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ch 3

Days have passed since Hinata had asked Itachi about the event .Yet, he hasen't said anything about it . There was also very little comunction between the two. Hinata didn't mind the peace ,but she would like to know where they were going .She had hoped they would sleep indoors soon because the winter was slowly aproching.

Itachi noticied Hinata was becoming more like a victim to the cold. He wanted to slow down and sleep indoors for her ,but they needed to make sure they were out of the fire country before the anbu give up .

Hinata watched Itachi from a short distance as they jumpped from tree to tree . Her brething was beging to to frezze and they were also getting closer north .She was trying to keep at his pace but it was impossible . She felt her eyes slowly start to shut . No hinata you can't give up now . Hinata slowly began to fall to the ground almost like a feath driftling to the ground .

Itachi turned around and didn't see Hinata but quikly looked down ,and moved in order to catch her . She felt so tiny in his arms and fragile . God only knows what would happen if she was to hit the ground . Itachi can't get over the fact that he almost was scared. Ugh...it can't be helped i guess i should check in a hotel . Itachi headed toward a town still holding sleeping Hinata in his arms .

Itachi was standing infront of the hotel the akatsuki usely used on missions . Itachi stepped thru the doors and was greeted with a strange look from the man at the front desk . The man starred at Hinata is disbelif ,but then smirked " i guess even you need to have little fun every now and then " he spoke boldly .Itachi just keep walking toward his normale room .

Once he was in the room he laid Hinata on the bed . He gentaly moved her hair from her sweet moon colored face. He walked into the bathroom and began takeing a hot shower so maybee he could clear his mind and relax.

HInata woke up with jolt . She looked around and relized she was in a hotle room . I'm glad Itachi can be truly kind enough to do this . Hinata layed back on the bed enjoying the sound the water was makeing . When the water stopped hinata layed there and didn't know what she should say when Itachi came out .The door began to opean and Hinata looked up .Itachi was standing there in a white towl wrapped around his waste , Hinata watched the drops of water role down his pefect muscular body . His hands were in his hair . This was something like she seen sakura and ino with . HInata could feel herself blushing . Itachi looked at her with his eyes red with the Sharingan . Hinata looked down " um...im sorry for you haveing to do this ..I.." Itachi MOved swiftly on top of Hinata , pinning her arms on either side of her . " its okay you just owe me now so hm....what would i want to do " Hinata looked into his eyes and was scared and was sure it showed on her face . Itachi sighed and layed on the other side of her realising her arms ." you need to get some rest ." Hinata was relived and decided she did need some sleep ,but didn't know how to do that with Itachi stareing at her .

Hinata woke up to find some riceballs on the bed with a note .

Here is some breakfeast . I had to go do some things and will be back tonight . DO NOT leeave the room .


Hinata bit into one of the riceballs ,and stared at the note . She stood up and looked out the window and seen the town full of market places . Hinata looked down at her clouthing that was extremly dirty. She looked on thee table and noticied a good bit of maoney sitting there . She figured this was for her too . Hinata walked out the room's door . im sure i will be okay on my own .

Hinata was walkinf down the strets and enjoyed seeing all the happy people . The only problem was that Hinata couldn't decide what she wanted to wear. She looked around and her attition was drawn to a beautiful blue Kimono with purple butterflys on it . She knew it wasn't the right kind of outfit to be wearing ,but she was drawn to it .

The girl was now walking down the street in her new Kimono . Hinata felt like Itachi could really call her hime now . She quikly looked at the sky and noticed that the sun was about to set . She looked down the now lamp lighted street and couldn't reamber witch way she came from . Hinata contniued walking . Untill she was bumpped from behind . She turned around to was two drunkin ninja . The worst part was that they were leaf ninja . The tall man smiled " what a pretty girl ..hm... don't you..show us some fun ..." The shorter man laughed " yhea.......girly" . Hinata looked away " no......" The tall man looked angry as her grabbed her wrist and pulled her against his chest " don't...go acting stupied now " The shorter man began touching her in uncomfurtable spots . Hinata yelled without thinking " ITACHI-KUN HElp...me" . She closed her eyes tight . Hinata felt the men seperate from her and reopend her eye " itachi-kun " Itachi took her by the arm and swung her behind him ,and knocked the two leaf ninja out . He dragged Hinata behind him for a while and the swung her against the wall . With fury in his voice " WHY IN THE HELL di you leave that room " Hinata started breathing heavy " I..wanted to ...but me some ne..w clouthing so i wouldn't look so.o.o dirty and..i hoped..you would like this..." Tears began to stream out of Hinata's eyes. Itachi didn't even notice the kimono in his rage and it was very beautiful on her and it showed off her perfect new curves . no wonder the men were so atracted to her . Itachi gentaly rubbed the side of Hinata's check ,and wiped the tears away " im sorry ...you really look like a Hinata-hime " Hinata was so over joyed that she embarced itachi . Itachi was shocked but he held he in return .


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