Best Volunteer Job Ever

Chapter One- Konoha Elementary

I am SO going to wring your neck.

She smiled brightly at me.

You can probably feel my seething rage.

Still smiling.

You are paying BIG for this.

Will you stop with the smile now, it's freaking me out.

My mom's bright smile kept on. "Aren't you excited?" She asked.

Now it's time for the all famous, all the kids know it, never going to die word, "W-H-Y?"

Yes, why. Why is my mother doing this to me? Why did it have to be me? Why did I have to be born with a mother like her?

"I had the same job when I was your age. I had a great time; you will, too." My mother cheered.

I put my head against the cool surface of the car window. I saw my pink hair and emerald eyes reflecting back at me.

"Then why don't you do this?" I asked. "Why don't you take the spot miss 'oh, I really need a job for god's sake.' Hmmm?"

My mother sighed, "I would have if they had any hiring parts. This is strictly volunteer work."

Yes, volunteer work, at the one and only Konoha Elementary. Though I didn't mention the best part, it's a boarding school. That means, since my house is about a three hour drive, not counting the ferry to the island it's on, (are we sure it's not a prison?) then they did the one thing that sounded logical. Me, Sakura Haruno, staying at a boarding school, where I will do all the volunteer work they want me to do. (Or at least until I disappear in the middle of the night in a rowboat off the island.)

"Sakura," My mothers' voice broke my thought bubble. "I am sure it won't be that bad. Maybe you'll get lucky and you'll find another volunteer there that's your age."

"Find another seventeen year old there, and one that I may actually get along with, yeah, right." I huffed.


The word rang through my head. If my mom waited just a few months longer, I could have just moved out and escaped. Of course, things never seem to work in my favor, and now isn't an exception in the slightest.

"Oh, look, Sakura," My mom pointed through the windshield. "I can see the school from here."

It took me a minute of thinking my mom was deranged before I realized that the black lump I saw looming in the ocean was the school.

"That's maybe, what, a mile, mile and a half. Just need a spare raft from the supply closet. I bet they have them." I thought maliciously.

By the time we arrived at the docks, I had my plan all set out. Find out where they hid the blow-up life rafts, stash together a bit of money, escape in the middle of the night, and catch a cab to the nearest town and go from there. Yeah, that'll work.

Later on, as I leaned over the railing of the ferry and watched my pretty little homeland fade away, I started to think of what I'd actually have to do while I was at my job.

Things elementary schools probably make the volunteers do because they're too lazy to do it themselves or don't want to pay someone to do it:

-Entertain the little kids (Have to do something with them.)

-Help serve lunches (Hope they won't make me cook them, too.)

-Monitor during outdoor time (Have you seen what little kids do these days, kick, punch, scream, fall down and the list goes on.)

-Go with classes on field trips (Escape plans coming to mind.)

-Clean the school (Don't you dare send me near those toilets!!)

Yeah, this volunteer job sounds like barrels of fun!! Can anyone tell that I've mastered the secret art of sarcasm…?

Upon arriving at the island, I came to realize many things, one of them being that people seem to care a lot about the little kids, because their school looks better than…everything! I thought they only said youth was wasted on them.

After about twenty minutes of tracking down my dorm room, (Hey, it's a big school.) and about another twenty minutes of finding out where I was supposed to go to find the office and get my volunteer stuff out of the way, I took the liberty of random wandering.

Now, as I get a good look around the place, I find that I may actually find a bit of joy in being here for a bit. It wasn't the screaming massacre of kids I had expected to see, a lot of the staff (The ones who're actually getting paid) are pretty nice, it doesn't appear as though they need a lot of help around, (More beach time for me!) the view itself is pretty nice and—holy shit that guy is hot!

Only about twenty feet away, I spotted a guy. He was tall, with pointy black hair that shined blue in the right light, his onyx eyes fixed on something else, (I will make them me!!) and best of all, I think he's my age!!

I walked over to him casually, trying not to appear as though I was paying much attention. Then, I casually and accidentally, bumped in to him. (I know, oldest trick in the book.)

"Oh, sorry!" I said innocently.

"Hn." He grunted as a reply.

"Not very social," I thought. "I'll be sure to help him work on that."

I stood up as far as I could to try and reach his eye level, and looked out to where he was. I saw the sea not very far out, shining in the midday sun.

"Staring at the sea?" I asked.

"Hn." He grunted again.

Okay, that could get annoying.

"So, are you a volunteer, too?" I asked, hoping to get at least an actual word out of him.

"No." He replied.

"So, you work here? How old are you?" I pressed.

"Don't you have someone else to annoy?" He said bitterly.

Okay, now he's just plain pissing me off. "I was just asking. No need to be so rude."

With that, I stormed off. Only giving one last glance back at the man before I continued on.

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