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Love Is Not A Simple Word


Hinata took a deep breath as she released her Byakugan ,and was breathing heavily . Kurenai gently placed her hand on Hinata's shoulder " its okay you can rest now" Hinata nodded and picked up her bag and began walking away from the training grounds . She was now 15 ,and she felt she hadn't changed at all . She still couldn't face Naruto without passing out or being completely red . She also is failing at being the heiress of the Hyuga Clan . Is there even a place for me in this world .

Hinata walked thru the gates of the Hyuga mansion and headed toward her room. She stepped into her room and could hear her father Hiashi speaking to one of the other main branch men .

The man said "Hiashi I'm worried about how are clan will survive after you pass on and your heiress takes over. I feel she is not the type to rule a clan" Hiashi sighed deeply " I know but she is my first born and I can not look over that" The man shifted in his seat " I wish the Uchiha boy would have been able to marry her . Then your daughter would be useful could you see the too greatest blood…"

" BITE your tongue we are not to speak about that boy again because of what he done" Hiashi " because the marriage was legal and it happened the night before the massacre .

Hinata laved on her bed she didn't want to hear no more . She was only a child back then but she still remembered . The dark eyes as the stared at her hidden by such strong mysteries emotions. Her father had made an arranged marriage for the first born successor of the Uchiha to marry her . So that the to clans would come together to be strongest of all .

~Flash Back ~

Hiashi walked with Hinata beside him " you will be meeting your future today my daughter I want you to make me proud" Little hinata didn't give her being married much thought she thought it was just another playmate like neji was for a short time .

Hinata walked around the party were the adults from the Uchiha and Hyuga clans were mingling . She had yet to meet this boy who was suppose to be her future husband . She had seen the boy who went to the ninja academy with her . His name was sasuke but he didn't seem to interested in talking with her .

Hinata walked out the door and into the garden . Her beautiful violet and blue kimono shimmered in the moonlight . She walked to a huge tree and stood underneath it .

Itachi was sitting up in the tree and he had watched Hinata as she approached the tree and smirked " you look like a moon-hime" Hinata jumped at the sound of his strong mature voice she looked up into his dark eyes . Itachi slowly jumped from the tree and landed unparsed in front of Hinata . She blushed and looked down at the ground . Itachi grabbed her chin gently with his hand and made her looked him in the eyes " you are my fiancée my hinata-hime" Hinata was token away by his words . This was the boy her father said she had to marry . His eyes seemed full of so many secretes and hatred . Itachi gently picked her up bridle style know that she was feeling weak in the knees . Hinata clung to him " you …are um..Itachi-kun" Itachi nodded " yes indeed I am" Itachi jumped back in the tree and had Hinata held close to him like a pet .

Time past by and they didn't say anything but Hinata was still sitting in itachi's lap . Hinata looked up at him but he was staring out into space . " um…uh..itachi-kun" Itachi was took of guard by her speaking and calmly regained his composer " yes hinata-hime " Hinata made looked down " what does being married mean " Itachi chuckled under his breath. " well. Its when to people fall in love and decide they want to spend the rest of there life with one another" Hinata thought for a minute " what does it mean to fall in love" Itachi took his hand and ran it thru her dark blue hair " you feel nervous and you get this funny feeling inside around this person" She looked deep into itachi dark eyes and realized this funny feeling Itachi was talking about . " itachi-kun I ..I. love you" she said unknowing to what he words truly meant . Itachi stopped moving his hand and leaned forward " I love you Hinata-hime " He gently kissed her on the forehead "I promise to return and become your husband once I complete my mission " Hinata didn't understand but nodded and the night passed with him holding her until she feel asleep .

Hinata woke up in her bed and walked into the main room were her father looked up at her not looking very pleased . Hiashi boldly said " itachi uchiha killed his clan and has become a missing nin you are never to speak of you being his fiancée to anyone agreed " Hinata nodded .

~End of Flash Back ~

Hinata snuck out of her window and headed to the forest. This is were hinata completed most of her training on her own .

Hinata arrived at the spring were she training but heard a splash of water . She walked slowly and peaked around the tree . She noticed a clock with red clouds hanging on a limb. Hinata quickly looked away is this the Akatsuki. Hinata went to look around again but nothing was there . She looked forward and meet the blood red eyes Itachi . Before she could say anything he spoke " now you get a taste of my

Mangekyo Sharingan leaf ninja . Hinata was in complete darkness and then a world full of anger and hate . Tears rolled down her face " Itachi-kun" Itachi paused with the sword he was about to pierce her with and realized who she was . This hinat the girl I was suppose to marry she has grown so much and looks so different . Itachi knew there was only one way to realse the jutsu . He gently said " hello hinata-hime you've changed" He kissed her on the lips and they returned to the real world . With Itachi holding Hinata once again .


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