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Sakura leaned her head against her husband's shoulder, hiding the monotonous view of passing trees from her sight. The galloping motion of the horse they were on no longer fazed her. While being a vampire had given her certain advantages in the area of stamina, traveling as they had for almost three weeks had made her tired. She allowed her mind to wander aimlessly, the only thing she really could do while riding for hours on end. After their attempt to gain mortality at Mira's cave had failed, Kakashi's crew, for the most part, disbanded. Some who refused to give up the quest stayed together and Kakashi relinquished control of the ship to them. They had elected a new captain and carried on their way. Others chose to return home instead, missing loved ones after the eight years some of them had been at sea. She and Sasuke were part of that second group. They, along with Naruto, Hinata, Kaori, Kakashi, Sai, Itachi, and Rika, were headed to her husband's childhood home. Kakashi had managed to buy five horses off of a farmer which they used as their method of transportation. They could have made more progress by running at full speed than riding a horse but the human settlements they passed by required them to keep the horses as a means for disguising their true nature.

Sasuke had told her about his home and family but she couldn't help but feel he was keeping something from her. He seemed tense when talking to her about certain topics, giving her vague answers at times and making her curious. She couldn't understand why Sasuke would feel the need to hide anything from her. Surely he wasn't embarrassed by his family? He spoke very highly about all of them . . . well except for Sai. Maybe he was afraid she wouldn't like them? She would think that was the case but she knew Sasuke was aware of how excited she was to meet his family and he had assured her that she would like them. Was he afraid that they wouldn't like her? Great. Now she was starting to freak herself out. What if they didn't like her? She didn't want to be the cause of any conflict between Sasuke and his relatives. Maybe it was something else entirely though. Rika had told her of her similar suspicions. Maybe it didn't have anything to do with them at all. She could only hope so.

"Sasuke kun?" Sakura shifted her arms embrace around her husband's waist.


"Are we almost there yet?" The slight exasperation in her tone reminded him of an impatient child.

"Almost." He replied, smirking because he knew she wanted more of an answer than that.

"When do you think we'll be there?"

"Soon." His smirk widened, feeling the glare she was giving him.

"That's what you said five hours ago." She grumped, rolling her eyes.

"Well, this time I'm not lying."

Yesterday they had entered the area which the humans termed the Forbidden. Its boundaries were marked by a giant forest that they were currently maneuvering their way through, the trails making things easier than she expected. The canopy of trees prevented too much light from leaking through. Not that it bothered her. Her new eyes more than made sure she had absolutely no problems seeing but she could hear Rika's frustrated grumbles when they stopped to let the horses rest and she would trip over a fallen branch.

She was told humans never ventured into the Forbidden. They held the belief that horrible things lived beyond the forest, evil things. And technically, they were right because according to Sasuke that was where vampires and other things non-human, mythical, or magical lived. Of course some things were more evil than others. He had explained that each species vampire, demon, werewolf, witch, troll, centaur, fey, and any other each had their own territory in the land considered the Forbidden. They each had their own form of government, laws to follow, and their own leaders.

Squinting from the sudden change in lighting she looked around. They had broken through the last line of trees and were now clear of the forest. The land before them was mostly flat but at times rolling just slightly with gentle hills. The grass was a vibrant green and the sky, which she had missed seeing, was a bright blue. All together the scene was beautiful. Little houses dotted the landscape, fields with different kinds and colors of crops made the land look like a colorful quilt.

"It's beautiful." Sakura breathed causing a smile to appear on her husband's face.

"Welcome to the land of the Vampires."

'You're going to have to tell her who you are soon.'

Sasuke flashed a look at Kakashi, sometimes he didn't like having the ability to read minds.

'Itachi too for that matter.'

He continued to ignore the older vampire hoping that he would quiet his thoughts.

'She's going to figure it out sooner or later . . . most likely sooner.'

Sasuke sent Kakashi a glare that stated shut-up which Kakashi seemed to have missed . . . or just ignored.

'She might be angry if she finds out from some other source rather than you. She might think you were trying to keep things from her . . . which is appropriate seeing as you are keeping things from her.'

"Kakashi." Sasuke warned verbally this time. If anyone was curious about their mental conversation or the reason for his harsh tone no one showed it.

Sakura, who would have been curious had she heard her husband, was too busy watching the little houses as they passed by. She guessed that none of these were Sasuke's because of the swift pace they were still going. "Is your house near here?" They had to at least be getting close, they had passed tons of houses and little villages.

"It's coming up." Sasuke replied mentally wincing. He knew he should have told her but for some reason he had been unable to do so. He was partially afraid that she would be overwhelmed and not want anything to do with him anymore, even though he knew that she was more loyal than that. Now he was going over mental scenarios of what would happen once she found out. He mentally winced again.

Sakura gasped as a massive stone wall with a huge wooden gate appeared before them. When the doors of the gate were pulled open after Kakashi had given a signal to the vampires on guard, she was assaulted with the sight of tons of vampires and even a few humans scurrying around exchanging goods, playing cards, and just living life. They proceeded down the large main dirt road through the center of the settlement. All over vampires and humans alike stopped whatever they were doing to stare at them and soon an excited murmur ran through the crowd.

"What are you? Some kind of local celebrity?" Sakura joked trying to lighten the unease she felt from having so much attention focused on her and her friends.

"Sort of." Sasuke grimaced. Yeah, he definitely should have told her.

"What do you mean sort of?" She hadn't expected to be right.

Sasuke ignored her as they approached the outer gates of the upper city. As required more guards barred their way. He guessed that they were fairly new to their job because he had never seen them around before. "Who seeks entry to the Vampire King's presence?"

'The King of Vampires? Why on earth would we be going to see the king?' Sakura was sure her eyes were bugging obscenely out of her head by now but she couldn't bring herself to care.

"His son and heir Prince Uchiha Itachi and his second born Prince Uchiha Sasuke." Kakashi answered for the group and the guards snapped to attention, seemingly embarrassed for not recognizing the crown prince and his brother.

Sakura's mind seemed to have stopped working completely. 'P-prince Uchiha Sasuke? Prince of the entire vampire species Uchiha Sasuke?' Looking around her to see if anybody else found this news surprising, Sakura saw Rika having the same zoned-out look she knew she was probably sporting at the moment, eyes wide and mouth gaping open in surprise. At least she wasn't the only one.

Soon they were moving, and her mind started slowly processing other things again, one thing at a time. They crossed a wide courtyard and Sasuke dismounted their shared horse, his hand reaching up to help her down and his face searching hers for her reaction to his status. She wasn't sure what he saw because she wasn't sure what kind of expression she had on, probably one of shock she guessed.

The others dismounted their horses as well and left the reins trailing on the ground knowing that soon enough a groom would come to pick up their animals. Sasuke grasped his wife's hand and led her up the steps before the yawning archway of the large wooden doors to his home, the Blood Palace. It soared from the ground around it, its numerous spires and towers silhouetted a dark color against the bright blue sky. It was made of a dark stone, black in color which was painstakingly polished and when the sun hit it just right the black took on a tint of dark red, almost like the color of dried blood.

They made their way into the main hallway where they were almost immediately intercepted by servants which, to Sakura's surprise, were human. "Can I help you your majesty?" The servant asked once he had came out of his deep, respectful bow.

"Where are my parents?" Sasuke asked, his hand still gripping Sakura's to try and comfort her from the shock he knew she was still in.

"Their Majesties are in a meeting for the time being. Would you like me to show your guests to some rooms and I can inform the King and Queen of your arrival once they are adjourned?" Sakura noticed that the servants eyes remained respectfully trained on the floor as he spoke, never daring to look into her husband's gaze.

"That will be unnecessary. Have the maids prepare my friend his usual room and my mate will be staying with me."

If the servant was surprised at Sasuke saying he had a mate he wisely didn't let it show, "And the other young lady Sir?"

"She'll be staying with me." Itachi answered for his brother, grasping Rika's hand.

"As you wish my Lords." The servant bowed once again and scurried off.

Kaori grabbed Kakashi's hand and spoke for the first time in a while, "Well, since I already know where I'm going I guess I'll see you all later." The female Uchiha threw Sakura and Rika a quick reassuring smile before heading off, dragging Kakashi behind her. Sai nodded and then headed off in the same direction as his sister, which Sakura noticed was the opposite way of where she was headed. Sasuke was currently leading her up a flight of stairs to her right with Itachi and Rika following behind.

"Your servants are human?" Sakura finally got over her shock enough to speak. Not that asking about his servants was what she really wanted to talk about but at least it was a start.

"Some. Their families have served mine for centuries." Sasuke answered her as they made their way down an impressive hall. The rich crimson rugs were soft beneath her feet and the inside walls were made of the same polished black stone. Portraits hung on the walls, the impossibly beautiful pale faces seemed to stare at her as she passed.

Soon enough they stopped before a large dark wooded door which Sasuke pushed open. Sakura followed her husband into his room and he shut the door behind them. "Why didn't you tell me?" It wasn't anything more than a whisper but she knew he could hear her.

Sasuke walked over to his bed and sat down, "I don't know." He shrugged, something that seemed very un-Sasuke-like. "I guess I was afraid you'd feel overwhelmed."

Sakura snorted and made her way over to stand before him, "And having it suddenly sprung on me like that wasn't supposed to make me feel overwhelmed?"

"I'm sorry." Sasuke reached forward, his hands going to rest on her hips.

Sakura pursed her lips in thought for a while before a small smile took over her features, "You're forgiven."

Sasuke smirked and pulled her closer, "So what do you think, Princess?"

"W-what?" Sakura gaped down at him.

"Well since I'm a Prince and you're my mate that would make you a Princess." Sasuke stated in a tone one would use to explain something to a small child.

Sakura pouted, "Don't talk to me like I'm two. I guess I had just gotten my head wrapped around the idea of you being royalty let alone what that would make me."

Sasuke pulled her into his lap and kissed the top of her head, "Not regretting choosing to be my mate are you?"

"Never." She tilted her head up to kiss him softly.

"Good." He murmured against her lips as he picked her up bridal style.

"Sasuke kun! Where are we going?" Her arms wrapped around his neck.

"I thought it might be a good idea to freshen up before going to meet my parents, seeing as we haven't had a decent bath in a while due to our traveling."

"Oh." She thought about how bad she must smell and grimaced when she thought about meeting Sasuke's parent's while stinking like a horse. "A bath sounds nice."

Itachi sighed contently as he sank into the warm water. The comforts of the Blood Palace were much better and more comfortable than life aboard a ship. The hot baths were just one of the things he had sorely missed about his home while he was gone. The palace had heated water tanks placed a floor above the baths which poured into said baths when a lever was pulled, a luxury even most other palaces didn't have.

Itachi moved his gaze to the naked woman whose back was facing him. As soon as they'd made it to his room Rika had started ranting at him for not telling her about his status among his kind. He'd apologized because he knew he should have told her but she still hadn't forgiven him. Instead she took to glaring at him and then ignoring him all together, like she was doing now. He watched as her hands glided over her wet body that was now slick with soap, washing away all the dirt and grime that had been collected from their travels. No. Her ignoring him would definitely not do.

He got up and walked over to her slowly to stand behind her. He knew she hadn't yet sensed his presence and he smirked. His arms wrapped around her waist and he delighted in the sound of her startled gasp. He bent down to whisper in her ear, "How long are you going to ignore me Koi?"

When she neglected to answer him he moved his hands to her hips and pulled her back against him, his mouth laying kisses down her neck to her collar bone. He smirked when he heard her fait moan that he could tell she had been trying to hold back. "I apologized," He husked against her skin, "and you can't stay mad at me forever."

"O-oh yeah?" She willed her arms to stay frozen at her sides and not reach out to caress him like she wanted to.

"Yeah." His right hand moved down from her waist. He could hear her heart race as his hand slipped underneath the water and one of his fingers slid into her.

"A-aah." She bit her lip to prevent anymore sound from coming out. She would not let him seduce her, damn it!

His fangs lightly brushed her skin but she refrained from shuddering in pleasure like she usually would. 'I won't let him get away wi- . . . ohhh.' His finger started moving slowly in and out of her and his mouth attacked that sensitive spot on her neck that she wished he had never found. Seeing he still wasn't winning he added a second finger and smiled when he heard her give up and whimper. "Am I forgiven Koi?"

Rika let out something that sounded fairly like a growl, "Just shut up and kiss me."

"Mmm . . ." Sakura closed her eyes in relaxed pleasure as she let her husband's hands run over her wet form. The bath was turning out even better than she had expected. Sasuke had insisted on washing her and she had done the same for him and now they were both thoroughly clean and in her case, more than a little turned on. They hadn't had much alone time since they had started traveling and she was really starting to feel the effects of missing her husband's kisses and caresses as they made love. So much that she decided to use her position straddling his lap to her advantage.

Sasuke groaned as his wife started to grind herself against him. Gods he had missed her. His lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss. A kiss that would have been bruising had she still been human. Her slender arms wrapped around his neck, hands fisting in his hair tugging it gently. "I want you Sakura." He growled against her, "I want you now." Right now he had no patience for foreplay, he simply needed to be inside her.

"Yes." She kissed him again and moved herself down on him.

"Agh Sakura," His eyes wanted to roll back into his head. It had been far too long and she was so warm and tight around him. How had he gone three weeks without this? His hands grabbed her hips and helped her ride him, increasing her pace when he became inpatient.

"Sasuke!" Her head was thrown back and her smooth, pale neck was exposed to him. Groaning he sunk his fangs into her soft flesh and let her blood flow into his mouth.

Her moans became louder with each tug from his mouth on her neck. Her heightened senses went into overload and she came around him, him continuing to pump into her until he too found his release.

"You Majesty?"

Sasuke groaned. Why now of all times had his servants decided to annoy him?

"What?" The vampire prince didn't even attempt to hide the rage in his tone. Sakura had already jumped off of him and ran to grab a towel to wrap around herself. Not that it was necessary, the servant wouldn't enter his room without his permission and there was now way in hell that he was letting him in.

"I came to tell you that the King and Queen are awaiting your arrival in the throne room . . . and I uh, left some clothes for your mate outside the door. . ."

Sasuke climbed out of the bath and wrapped a dark blue towel around his waist and made his way out of the bathroom. "You're dismissed." Sasuke waited until he heard the sound of footsteps scurrying away down the hall before he turned to look at his wife. He knew that if it were at all possible for her to blush that she would be right now. "I guess we should get going then. My father never liked to be kept waiting."

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