Summary: Naruto's ex's had return to reclaim his heart, but its been four years since they last seen their foxy boy. When they meet him again, their in a shocking news, especially with another competition trying to win his heart.

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The day you left me, was the day I gave up on everything. Thanks to your neglecting, ignorance, forgettable, lonesome presences. I had finally stop trying. No one is left but me and the thing that I'm carrying inside. The pain hurts than it did while we were together during our months of love. I could remember every word you said to me but some how they became nothing than a giant blur, like the last one. You weren't there to help me, you left in order to fulfill your dreams and ignore me. I kept lying to myself that you'll come back and we could be happy again, just like the days when we first got together. Apparently thought, I was wrong. I was always wrong.

Months later

The wound inside hurt like a bitch. It makes me hungry and craving for things that I never felt before. The vomiting stop after the first two months, but I couldn't stop growing. My belly had grew inches longer than last month, and I think my clothes don't fit me anymore. Oh, the achy pain when I get up or try to pick something up from the ground when I accidently drop something. I don't know but, it's going to be hard picking up new clothes because I have no one there to be with me when I do. Time is diffcult for me at the moment, and I don't think my ex's would every help. not now, not ever.

On eighth month

It's been eight long brutal months. I look like a cow, with my huge belly and heavy dress that I found on the huge men size section. It was awful and degrading. Last time I went there, a boy couldn't stop staring at me. I try telling him to leave but he kept his brown eyes on me like I was some planet. Eventually the boy's mother pulled him away, but still, the humiliation was unbearable. I cried that night, alone. I lived alone and will for the whole month. Soon, my hard work will all be worth it and I could be see the labor of my fruit. I sometime hug my belly to feel it kick or hear it's heart beat. It felt amazing and breath taking. It was like a magical imagination passing through my crying soul, begging for the being to be release and land on my arms. Soon my child, very soon.

Two weeks later

I couldn't believe I had no money left in my account to pay-off the hospital bill. I was in terrible disaster but fortunately hope was on my side because my boss help me. My boss is a kind and generous person. I knew I was in debt but I didn't have the money to pay for everything, so my boss bought me a better apartment with an extra room for my child. I was in debt to my boss now, until I have enough to pay off that I need to owe.

Weeks later

The child looks marvelous. The way I've been dreaming it should. The hair, the eyes, the skin, everything. It looks nothing like his father, just me. I guess my gene became the dominate one. I'm more happy than I was with my ex's. Much more, and I think my baby will be thrill with his only father and mother. Me.

Naruto Uzumaki.