A few hours later, Chuck was roused from an unpleasant attempt at sleep when he heard her voice.

"Daddy" she whimpered "Don't go."

"Blair?" he asked, concerned.

"Don't leave me, please."

Chuck sat up, acknowledging the kink that was beginning to form in his back.

She was on her side, rocking back and forth in slight distress. Her beautiful eye brows were scrunched together as she continued to beg her father to not leave her.

"Blair?" he asked again.

When she didn't wake up, he decided to take a chance and crawl up next to her on the bed. Resting his head close to hers, he moved to his side so he was facing her.

"Shhh" he coaxed her, brushing a strand of hair from her face.

She seemed to respond to his touch, the crease in her forehead smoothed out.

"I'm right here" he whispered.

He reached out to boldly rest his arm over her tiny form in an attempt to calm her.

When it seemed to have worked, Chuck scooted his body a fraction of an inch closer before allowing his eyes to fall shut.

A few minutes later, he opened his eyes when he felt a shift in the bed. He smiled contently when he felt Blair drape her leg over his in an unconscious attempt to bring him closer.

She was bound to yell at him in the morning, but Chuck couldn't bring himself to worry about it; He was too busy experiencing an emotion he rarely ever felt.