone special I want to talk to and let him know how I feel without going to fast or embarrassing myself. I wanted to know how you confronted Asuma."

"Kurenai couldn't believe what she was hearing. She laughed a bit before answering Hinata.

"Hinata, I feel like a mom right now, I'm sorry for laughing." Kurenai said. "But from my experience, take it slow and just be you. If he hasn't noticed you yet, you should make the first move. Also, don't introduce him to your family until you have gotten to know him well. Trust me; the earlier your dad meets him, the easier it is for him to scare your date off because you can't defend him. My dad did that with all my boyfriends."

"Thanks but what if I freak out?" Hinata answered. "Every time I get close to him, I either faint or I can't say what I want to say."

"Then gather up all your courage and determination to speak to him." Kurenai said sternly. She couldn't stand back and let Hinata lose her chance at romance. Hinata was strong, she just didn't realize it. She could easily win this man if she tried. She wanted Hinata to earn this. Just like a mother would for her daughter. "Don't let fear stop you from doing anything. And I mean anything. Whether it's becoming a Chunin or telling a boy how you feel, don't let fear bring you down."

"Thank you." Hinata said. She was shocked to see how emotional Kurenai got over her question. "I feel more confident now. I'm going to go see him."

"That's wonderful but we have a mission today from the Land of Rice and we won't be getting back to the village for a week." Kurenai said as she finished her tea. "Your love life is going to have to wait."

"But-!" Hinata stuttered.

"Another thing too, Hinata," Kurenai said. "True love waits. So this boy can wait."

Hinata couldn't believe what she was hearing. Kurenai had set her up to go out and bleed her heart out to Naruto then she told her she had to first go on a mission that would take a week long to finish and she could risk losing Naruto again! Hinata felt incredibly frustrated.

"Alright, I can wait. But let's hurry." Hinata said. "I don't want to lose this person."

Hinata got her shoes and ran to get ready and to tell Kiba and Shino to hurry. She had to get home as possible so she could find Naruto.

"Oh dear, I set her off." Kurenai thought to herself. "Well, I guess my mother did the same thing to me every time I found a new boy. I would always chase after him until I finally caught up with him and my dad would make him run off like a frightened animal. Hopefully Hinata found the right one at first sight and won't have to wait till my age to know he's the right one."

Chapter Four

It was a quiet day in the Village Hidden Under The Stones, the people were busy attending their business and their ninja were coming in and out of missions. That day there was a huge carriage of the village's treasury deposits coming into the village maximum security bank. Ninja guarded every corner of the carriage with their lives. They wouldn't let the hard earned money of their home be taken. Little did they know that their greatest threat came from underneath.

"This is ridiculous." One man underground said as he coughed out the dust from the tunnel being dug by one of his colleges. "That Nazo guy must be as crazy as everyone says he is."

"I can't believe he thinks he can keep everything we steal for him. What does he think we are? Ninjas who just taking cheap pay from dirty jobs handed to them by control freak villages like this one?" A second man said as he wrapped his face in cloth and a turban to shield his appearance and block out the tunnel dust.

"No, but I hear he pays much better than anyone else. They he is threat number two in the bingo book right next to the Akatsuki." The man digging the tunnel said. "He did give us these prototype weapons and promise a decent share of the cash we're about to steal."

"The guy's name suits him." A fourth man said.

"What do you mean?" A fifth man asked.

"His name means mystery. They say he wears a leather mask with dread locks hanging off it with stitches everywhere on it and some weird looking monocle eye in the right eye socket. He wears it for disguise, protection during experiments and to scare people. Like a fright mask." The fourth answered.

The third man finished drilling and set up some crates with explosives up where he was standing and got back.

"This is gonna be big." The man said as he and his colleges put on their mask and turbans. "Get away from the blast radius and get ready to raid the carriage when we go up to the surface."

Suddenly a rumble shook the earth below the Stone shinobi. All of them took got to the rear of the carriage to protect it as a crater appeared in front of them.

"It must be some sort of earth style technique." One ninja said as he prepared a kunai knife. "Everyone be on guard!"

Suddenly, a small round ball flew out of the ground and landed at the feet of the ninjas. Then a voice from underneath shouted out, "Frag out!" And the ball exploded into a million pieces and all the people in front of it had their limbs and heads blown off by the blast. Men began to climb out of the hole as more ninjas ran to the scene. One ninja ran towards one of the invaders wearing turbans and masks with the intent to avenge his fallen comrades when suddenly the invader drew a strange weapon on him. It had a miniaturized barrel on it with a handle shaped to be pointed and absorb a blast. The ninja began to ponder on what it could be when the invader pulled a small lever on the weapon and a loud bang escaped the barrel and smoke drifted out. The ninja couldn't tell or see what had happened when suddenly he felt something hit his chest with such extreme force that it pierced his armor and stuck his chest. The Ninja hollered in pain as he felt something dig into his chest cavity.

"Kisuke, What's wrong!?" The ninja's comrade called out as he ran to his aid.

"Dan, run away!" Kisuke shouted as he fell squirming on the ground. "It's lodged in my chest! If you get hit it will lodge into your flesh too!"

But it was too late; Dan was shot by another one of the invaders but with a bigger version of the first's weapon which had a longer barrel. Dan had been shot thru the heart and fell to his death.

"Dan, no!" A third ninja shouted as he performed a series of hand signs. "Earth style: Stone wall technique!"

The remaining ninja took cover behind the wall as they planned a strategy for attack against the unknown adversary. As the ninja talked amongst each other, another "frag" weapon was thrown behind the wall. The ninja ran away as the frag exploded and blew down the wall. When the dust cleared, a much larger adversary appeared and carried a huge weapon with eight barrels wrapped around a metal center which made a circular pattern with the weapon's eight barrels.

"Time to grind flesh." The brute said as he began to spin the lever on the weapon which resembled the lever on a meat grinder. Suddenly, the barrels began to spin and hot sparks flew off them as pellets too fast for the naked eye to see flew out of the barrels and ripped thru the armor and flesh of the remaining Ninja and tore open the carriage as it spilled out tens of millions of Stone ryo.

"That was easy." One invader said as he went to pick up some the money when suddenly he heard someone dragging their self away from the scene.

"I have to go warn the others." Kisuke said as he struggled to his feet and ran away while holding his wound.

"Running away won't save you! I'll just shoot you in your ass!" The invader carrying the smaller weapon said as he fired directly at Kisuke's head. However, the flying pellets didn't directly hit Kisuke. Instead they hit the sides of his head and some missed completely.

"Wait a minute, why isn't this thing hitting the target?" One invader said as took the small weapon from his comrade's hand. This invader by far had the thickest turban and mask on. He fired the weapon at a nearby flower pot up on a window still and merely scrapped the side of it.

"Some genius that Nazo guy is." The owner of the small weapon said. "These fire arms can't even hit distant targets accurately! What a fraud!"

"Well let's just see how it does close range!" The invader holding the small fire arm said as he pointed it at his comrade's head and shot him between the eyes.

The other invader watched in terror as their comrade fell dead to the ground. The murder removed his mask and turban to reveal his face. But beneath the mask was another mask; he was wearing a leather mask with dread locks, stitches, and pinnacle manacle eye in the right socket. Nazo had been with the group the entire time! He was a rather short man and physically didn't look like the toughest individual but appeared to be lethal and dangerous. His very presence filled the air with fear and his mask was very intimidating. His left eye was very brown in color and the mouth portion of his mask covered even his lips. He was a regular freak.

"Any more comments on what I put my blood, sweat, and tears into!?" Nazo said glaring at the remaining men. "I got plenty of surprises up my sleeve for all of you!"

His men remained silent and shuck their heads no.

"Good. Now load up the cash and get back in the hole." Nazo said as he began filling out a scroll with characters to seal all of the stolen money. "We can worry about the little worm that got away later. Right now let's just take the dough and scram. The Stone village is going to sending reinforcements soon."

The mercenaries loaded the money onto the scroll and Nazo, using the little ninjutsu he knew, sealed the money onto the scroll and he and the party left through their tunnel. Nazo used a grenade to seal the exit and continued onward until his men turned their fire arms on him.

"You probably planned to kill us all after the job was over." One mercenary said as he pointed his fire arm at Nazo. "So we'll take the money and let you die from your own creations."

"Hey, don't blame me for you guys killing yourselves. You guys dug through a hazardous area, not me." Nazo said shrugging his shoulders.

"What do mean hazardous?" The mercenary asked.

Suddenly, his comrades began to choke and fell dead on the ground. Natural gas had filled the tunnel and was poisoning the mercenaries were suffocating. The one mercenary who threatened Nazo fell to his knees in agony as his lungs filled with toxics and his heart began to race. Nazo walked up to the mercenary and pulled out a rather unique fire arm and pressed it against his forehead. It had a shorter barrel than the fire arm he wielded called a "pistol" but it had clip in the back of the barrel that resembled a roller.

"I call it a revolver." Nazo said as he looked into the frightened eyes his of his victim with his own cruel and cold eyes. "It's a real blast, really good for blowing people's brains out. Though I would rather use my knife on you, I gonna try out my new toy. You'll be the first of thousands who will witness the world burn from guns and other fire arms like this one."

Nazo pulled the trigger and laughed in hysterical yet wicked laughter as his victim flew backwards from the blast of the revolver. He continued on with the stolen money and buried the corpses with another grenade. The funds for his next line of experiments were secure and he was ready for more chaos.

Mean while, back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata and her squad had just returned from their mission two days early thanks to her efforts. She ran into the village gasping for breath as she waited for her team mates to catch up.

"Hinata, what's the rush?" Kiba asked as he and his dog Akamaru struggled to catch up.

"Sorry, there is something very important I have to do." Hinata said as she finally caught her breath.

"What could be so important that you sprinted all the way home?" Shino asked as he walked sluggishly to the village entrance.

"I have to see someone." Hinata said as her face got red with embarrassment. She started thinking about what she was going to say to Naruto.

"This is just a sign that you're out of shape boys." Kurenai said from atop of the village gate. "You got beat by two women! You're pathetic!"

"We didn't have the motivation like Hinata did sensei!" Kiba whined as he caught his breath. Shino made it to where Kiba was standing and collapsed.

"Hinata has a love life unlike me. She had a reason to rush back." Shino said as he lay down on his stomach.

"That is not the reason I rushed home!" Hinata said as her face got redder. "There are no men here in the Land of Fire that interest me one bit!"

Hinata walked off then in a more relaxed manner. She knew that Naruto had to be somewhere in the village. She just had to look.

"Who ever won stole the heart of Hinata must be a real chick magnet." Kiba thought to himself. "Whoever he is had better be good to her. She is a sweet heart that doesn't let her good looks get her head so that lucky guy had better not use her as trophy or I'll take her back and kick his ass."

Hinata went to the first place that would have information on Naruto's whereabouts, the Ichimaru ramen stand. Hinata walked in and saw the owner cleaning up behind the counter. She got shy and quietly spoke to him.

"Um… hi." Hinata said as her face got red as she braced herself to ask the most fatal question for her love life. "Have you seen Naruto anywhere?"

"So you know my most valued customer. Why do you ask?" The owner asked as he dried a wet glass.

"I need to talk to him about something." Hinata answered as she mustard all of her courage out.

"Sorry, I was told that he left-"The owner was unable to finish.

"Forever!? Where!? Why!? For how Long!? Is he in danger!? What happened!?" Hinata shouted in a panic.

"Easy girl! He only went on a mission to Sunagakure, the Hidden Sand village. He'll be back in a few days." The owner answered in an easing tone. He was shocked to see someone, especially a girl, so worried about his most valued customer.

"Thank you." Hinata said with a look of gloom and disapointment. She knew that if she asked anyone else she would here the same answer. Hinata went home. She felt like crying. She lost Naruto again.

Chapter Five

While teenage romance was blazing in the Leaf Village, dirty business was being done in a hidden sanctuary for the continent's most notorious crime lords who were feared in every country. All were seated at a u-shaped table with their thugs in front of a stand with the character for "speak" written on top of it. Seated at the u-table of organized crime was Gambol, a brute of man who was the most infamous man in the Land of Lightning. Musso, the leader of the Shiin crime family in the Land of Mist. And last but certainly not least was Akuma, the drug lord who was infamous for feeding his enemies to his dogs. For the last decade, the three men were struggling to make money and escape authority due to increased work against them. Villages were now standing more firmly against them, sending their most well known clans against them, and almost all finance were being taken by other criminals and the Akatsuki organization.

A poof of smoke came off the stand and a small, pale, holographic image of a man appeared on it. The man on the stand was a fairly new crime lord named Hao from the Hidden Grass village. He was the new hope for the mobsters and their money.

"As you all know, another opportunity was lost in the Land of Stones." Hao said thru his ninjutsu hologram. "A chance at stealing 68 million ryo was lost and our funds are still lacking."

"Who keeps beating us to the prize?" Akuma asked.

"Some maniac in an orange prison uniform and some sort of leather mask. He's from the former Whirlpool Country, he's a nobody." Muso answered. "The problem is getting cash and hiding what we have from the law."

"Correct." Hao said. "I have managed to hijack a gold import to the Land of Mist and I have secured all our present money in a safe location."

"Where?" Akuma asked with a touch of anger in his tone since his money was taken without his permission.

"Only I can know." Hao answered. "Since all my competitors have been put out of business, I am your only option. The law has been tracking us for awhile now so for obvious reasons I couldn't wait for your permission."

"Where will you go?" Gambol asked.

"I leave for the Land of Snow by sea thru the Hidden Grass. The grass won't hand over one of their own and no other criminals or authority can reach me in time." Hao answered with a smirk. "I guarantee a planned success and that your money will be safe."

Suddenly a very fake and sarcastic laughter filled the room as a man entered. It was none other than Nazo himself!

"Ha, ha, ho ho ho, ha, har har, he he, ho, he, ha. And I thought my jokes were bad." Nazo said as he entered the room and stood at the front table.

"Give me one good reason my boy shouldn't tear your head off right now." Gambol said as he gave a sign to one of his thugs to get ready to tune up Nazo.

"Here, how about I open up with a magic trick?" Nazo said as he pulled a pencil out of his pocket and stuck it in the table. "I will make a pencil disappear!"

Gambol's thug immediately stormed up to Nazo out of annoyance and threw a powerful fist. But to the thug's surprise, Nazo skillfully caught his fist with one hand and with the other slammed his head on the table in line with the pencil so that it went thru his eye and killed him. The thug dropped dead.

"And Walla!" It's gone like magic!" Nazo said as he took a seat at the front table. "By the way the suit isn't from prison. You ought to know since you bought it. And this mask is more expensive than leather, its good in gas leaks and other shit situations that the little souvenir ones can't cover. Now that everyone's cozy, let's talk business."

Gambol got up and cracked his knuckles, preparing to rip Nazo a new asshole, when Akuma told him to stop.

"I want to hear his proposition." Akuma said as he gave Nazo the ok to speak.

"Right. Let's turn back the clock about ten years ago, none of these ninjas or authorities would dare cross you guys. What happened? Did your balls drop off or did these guys just grow balls bigger than yours? Look, a guy like me-"Nazo was interrupted.

"A freak." Gambol said as everyone in the began to lightly laugh at Nazo who now struggled to get back on track.

"Look." Nazo said as his eyes turned to Gambol in a threatening way. "I know why you guys choose to have your-"Nazo faked a cough. "group therapy sessions at the center of the earth, I know shit from shynola when I say that I know the politics of your business, I know why your fourth rate criminals. You're not as big a threat compared to the Akatsuki so there are more sacs to go around and all the clans from all the different villages can earn brownie points now for bringing one or two of you in. You see, being held back for the coming fire of the Akatsuki gets boring for the renowned ninjas. So this is like picking on little kids for fun to them. The times have shown your true colors, this is just the beginning of the end.

"Nonsense." Hao said

"And as far as the magic man's plan goes," Nazo said as pointing at Hao's hologram. "The Akatsuki are everywhere and they'll find his cruise ride and raid it like a pack of hungry animals and take every last sliver of gold. If magic man gets away, I'll let you know that there are no jurisdictions on shinobi, some clan will find him and make him squeal. And I know the squealers when I see them." Hao's hologram immediately disappeared.

"What are you suggesting?" Musso asked.

"It's easy," Nazo said. "We kill all the top shinobi clans. My buddies and I have the technology for genocide." Everyone laughed at Nazo.

"If it's so easy, why haven't you done it already?" Musso asked amused.

"When your good at something never do it for free." Nazo answered.

"How much do you want?" Akuma asked.

"Let's see, half." Nazo answered referring to the savings of the mobsters.

"You're crazy." A thug said as everyone began to laugh.

"I'm not. No I'm not." Nazo said. "Listen here, unless we fix the problem right here and now, then pretty soon little Gambol here won't be able to get a nickel for his grandma."

"Enough from the freak!!" Gambol shouted as he got up and charged at Nazo.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not blow things out of proportion." Nazo said as he got up, opened his jacket and revealed a suicide bomber jacket. Everyone stood up in fear.

"You think you can steal from us and get away with it!?" Gambol asked with a now restrained tone in fear of the bomb in front of him.

"Yes, yes I do." Nazo said.

"I'm putting word out on the street! Five hundred grand for this freak dead! A million alive so I can teach him some manners first!" Gambol shouted with reintensified anger that Nazo saw himself fit to steal from the mob.

"Look fellas, it's been fun but I gotta go." Nazo said as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a card. "I'll leave my card for when you guys want to take things more seriously. Here's my card. Ask for me, Akumu, or Inagojo. We're called The Horde by the kids so if you say that on the street the 'popular kids' on the street will help you find us."

Nazo walked out of the room backwards still ready to blow everyone from the room to kingdom come. The mobsters glared at him with fear and anger as he left with their pride and reputation. The thing that scared them the most was the fact that he had the power to steal from them.