Wednesday September 24th ,Home

I can't believe my parents are making me do this! I mean no actual guy (with an ounce of testosterone may I add) would ever write in a stupid journal granted that it's a computer journal that no-one can actually see but it's still a FRIGGIN' JOURNAL!!!!!!!!

I should probably explain why, although you can't understand me being an inanimate object parents are psychologists...yeah I know you're thinking BOTH of them!!? but it's true they are both psychologists and they seem to think that because I don't tell them my problems I can't be honest with myself but that's not true I am plenty honest with myself....well maybe I am most of the time.

The reason I don't talk to my parents about my so called "problems" is that then they would try and psychoanalyze me and then would find out the one thing that no-one and I mean NO-ONE can find out but I guess I could tell you even though I don't won't my psychopathic sister to get her hand's on this because if I admitted that I...

Wednesday September 24th, still home just later

Sorry about that but Lilly started banging on my bedroom door and yelling at me to open it, I knew it was a good idea to get a lock put on my bedroom door hehe, anyway lilly was yelling at me to open the door so I did and she barged in and told me her best friend Mia Thermopolis would be coming over tomorrow and that I had better put on a shirt while she's here I really didn't want to say yes but I had no choice otherwise Lilly would do some serious damage to either me or my stuff.

So like I was saying before I don't want to admit it because Lilly might get ahold of this and then I will be very very much dead and that's because Thermopolis...Yes that's right I have a crush on my little sister's best friend now can you understand why I really really didn't want to admit it and also why no-one can know? I guess you're wondering "oh but why? that's so cute!" well it's NOT. Not only is she my little sister's best friend she's also:

A freshman (which means she's almost 3 years younger than me)

One of (in my opinion) coolest girls in school - making her way out of my league

would never think of me as more than her best friend's weird, geeky older brother

but also in love with...Josh Richter (insert disgust here) who is not only the hottest guy in school ,at least that's what all the girl's say about him, but he is also a complete and utter stupid, alcoholic, jerk that has happened to woo every single girl in the school Mia included.

Every time I see him it gets harder and harder not to punch him but that might be because Mia has such a crush on him Grrrr.

It's almost 2 in the morning so I should probably go to bed and try very hard not to dream about punching Josh Richter in his face.

I mean how pathetic can I get for wanting to punch a guy because the girl I like happens to have a crush on him?

Thursday September 25th, Home

I have no life that's why I am forever writing this from my room and talking about nothing of consequence except Mia. and punching Josh Richter in the face instead of writing about my many friends and what we plan to do on the weekend and that's because I really have no friends besides the Computer club and even then we prefer to just stay at home on our computers than actually hang out together.

Oh I just heard the doorbell go that must be Mia. Well there's nothing wrong with me just going out there to say hi I mean we are friends and f I just happen to be out there LOOKING for a top instead of wearing one then I'm not really doing anything wrong am I?

Yeah I'm really pathetic. I know.

About 20 minutes later

Ok that could have gone better. So I walk out there and Lilly and Mia are with my parent's when I overhear my mum say "So Mia how do you feel about your starting to date your algebra teacher?" I tryed not to laugh I really did but I mean come on a teacher? Hahahaha.

So I laughed like really loudly and then Mia kinda got this horrified look on her face and started to beg me not to tell anyone and that in itself was hilarious because who am I going to tell IF I were going to tell someone I mean like besides the computer club and my friend since 2nd grade Felix but I guess Mia didn't really think about that. So I kept saying" what'll you do for me, huh, Thermopolis? what'll you do for me?" Really hoping that she would say something like "what would you like me to do for you michael?" while licking her lips yeah yeah I know I'm perverted but that was probably just hormones overcoming my seventeen year old mind. But I guess she didn't get cause she just kept on offering to walk my sheltie Pavlov. So I told her " forget it, OK, Thermopolis?" and just walked into my room.

I mean ok... I didn't have to sound so disgusted but who doesn't get when they are being flirted with??!!!! seriously!!

Note to self: figure out why I call Mia, Thermopolis.