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She couldn't take one more day

Home was more her prison now

Independence called out

She had to get it

Sakura Haruno sat on her bed, thinking, chewing on her bottom lip. Her aqua eyes looked around her white and pink room and it hit her. She needed out and soon. If she didn't leave this place, she would lose it. She left her room and walked downstairs to the kitchen where her mother sat. She grabbed the car keys off the wall hanger. "I'm going for a drive. I may or may not be home."

A fight was all she needed

To give her reason

She slammed the door with no goodbye

And knew that it was time

Her mother stood. "You're not leaving," she muttered. "Put the keys down right now, Sakura."

The pink haired girl shook her head, holding back tears already trying to spill over her long lashes. "I have to get out." She muttered, turning away and walking to the door, ignoring her mother's yelling. She slammed the door and went to the black Mustang and started it, pulling out out of the driveway and leaving.

Now she's driving too fast

She didn't care to glance behind

And through her tears she laughed

It's time to kiss the past goodbye

Sakura didn't even bother to look at the speedometer or the speed limit signs. She let the tears run down her pale cheeks, she managed to let out a small chuckle. She looked at the rearview mirror and wiped away the tears, she kissed the palm of her hand and waved at the slowly disappearing town behind her in the mirror.

I'm finally on my own

Don't try to tell me no

There's so much more for me

Just watch what I will be

She felt better, yet still somewhat trapped. Thoughts of names she had been called in school rushed back to her and more tears came to her seafoam eyes. She knew now that no one could tell her no and that she was on her own. She wanted to show them that she could be more than they that thought she could be. She knew what she could be. She knew she could do better than they predicted.

She walked away

Couldn't say why she was leaving

She walked away

She left all she had believed in

She walked away

She left. Sakura Haruno had left and she wasn't planning on coming back.

Not a day goes by

For the one she's left behind

They're always asking why

And thoughts of her consume their mind

God please let her know

The love we tried to show

We'd promise anything

If you'd just bring her home

Her mother sat alone all day, wishing and praying that her baby girl would come home soon and fill her life back up with the joy she once had. She sat looking at pictures of the pink haired girl when she was younger and wondering how she came to be how she was.

Her friends were heart broken that she would just up and leave, without even a good-bye. EVen the friends who hadn't treated her well, who thought their life would be perfect without her running around, cried for her. They had taken her for granted, and now they regretted it.

They mourned her, as if she were dead, and they almost led themselves to believe it. In their moments of need, she ahd been there, and now she wasn't.

Tell her we love her

Tell her she's wanted

One more thing God

Tell her please come home

Please come home

Thoughts filled Sakura's mind as she stopped the car after driving and driving. She let the tears fall and fall, resting her head on the steering wheel. "I shouldn't go back..." she muttered to herself, but inside she was longing for her friends. She didn't know why she left now, it really seemed like a stupid thing to want to do.

The choice is yours alone now

Tell me how this story ends

She turned the car around and began driving back, wiping the tears from her eyes and smiling.