Douceur De Vivre

-It is back with a new chapter 1, as I said before this is where I will publish all KahokoxAzuma, Azuma's POV and Kahoko's POV. It will be all about them. Both of them. :D

-Douceur De Vivre means "sweetness of life"

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-Because Azuma should always be on top.

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He hated it. He hated what he was seeing.


It was a Saturday morning, the Student Council asked for his assistance for the Annual Freshmen's Night. Of course as a Yunoki, he accepted the offer with the face full of acceptance for being chosen to help, but they were not alone inside the campus.

The soccer team were having their semi-finals game which means another ex-competitor was there too—Ryotaro Tsuchuira. Kazuki who likes to watch sports game like this was there too in the audience cheering for Seisou. What was interesting to see was that a red-haired girl was sitting beside Kazuki—Kahoko Hino.

This will be interesting…He thought.

He was a bit irritated by the fact that they were all in the same place but it was Kazuki who had a chance to be with that girl, but of course he won't agree to what his heart was feeling… He kept on telling himself that he was feeling like that because he was exhausted. Period. The irritation that he was feeling right now was not connected with that girl.


A few more kicks and saves from both schools and he was feeling bored watching the game from the second floor of the music building.

Who can watch something like this? I don't feel any excitement. 15 minutes had pass and there is still no score? This is becoming pathetic… He thought.

He turned his gaze to the musicians who were watching. They were now taking pictures of themselves. He smirked. He was not the only one bored with it. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Then a loud cheering sound was heard. Seisou scored a goal—Ryotaro did it. The Seisou students were jumping and cheering, he did smile seeing his school taking the lead but then it turned into a frown after a second.

Do you really need to hold Kahoko's hand while jumping, Kazuki?... He thought heatedly.

Kazuki was waving his hands, jumping and cheering. Kahoko jumped and cheered with him, their hands intertwined in the air.

This was becoming more irritating rather than a boring game, he hated everything. A soft thug made him look to his side and changed his awful face to a graceful one just for assurance. He saw on the far right—five windows away from him—a blue haired young man softly scowling at the scene. It seems that he was not the only one who saw the scene of Kazuki and Kahoko. He smirked. He turned his gaze towards the soccer field only to find a frowning Ryotaro too. He shook his head gently.

They all saw it… all the competitors in the Concours and for Kahoko's heart, they seem to count it as a point for Kazuki.

He won't allow this.

For the past few weeks he was on top of them. He was the one smiling to them as if telling them to be envious about him "being close" with Kahoko and they were the ones who were scowling and frowning at him. He was the reason behind all Kahoko's sleepless nights.

Ah…Yes… He thought as he leaned on the pillar behind him.

I will let you dream of another man tonight, Kahoko. But this will come with a price. You will owe me for letting me slip away from your dreams. I will be on top again… You'll see… He thought as he watched the game again.


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