This is in the 4th book when Max got frustrated about Fang and Brigid and 'got some air'.


I had just started down the narrow, steeply pitched steps when I realized Fang was waiting for me at the bottom. I gasped and immediately turned around to go back on the deck, but I misjudged the length of the stairs and fell on my knees. So I crawled up the stairs instead, desperate to get out of there.

"Max! Oh, no you don't."

He grabbed me around the waste and carried me down the stairs, while I was kicking and screaming in the process.


He put me down, but blocked my only exit.

"What's the matter with you?" he asked. "Why'd you take off like that?"

Oh, like I would tell him.

"Wanted some air," I said.

"Seriously, Max. What's up?"


"Are you okay? Is it the Voice?"

"Yes. It absolutely is the Voice. Okay? Satisfied? Goodnight, Fang."

I made a dismissive hand motion, but he ignored it.

"What's the deal, Max?"

I shrugged.

"Is there a reason you had a sudden urge to get some air?"

"It was way too crowded. I wasn't feeling so good," I glared at him.

It looked like he was about to give up, but then Brigid was at the top of the stairs and said, "You guys okay? Anything I can do?"

"No thank you, Brigid. We are about to go to sleep", Fang said, a little too friendly, if you ask me. Then, to top it all off, he smiled a very charming smile at her.

OH COME ON!!!!! My jaw locked and I tensed all over. Fang obviously noticed my reaction because his eyebrows pulled together and then it looked like he was trying to hold back a laugh.

Oh, goodie.

After Brigid left, he whispered, "Jealous".

"Am not!"

"Oh, please. Look at yourself!"

Then he started to laugh.

I knew he would laugh at me. That jerk.

So I pushed him as hard as I could and ran out of there.

Just as I was about to slam the door to the bedroom Angel, Nudge, and I were sharing, I heard him yell "WAIT! Max, I'm sorry!"

I hesitated, but then I heard him let out a chuckle, so I slammed the door instead.

I could not believe him! Did he honestly think I was jealous?

Wait…Was I?