Sasha Duncan is a school teacher that can speak to ghosts. When she has a run in with Dr. Carlisle Cullen and introduces him to his own dead father, her life becomes entwined with his vampire family.

Edward Cullen must read her mind to protect his family, but his interest in her tempts a viscous tracker. Sasha takes her last human breaths in Edward's cold arms. When Sasha awakens as a blue-eyed vampire, the Cullens must risk everything to see that she survives.

With a tracker and possibly the Volturi seeking the brand new vampire, Edward and Sasha's tender new love is threatened.

A/N Hang in there until after Sasha is transformed for some action, love and vampire fabulousness. We start at the end, where Sasha is a vampire. Chapter 2 travels back in time and Sasha is a human. Enjoy!!

All Twilight related Characters and settings belong to Stephenie Meyer


Making someone forget, imagine that. Never to remember loss, anger, pain. If you could bottle forgetfulness, would you have the key to a life of happiness? Or do we need pain as much as we need love?

Hugh Johns was an extraordinary club owner. Forward March only opened when he was in the mood to open it. Whenever the word got out that its neon sign was lit, jet setters from all over Manhattan flocked to its non descript door.

Inside, Hugh's well-trained vampire staff knew how to throw a great party. The music and lights were always pumping. The drinks were exotic and the bartenders ridiculously able to wow a crowd with fire breathing, bar dancing, and bottle flipping. The servers found you whenever you were in the club (even in the bathrooms) with your drink order. It was always correct, as the servers had perfect recall.

All would leave with a smile, Hugh made sure of that. At 6'8" he was larger then life, he appeared to be about 70 years old and usually dressed in a crisp white tux. He let loose with wolf whistling, while dancing with ladies one third his apparent age. The party started officially when Hugh arrived, and his entrance was worth the wait. The club's lights would go black, as a pulsating drum roll would claim everyone's attention. The single spotlight would kick on, and Hugh would stand in all his splendor, from top hat to tails. His dark sunglasses and twirling cane were always met with wild applause and cheers.

He was a gentlemen and a rascal. Hugh was also a vampire with a talent so rare and so important, no one was allowed to remember he even existed at all. When leaving Forward March, you were treated to a mind wipe. A customer would remember only that they had the time of their life, and that they couldn't wait to come back. If they tried to explain to others why they liked the club so much, they would not be able to pin down details.

Hugh could even change the minds of other vampires. He found out the hard way that he needed to stay hidden. He was a weapon of mass destruction in the vampire world. Hugh's gift was much coveted among his kind. When you can live endlessly, the draw of wiping away the more unpleasant memories becomes an intoxicating draw. Hugh had a healthy dose of self-preservation, so he decided to run a nightclub. At his club he could satisfy he need to be social, and have the companionship of other vampires and humans, alike. His vampire staff lived on premise, and no one left his employ with their memories intact. In the end, almost all were willing to stay on indefinitely. Being around Hugh was delightful. The vampires who worked for him were encouraged to eat outside of the city, but if there was a slip up, they were covered. Forcing memory loss is such a convenient talent.

I never imagined I would have Hugh as a friend or that I would ask him to hurt me so thoroughly, but I did.

"Make them forget me." It was the smallest of whispers, but Hugh could hear it.

He nodded gallantly, "You're sure?"

That was the most loaded question I had ever been asked. Considering I could talk to ghosts, that was saying something.

In the middle of the spectacular, empty dance floor of Forward March stood the magnificent man who had proposed to me earlier that night. I had said, "Yes" with my soul, heart, and mind. The endlessness of forever lay out in front of us.

His golden eyes held disbelief and hurt as he heard my words, first in my mind, then from my lips. Just moments before those same eyes had smiled with fire, victory and love.

The engagement party decorations were garish now.

Alice, the woman who peeked into the future on a regular basis, was cuddled in the arms of her Jasper. He was working feverishly to calm her.

The force of her latest vision had almost rendered her senseless, seeing her so helpless was the only thing that supported my decision.

She looked into my eyes, "There will be no end to the pain. Edward will kill us all. Some of us won't even try to fight back, we love him too much."

The future mass murderer stood steadfastly, saying "No!" in various tones, lengths and intensities.

"I'm sure, Hugh. Make them forget me. Make it like I never crossed their path." Was I really saying these words? How could I ever live without him?

Hugh looked to Edward, "You have about three minutes left, make them count, kiddo."

Hugh started his procedure on Esme. We watched the horror and concern in her face slide away, like soap bubbles on the tiled shower wall. In its place was a pleasant, happy look, that was fully installed as she shrugged on her coat, and stepped outside the club.

It looked so quick and painless. Hugh started to work on Carlisle, who had the presence of mind to look at me during the process, "I love you, my daughter."

Watching the knowing evaporate from his golden eyes was equally disconcerting. He grabbed his jacket to follow Esme.

I knew these were my last moments with Edward. Everything around us would crash soon. I was in his arms before Hugh started on Rosalie.

He was hugging me and breathing me in. I was trying to be hugged and look in his eyes at the same time.

He started to whisper so quickly, "Do not do this, please. Please, we can fix this. Just give me a day, let me try and figure something out. Nothing Alice sees is written in stone. Nothing! "

Alice shook her head with tremendous sorrow and sought comfort deeper in the arms of Jasper.

"Will he be safe if I do this? We you all be safe?" I begged Alice, while looking into Edward's face. I was trying to etch the love I saw there on my soul.

"Yes, we must all forget, but you can't. We need you to remember us." I nodded at her words. I knew Edward was screening her brain and flinched at what he saw there. He knew Alice was right.

"Don't let him talk you out of it," was her last warning before Hugh began to wipe me out of her brain.

"Edward, please dance with me. Make this count," I was speaking directly into his mouth, between kisses.

Alice and Jasper's face revealed the change at almost the same instant. As he helped her into her coat, I felt the loss of his calming gift. He had been working to keep the panic in the room to a dull roar and comfort Alice. I adored him right then, the pain he had been keeping at bay hit me like a hurricane.

Edward pulled out his cell phone and made a quick, hurried call. Slipping the phone in his pocket, he pulled me into his back arms. The scent of his skin, the mild fabric softener in his shirt, and the taste of his beautiful lips were all things I would try to replicate in daydreams so many times after this moment.

"Oh, God, you are really going to do this," it had finally seemed real to Edward.

Emmett began punching the walls, poking holes as he went. He was furious. I thought of how much of a big brother he was to me. He was in the middle of writing the word "No" with his fists, in the wall.

"I won't leave her. I won't," his furious voice tapered away. He went to get his jacket, his anger was replaced with a happy–go-lucky smile.

Emmett. Losing him hurt.

"I will never forget you. I won't. Your eyes will be with me. I love you. I would go insane for you. I will go insane without you," He was speaking slower. We both knew what was happening.

Our song erupted from the sound system. Hugh's wife Barbara always had perfect timing. We started to dance. Edward was twirling me and dipping me, just like our first dance. I just simply adored him with my eyes and my grin. This moment was mine. He fought against his emotions to give me this dance. The irony of Nat King Cole singing "Unforgettable" was so painful, it was almost funny.

"Keep the ring," he could tell I was planning on giving it back. After.

Hugh was standing right behind Edward. Edward stopped dancing. He cradled the back of my head with one hand and laid his other in the center of my chest.

Even though it had been dead for almost two years, I swear my heart started beating right there, under his hand. "I love you," His three words that had forever balancing on every syllable.

I saw the pain and anguish start to slide from those amber eyes. His memory was draining like a bathtub. The pain in his face relaxed. The careful, watchful Edward was back. I took the beautiful antique ring I had only worn for a little while off my left hand. With a quick swipe of my vampire strong fingernail, I removed the inscription, "Forever, Always" from its place inside the band. I lifted his hand off of my heart, turned it over, and placed a kiss on his palm I set the ring in the middle of his smooth hand, and closed his fingers around it.

It was meant for the love of his life, and that could never be me.

Hugh took over the dance. He kept my back to Edward. His lovely baritone voice was humming along with the song. "Son, you dropped that ring, I would try and keep it safe," he warned Edward.

I watched Edward reflected in the black pupils of Hugh's eyes. The reflection grabbed at his jacket, hesitated at mine, and left.

The dancing stopped. The music stopped.

"He's gone, they are all gone. They won't remember anything about you." The words were harsh, but Hugh's voice held endless compassion.

"Won't he read my mind now?" I half hoped he would bust back in the door and refuse to leave.

"No, dollface. I am great at what I do. No matter how hard he loves you, he will never remember you. For about twenty minutes, those vampires will be a little blurry, but able to do basic things, like get home." His rumbly voice seemed to echo in the expanse of the almost empty club.

A thought stunned me stupid, I made my lips form the concern, "They won't lose their gifts or love for each other?" Oh God.

"No, no, no," Hugh was quick with his answer. "I only removed you and your time together with each of them, and of course, any memory of me or the club. Everything else remains for them," I nodded my head, I understood. I had not one clue what was next, what I should do.

"You'll stay here, with us." Hugh held his hand out to his beautiful bride, Barbara. They left me to myself. They knew I had yet to process what I had done. The Cullens were gone. Everything we had been through together was gone.

Edward was gone.

I fell to my knees.

Vampires can't cry.

But they can scream.

So my screaming started. So very loud and so very long, I was sure it would never stop. I tried to claw out my own dead heart. I felt the satisfaction of shredding my vampire skin. I knew my soul was cracking in half, but the pain was only mine.

Before Bella.

Before Bella and Edward.

There was Sasha.

There was Sasha and Edward.