"Mum looks so young here," Lily jabbed her finger in the corner of a dated photograph in her grandmother's scrapbook, smiling at the yellowed silhouette. "They all do."

Her grandmother, whose fiery red hair finally showed evidence of age, sighed nostalgically, peering down at the photo. "Yes, they do." Her eyes flickered over the third boy from the left for a lingered moment, and she relished in the face she saw quite often, but wished for the personality she hadn't seen in over a good twenty years. Turning away from the moment captured in time, Molly Weasley eyed her granddaughter closely.

"You look just like her, you know."

"Really?" the thirteen-year-old appeared doubtful as she stared back at her mother from so long ago. "Possibly…but we're not the same inside, are we?"

Molly leaned back on the sofa, sizing up Lily's ponder. "I suppose not, dear. Your mother was always more…anxious and impatient than you are."

"Impatient?" Lily's eyebrows rose. "Mum is the most patient person I know."

"Things changed for her when she began school," Molly explained, smiling when remembering how her daughter had developed into a young woman by the time she was about sixteen. "This picture here…" Molly motioned towards the photograph the two had in front of them, embodying five children – four boys, all in black robes, and a girl, with a lonesome expression plastered on her face. "…was taken on your uncle Ron's first day of school. Your mother wouldn't start at Hogwarts until the next September."


Molly chuckled a little. "I remember how angry she was with your uncle, because he was leaving her alone with Granddad and I. But other than that, she was so eager to start school. She tried to stow away on the Hogwarts Express."

Both laughed, and Molly continued.

"That entire year, whenever I saw her, she seemed to be hopping for no particular reason…because she was bored, I believe. Your mother was quite naïve for her age then, and kept asking me if she did her chores, would she be allowed to go off to school."

"She sounds like a real pain," Lily answered brutally.

"Lily Luna!" Molly feigned sternness, but inside she was wholeheartedly agreeing. "Anyways, her time to go off to school finally came, but once there, she always wanted more than she had. She had an awful crush on your father, if I do say so, and wouldn't give up on him."

"That sounds a little like me," Lily replied slyly, slightly blushing.

Molly smiled anyways, patting her granddaughter's hand. "You know how your parents dated in their sixth and fifth years?"

Lily nodded. "They broke up after Dumbledore's funeral."

"Well, Ginny took that blow better than we all expected. That entire summer, she acted very secretive and strange. By August, your father had gone off with your aunt and uncle, and no one knew where.

"Your grandfather was worried for your mother then. He thought she'd go mad over not having the three with her, especially your father. But your mother stayed calm. It seemed like she was telling herself that he'd return someday, to be with her."

"That's so romantic."

"Yes," Molly beamed, having turned the page in the photo album to find a snapshot of the bridal party at her eldest son's wedding. "You see, your mother grew up and gained patience as she did. She became strong enough to wait for your father."

"That explains why she can wait so long now," Lily rested her chin in her hand promptly. "She waited long enough for Dad, and can do it with anything now."

"Waiting nine months each for a new baby," Her grandmother had flipped to the end of the book, showing off three different photos of a pregnant Mum, first with James, then Albus, and finally Lily. "A woman certainly needs patience for that."

"Would you say I'm impatient, Grandma?" Lily said. "Or am I like Mum?"

"I can't say," Molly smiled knowingly, placing the photo album aside. "You might grow into it, just like she did."

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