It was late . I was bored. This was the result. More mindless Fluff. Enjoy! :)

The moment he felt the cold air on his skin, his eyes snapped open. 'What the…"

One glance to his left told him what he needed to know. "Fae, share the blanket."

No response.

Stifling a groan at having to physically move his body, Fiyero stretched himself over her to reach the desired object. The moment his fingers latched on to the rough material, he felt it once again being pulled from his grasp. "Elphaba…" he resorted to childish whining, knowing if nothing else it would get a rise out of her. "Come on."

"What's wrong?" Her voice was still heavy from sleep.

He gestured to the object she held protectively in her hands. "You took the blanket."

She shrugged. "So?"

"It's cold!"

"It wasn't my idea to remove clothing from the equation," she murmured as she laid her head back down on the pillow.

Repressing another groan of frustration, the Prince attempted to reach over her again, this time successfully retrieving a corner of the covering and pulling it over both of them, a method that did very little to rectify the problem.

A few more moment passed before he heard. "Did it work?"

He sat up again. "Excuse me?"

Elphaba mirrored his own action, keeping the blanket about her shoulders as best she could. "Are you warming up at all?"

He picked at the coarse material and shrugged. "No."

A smile pricked at her lips. "What if I told you I could help you do so?"

A brow quirked. "Really?"

A nod was his only response.

Placing a hand out in front of him, Fiyero acquiesced, "Then by all means. Show me."

She did and a while later, they both collapsed, completely spent.

"I told you," Elphaba stated as Fiyero pulled her into his arms. Her hand reached for the blanket. "Do you still need this?"

He laughed as he drew her deeper in his embrace and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "I'm good."

You know what to do ;)