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Title- Love is just a word.

Summary- It is four years after Chi declares Hideki as her 'One just for me'. Hideki and Chi have married. The world around them seems to have returned to a normal pace. Of course, they consider adopting a child. But, when they do adopt a child, they are given a traumatized six-year old who hates persacoms.

Quote of the Day- "I'm not in a cage, banging on walls, or screaming ridiculous statements. I'm walking around my house at night with an empty feeling, flicking lights on and off for the h*** of it. I don't have a clear purpose for doing this. I suppose this is what it's like to go insane."

AN- If you ask who the quotes from, that would be me, and it's a very accurate description of what I just did for half-an hour straight, because I really am bored. That and the insomnia, if that's even what it is. But enough for my ridiculous gibber-jabber about insanity. The chapter's title comes from an obvious inspiration.

Chapter II- Sowasowa Naito (Restless Night)


Water drips from faucet, with an unbearable repetitiveness, as the drops hit a a puddle. It's near dawn, but the child doesn't know this. They don't want to look, they can't look, they quiver and shake in a corner.


Immediately in front of the child is a peach, along with various other fruits, and an overturned basket. It was painted red, and the peach had a knife in its side, where it had somehow lodged itself after being dropped.


The puddle exceeds its basin and drips over the side of the counter, the dirty dishes laying in the depths completely forgotten. Soon after it runs down the counter it becomes pink, then red as it mingles with a viscous red liquid spread in a large puddle on the floor. Blood.


There were Two adults lying in the center of it. A persacom standing next to them, walking towards the child, a young boy.


A loud crack sounds, and the persacom falls to the ground face first, as the child looks, regretting it quickly as they see a once-beautiful face twisted into that perfect smile, with those innocent eyes, though it was guilty beyond mention. The female persacom, dressed as a maid, falls towards the child as his vision fades to black.



Kenichi woke up with a start, "A bad dream." He decides after a few seconds, before walking towards where he knew his parent's bedroom would be. He opens the door and finds an empty room, covered in dust and cobwebs, there's a single window that shows it's almost dawn. He realizes in his young mind that mother couldn't comfort him any more, and he cried as his new parents noticed he was awake.

"Kenichi?" The male, Hideki asks, only for Kenichi to rush to the female, Chi, and sob. Barely legibly asking her why her room was empty.

Not knowing what else to do, they just knelt and comforted him. Part of Hideki's mind though, 'Of course we get the traumatized one-' Before virtually the rest of him gave that part a verbal beating, mentally at least.


(About half an hour later.)

Kenichi has been convinced to go back sleep, but Chi watches him toss in his sleep as Hideki approaches her. "Is he.. okay?"

"Probably not." Hideki sighed, "But kids need their sleep. I can close up the shop for today and take care of him, why don't you go to the bakery?"


Hideki felt bad, with the way she said it. A sad voice didn't fit Chi at all.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine." Hideki wore a false smile, which was just enough to brighten Chi up a little as she walked out the door, pausing slightly as Hideki called out, "Have a good trip!"

Chi responded with an OK, and was on her way, leaving Hideki alone with Kenichi.