Pocky Drabbles

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It was just another quiet evening with the night class. Classes were over, and the vampires were all just relaxing in the common room before the sun rose up.

It was a regular night for everyone except for Shiki Senri.

"So I heard from your mother that you're having a party." Shiki commented casually while Rima held a pocky stick in front of his mouth.

"And what of it?" Rima asked, her face impassive.

"An engagement party." he said, emphasizing the type of party it was before biting down on the pocky stick with slightly more force than necessary.

In the vampire society, it was common within noble families to have their sons and daughters engaged to other nobles at a young age to establish good connections.

"My parents decided it was time for me to get a fiance." she said, sounding very calm, which caused Shiki to frown.

"You're surprisingly calm about it." he pointed out, frown still on his lips. Rima only shrugged nonchalantly.

"Should I be concerned?" she asked him monotonously.

At this, Shiki frowned even more. "Yes, you should. What if your parents choose a man who will use you?"

A man who won't care for you like I do?

A man who won't love you like I do?

A man that isn't me?

Shiki pinned Rima with an intense stare, hoping she would see the pain it would cause him if she were to be engaged to another man.

"I trust my parents to choose someone who will be good to me." Rima said.

Shiki felt his heart clench painfully.

x. end .x

x. omake .x

"But no matter who they choose, it won't matter in the end." Rima continued, a small smile on her lips as she put down the box of pocky.

Shiki only gave her a confused look, not catching her drift.

"Cause in the end, the only man I would ever marry would be you." Rima concluded sweetly, before pressing her lips against a surprised mahoganette's. The box of pocky lay forgotten on the table as the two young vampires kissed each other passionately.

It was a good thing the common room was empty.

And this drabble concludes the series! I had an immensely fun time writing about this couple, cause there were so many possible situations I could put them in. Thank you to all my readers for keeping up with this short series, even when my updates were so erratic!

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