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You never get use to it. You just learn to live with it. ~ Broken Heart, Motion City Soundtrack

Bakura Ryou couldn't sleep. (He blamed the ring.)

It was so cold against his bare chest! Granted, the ring never was a furnace, but usually it had a pleasant vibe - like a soothing cup of tea. Or scorched his skin like fire. Both depended on what temperament the spirit who dwelled inside was in.

In fact, it was the spirit of the ring Ryou should be blaming, and not the ring itself. It was the spirit's fault the ring was empty (and by extension freezing cold) and it was the spirit's fault that he couldn't just take the blasted thing off.

Ryou was tired. Ryou was delirious. Ryou was mildly suicidal. All these things would explain why the white haired boy had arisen from his bed to search for a (proven!) murderous spirit.

He had covered ever square inch of his apartment by the time he had thought to look on the roof. So when he pushed open the door to the roof he was not surprise to see his reflection looking down – brooding. (The spirit seemed to do that a lot.)

To the untrained eye it would just look like the nice boy who lived in apartment number two hundred and twenty four had insomnia and his hair just looked especially silver in the moonlight. To Ryou it looked like an three thousand translucent spirit was plotting the destruction of the entire world.

"Hey!" Ryou said, giving up all hope for the stealth. Sneaking up on a thief was nearly impossible.

The spirit's posture changed – almost as if to pounce – and he gave a fleeting glare over his shoulder to Ryou.

Ryou was not intimidated. Mostly because he was to tired to think clearly.

The boy's feet trudged across the slippery roof to where the spirit stood. He stood for a long time, just looking at him, until the spirit could no longer ignore him.

"Is there something you want, yadonushi?" The spirit sneered.

Ryou's eyebrows furrowed. "Yes. You. In the ring. So I can sleep."

The spirit arched an eyebrow and scanned Ryou up and down incredulously before he scoffed and turned his attention back to the sky.

Ryou was in no mood to be ignored.

"I'm tired." he whined.

"I'm not stopping you from going to bed," the spirit said, as if to clarify because on many occasions he had done that.

"The ring is too cold without you, it's keeping me awake," said Ryou.

"Then turn up the heat," the spirit snapped, his hands beginning to clench. On a normally day Ryou would have recognize this as a sign to back off but instead Ryou kept pushing.

"It could be a hundred degrees and I still wouldn't be able to sleep. Besides, you shouldn't be out here. Thinking is only going to make it worst," said Ryou, inching closer to the spirit.

"What did you say?" the spirit glared, his version of Ryou's brown eyes flashing.

"I said," Ryou explained, taking a deep breath, "Thinking is only going to make worse."

The spirit starred, disbelievingly, at Ryou.

The white haired boy in question simply sighed.

"We share a mind. No matter how hard you try, some things slip through the cracks," Ryou said.

"You've been looking?" the spirit asked, regaining his composure. Which was a bad thing, seeing as the element of surprise was probably the only thing keeping Ryou unpunished right now.

"No," Ryou said truthfully, "The more I learn about you the more I like you."

Ryou's head bowed, "I don't want to like you."

"Well?" the spirit retorted.

"Well, what?" Ryou asked, starring up at the spirit. That had always confused Ryou, he could never figure out why the spirit always seemed taller if he took Ryou's form as his own.

"Aren't going to list all the ways I've wronged you. Proclaim you loyalty to the pharaoh?"

Ryou frowned. "No. I'm too tired to list them right now and Yuugi…," he trailed off.

The spirit let out a small chuckle. "Sympathy for the devil, yadonushi?"

Ryou glared (or did his best too) at the spirit.

"I don't think you're the devil. Just like I don't think Yuugi is a saint. I just think you're…confused."

"Confused?" the spirit smirked, "I know exactly what I'm doing,"

Ryou shrugged, "Doesn't make you any less confused,"

The spirit's triumphant looked faltered.

"I'm doing the right thing. And I will win," he turned away from Ryou and focused his attention back at the stars.

"No you won't," said Ryou, sighing.

"Oh, really?" the spirit said, "What makes you say that?"

"Because we never win,"

"We?" the spirit said, the smirk returning. Ryou blanched.

"I meant you," he assured.

"Of course you did."

"And even if you do win, it won't make you feel any better," Ryou said desperately, trying to change the subject.

"You don't know that," the spirit's words were reserved and definite.

"Yes, I do. You've been carrying around this hate for over three millennium, do you really think that a grudge that big will just go away?"

"This isn't about me. This is revenge for Kul Elna," the spirit said, eyes burning.

Ryou eyed the spirit up and down, almost sadly.

"Like I said, you shouldn't be thinking about it," Ryou turned away from the spirit, consumed in his own thoughts.

"Speaking from experience, yadonushi?" the spirit asked, eager to prey on Ryou's weakness.

Ryou's shoulder hunched, and he could almost hear Amane's laughter in his ears.

"Yes," there was a pause before Ryou said, "You should just let it go."

"Let it go!" the spirit barked and then let out a deranged laugh. The laugh, it hurt Ryou.

"Are you saying I should just forgive and forget?! There will be no rest for me until the spirits of Kul Elna have had their vengeance,"

The spirit held his head high, above the people below them. Ryou let out another sigh.

"You don't forget or forgive – you just learn to move on," Ryou's words faded off into a whisper, and the spirit's tension slightly lessened.

The spirit and Ryou stood there, just looking at the sky, longer than either of them would ever think possible.

Ryou yawned.

"Will you go back in the ring now?" Ryou asked quietly, "I can't go to sleep without you,"

The spirit snorted, but Ryou knew he would comply.


(Probably not before sunrise.)