Title: Crash
Pairing: Haruna x Yoh
Rating: M
Summary: Haruna gets into a car accident, Yoh completely devastated for her. But was there more to the Crash then there normally was? Rated M for later chapters

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A/N info: Just to tell everyone, I would just like to say that this happens up to the recent chapter (48 at the moment). So the time period isn't around his the cram school or the overnight vacation they had, its all after that. Also, he just took his exams :D


Car Accident

Haruna had finally gotten out of work, a smile plastered on her face as she walked down the sidewalk. Today was the day Yoh said he would take her out on a date to the movies and then later for a walk around the park. Haruna couldn't wait for it to start, Yoh had been studying hard for exams and Haruna had been working more for money to be used today and later on. As she walked to the end of the block she looked to her right and her eyes shined. On the other side of the street was Yoh wearing his black jeans and army sweater, looking into his phone.

"Yoh!" Haruna yelled while waving from the other side of the street. Yoh turned to her and smiled, putting his phone away and then waving back. Haruna was so happy that she forgot that she had to go to the other side to meet him; even just looking at him was a basket full of roses for her. She watched as Yoh looked up to the traffic light, seeing that it was red before waving her over. Yey! She thought to herself as she started to cross the street, some people in front of her when suddenly yelling and screeching filled her ears.

"Huh?" she said. It was almost like time had sped up as Haruna watched a car come towards her and hit her dead on. For a moment she didn't understand what was happening: she was on the ground, her whole body in pain and she felt like she was being drowned by something. The place around her was starting to fade and fast, including the people's screaming; the last thing she remembered was someone obscuring her vision and holding her before everything turned black.


Yoh watched Haruna wave at him from across the street happily, making his day better then it had been before with the treacherous exams. She stood there for a moment, Yoh wondering if she was in a state of adorning him like she always is. He smiled, thinking of just how she was always being her happy face before realizing that she hasn't come over to him yet. Great now I'm doing the same. He chuckled as he looked at the red light.

Yoh waved for Haruna to come over and she gladly started to walk with the people around her. Then, out of the corner of Yoh's eyes, he noticed sometime out of the ordinary. He looked at a swerving and screeching car, a panicked driver in it not controlling the wheel very well as he headed straight for Haruna. Yoh looked at Haruna still crossing the street with a smile while some of the people around her realized that there was a wild car on the loose. NO! He yelled into his mind as he tried to run in vain of getting her out of the way. But it was too late.

Yoh watched Haruna turned her head, looking at the car curiously only for a second before impact.

"HARUNA!" yelled Yoh as the car finally screeched to a stop on its side and right next to Haruna. Yoh was already kneeling next to her and holding her up as people around them were screaming and calling 911. "Haruna! Haruna!" Yoh yelled. Her eyes were covered with a white mist before once landing on his face and then closing, her head falling back. "HARUNA!"

This would be the first time, the first time, Yoh would have ever cried in public. Tears were unwillingly coming down his eyes as he stared at Haruna, not wanting to look at the blood on her body. No, no! She can't be dead! She can't be! Yoh put his face next to her cheek as he held the back of her head, and he could feel her skin becoming cold. No! No!

The faint sounds of sirens filled his ears but all Yoh could think about was how Haruna was getting colder and colder. "Haruna, Haruna," he whispered to her ear, trying to get her to talk back to him. All he needed was her voice or movement, but nothing came.

"Sir, we need to take her to the hospital." An older mans voice came through to Yoh as he looked up at the medical officer, two other people bringing out a stretcher from the ambulance behind him. Yoh nodded as he picked Haruna up and brought her over, though not letting go of her hand. "Sir, we need to take her to the-,"

"I'm not letting go of her." Yoh said sternly, taking the officer by surprise before he nodded.

"Okay," he said and then taking all of them to the ambulance.

The vehicle speed forward as the doors closed and the bed was secured so that it wouldn't move. As the paramedics were checking her pulse Yoh remembered something.

"What about the man who hit her?!" he said, worried that the man might have just run away.

"The police were talking to him; they'll take care of it." Said the man sternly, but Yoh wasn't satisfied.

"What will they do?!" asked Yoh.

"I don't know! But they will take him in for the night, tomorrow you should know what happens." He took out a Defibrillator and told one of the other paramedics to look at the monitor for her heart signs. Yoh stared into Haruna's face, wanting it to become lively again, never wanting to let go of her cold hand as he tightened his own around it. You must survive Haruna, you must survive, you will survive. Otherwise, I will go through anything, anything, to get my revenge on that man.

Defibrillator: They electrical thingy that the doctors shock the paients with so that they bring them back to life...(at least that's what I think its called xD)

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