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Azuma can give insomnia. Yes he can.




Kazuki scratched his head for the umpteenth time, confusion written all over his face. It was a question whether he was confused with why such a thing was in front of him or why the person in front of him has such a thing. His best friend Azuma Yunoki, the most popular guy in school never brought anything for lunch, yes maybe a book with him to read while drinking his tea but food? No, never. You see, Azuma Yunoki doesn't need to go through the life of a high school student during lunch time which is, pushing other students out of your way to get the food you want or else you will get the most disgusting food in the planet, no he never does that. All he has to do was sit on a bench under a tree, read his book while he waits for whoever from his fanclub will bring his food. Yes, that's how he gets his lunch. Sometimes Kazuki thinks that maybe he should suggest that to the student council-freshmen should bring food to their seniors…wait…That's slavery! Kazuki shook his head and stared back at the thing in front of him. Today will be different for sure, he thought. Will he see Azuma's fangirls bring him food? Who knows, all he knows is that it will be different since what he was seeing was a white bento box in front of him. Kazuki watched it intently as it was lifted up gently by the hand of his best friend.

"Are you ready, Hihara?" Azuma's voice said waking Kazuki from his thoughts. He blinked at him and stood up abruptly.

"Y-Yeah. L-Let's go. We don't want them waiting for us too long." He turned and started walking away leaving his best friend confused.


At the school grounds, the cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully. Under one of the trees outside the cafeteria, a long rectangular table was placed, with at least ten chairs or so around it.

At one of the edges of the table sat Kahoko Hino whose elbows were resting on top of the table. Her hands intertwined together as her chin rested on it. She hummed happily.

"It's such a beautiful day, ne, Fuyuumi-chan?" Kahoko said happiness flow through her words.

The teal haired girl beside her blushed a bit, "H-Hai, Kaho-senpai…" She looked down on her folded hands on her lap.

The blonde boy who was beside her looked up as a wind passed by, a few petals fell from the tree and danced with the wind. "If they don't come now…my food will get cold and be garnished with pink petals like those…" Shimizu whispered which made Kahoko sweat dropped. She looked at him smiling sheepishly. "I'm sure they'll be here soon, don't worry."

Since the music competition ended, the participants decided-more so Kahoko decided- to have a Friday lunch gathering. This way they can catch up to everyone. Of course everyone agreed to this but some were reluctant although the thought of spending lunch break with Kahoko seems to be stronger. Each of them just needs to pray that the others would be busy which didn't happen yet.

"Kaho-chan!" The booming voice of Kazuki said, behind him was Azuma, who was walking gracefully. Kahoko turned to them as she waved her hand. "Hello, Hihara-senpai, Yunoki-senpai."

Kazuki smiled at her as he stopped behind Fuyuumi. Azuma on the other hand smiled and continued to walk. He took the seat across Kahoko. He smiled in amusement on how his best friend lost his chance of sitting in front of Kahoko. Oh well. When Kazuki was finished conversing with Kahoko, he walked towards where Azuma was. He frowned as he was planning to sit where his best friend was sitting. He was about to walk towards the head chair beside Kahoko when Azuma stopped him.

"Hihara, Kanazawa-sensei or Ousaki-senpai is supposed to sit there, remember?" Azuma reminded him. Kazuki looked at him and blinked. He then scratched the back of his head.

"Ah, sorry, my bad. I'll just sit beside you then." He walked towards the seat beside Azuma and sighed silently in disappointment.

One by one the other concours participants arrived together with Kanazawa and Ousaki. They ate their lunch as they talked to each other. Azuma received food from his fangirls and still ate it. When it was time for desserts, Azuma pushed the cake that was given to him by his fangirls towards Kazuki who was surprised by his actions.

Kazuki blinked and turned to Azuma. "You…don't like it?"

Azuma smiled. "No. You can have it. I'm contented with one dessert." He said as he started opening his bento box.

Ryotaro raised an eyebrow. "Wow, I never thought you would bring such a thing with you, Yunoki-senpai."

Azuma continued to smile as he took a spoon out and started getting a piece of the Yokan inside the bento box. He placed it inside his mouth and started savouring it. Kahoko who was eating her own dessert, stopped and stared at him. Her face was starting to blush as she recognized the dessert he was eating. She wanted to kick him but she felt that she couldn't move at all.

"Hmm…that was really good, Hino-san. Thank you for making this for me. It certainly is my favourite dessert." Azuma smiled sweetly at her as he continued to eat while Kahoko continued to stare at him red in her seat.

Everyone stopped eating by then. A 'cling-clang' sound was the only thing that can be heard. It seems Kaji dropped his own spoon as he stared at his senior in horror.


During the midnight, there's only one male who was sleeping peacefully in his room. The rest were wide awake in their rooms, either playing the violin, throwing the football on the wall and catching it, lying down on his bed staring at the ceiling then rolling over the bed, staring at the window or playing the cello then stopping at some point. They were doing different things…though they have two things in common. One, they were thinking the same thing on how did Kahoko knew Azuma's favourite dessert and why would she make it for him? The other, they might have insomnia now as they will be thinking of a plan on how they can point higher than Azuma Yunoki. As for Kahoko…she was still wide awake thinking of Azuma Yunoki and remembering what happened during lunch…maybe next week she should cancel the Friday lunch gathering…


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