Harry's breath caught at the look in Draco's eyes. He thought he might melt into their liquid depths and the sharp nervousness he felt began to dissipate. Draco had taken care of him since the moment he had awakened. Hell, Draco had given up his magic for Harry, something he thought no pureblood would ever do. Harry still wanted to know why Draco had done it, but now was not the time. He watched as Draco's perfect, pale fingers opened the jar and then dipped inside.

"How long?" Harry asked, unable to stop himself.

"How long what?"

"You said it's been a while for you…"

Draco smiled and Harry was glad to see it wasn't a smirk. "I wanted to forget you in Brazil. There were gorgeous, tanned opportunities everywhere, but none of them were you, Harry. So, yes, it's been a while. Since before I woke you up, actually. I suppose we were both idiots, eh?"

Harry swallowed through the lump in his throat. "Not idiots, maybe, but perhaps a little slow?"

"Sometimes slow is good," Draco said. "Let me show you." With that, his oil-slick fingers moved beneath the covers and Harry gasped when they glazed over his cock in deliciously slow strokes.

"Ohhhh, your hands. I adore your hands."

Draco did smirk at that, but rewarded Harry by gripping his cock and fisting it rapidly a few times, causing Harry to arch his back in response and a cry escaped his lips. He nearly yelped in frustration when Draco let go, but the blond sat back on his haunches and gazed at Harry with an expression of such naked hunger that Harry would have forgiven him anything. His fingers touched the oil again and then returned to skate lightly over Harry's cock before moving lower.

Draco kept his platinum eyes fixed on Harry's as he traced gentle circles around his hole until he thought he might die of anticipation. The sensation was incredible and his aching erection leaked fluid onto his abdomen. His legs unconsciously opened wider, begging for more, and Draco obliged by pressing the tip of one finger inside.

Harry drew in a sharp breath, but forced himself to stay loose and relaxed—he fully trusted that Draco would not hurt him. The single finger pushed in and in until it halted at the knuckle, and then it worked slowly in and out until Harry was ready, oh so ready, for more. A second one joined the first and it was tight enough that Harry winced and kept his muscles relaxed only through sheer Gryffindor willpower. Draco helped by coating his other hand with oil and rubbing it over Harry's cock again. Harry alternated his attention between the two building sensations.

Draco's fingers moved rhythmically, pulling, pushing, opening him. A third finger joined the second, stretching him wider than Harry thought possible, and the stroking on his cock became almost more than he could bear. He was getting close again, so incredibly close. His panting gasps sounded loud in the room, audible even over the crackle of the fire.

And then Draco's fingers pulled out, leaving him strangely empty, until something large and hot touched his loosened hole. Another quick coating of oil slicked the entry and then Harry felt himself stretching, stretching, widening impossibly to take in Draco's suddenly gigantic-seeming prick. Fucking Merlin, he couldn't possibly fit!

But he did. Harry shook, covered in sweat, with his fingers twisted in the sheets so tightly that his joints protested. Draco didn't move, pausing with only his cock head buried. His eyes were intense and dark with passion. "Are you okay?" he asked huskily.

Harry nodded sharply, not feeling okay at all, but still wanting more.

"This is the rough part," Draco warned and then pushed into Harry with a steady thrust that ripped a shout from Harry's throat as his world went white with pain. The rough part? He felt like a burning firebrand had been shoved up his arse! He whimpered, wanting to throw Draco off and escape the pain, but he slowly became aware that Draco held him tightly and murmured nonsense against his lips while pressing soft kisses there. Slowly, holy fuck, so damned slowly, the burning subsided and reduced itself to an almost bearable ache.

"Ouch," Harry managed though lungs barely able to process air.

"Sorry," Draco replied. "I wish I could make it easier, but it will be like that the first few times… until you get used to it." He sounded worried and rightly so, because Harry wasn't sure there would be more times if he had to go through that wretched experience again.

Draco's wonderful hands were soothing, however, stroking over every bit of Harry's skin they could touch and wrapping around his cock to keep his erection from deflating. It was a feeling of awesome relief when Draco pulled nearly out, leaving him shaking.

And then Draco pushed back in. This time the burn was not as noticeable and when he dragged back and pressed forward again, Harry thought he might be able to bear it. He sighed slightly in relief and relaxed without too much effort. His hands moved up and touched Draco's hips, holding lightly and loving the feel of the ridges beneath his thumbs as he stroked gently.

Apparently satisfied with Harry's response, Draco set up a pace that Harry found tolerable if not quite pleasurable. Not quite, until Draco discovered that.

Harry stiffened with a gasp and his fingers clenched hard into Draco's hips, stilling his motion. "What?" Draco asked in concern.

"What was that?" Harry breathed. He experimentally lifted his hips and rocked forward onto Draco's cock, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the blond.

"Fuck, Harry, warn me before you do that… but damn, do it again!"

Harry did, trying to find that magical sensation again, but nothing happened except that he felt rather good about having some control, especially when Draco threw his head back with a gorgeous moan. Harry bit his lip and thrust upward sharply.

"Merlin! I was trying to keep it gentle for you!" Draco's voice was strained. His hands wrapped around Harry's hips, forcing Harry to release Draco's and clutch at his thighs instead. "Tell me… fuck, tell me if I'm being too rough."

With that, Draco thrust forward sharply and Harry arched nearly off of the bed. "Bloody hell, yes!" he cried. Draco took Harry's new enthusiasm to heart and began to slam into him roughly, causing Harry's hands to slide against his thighs until he finally twisted his fingers back into the bedclothes to gain some leverage. He matched Draco stoke for stroke and every thrust pounded over something absolutely brilliant that was turning Harry to molten jelly.

"Draco, oh yes, Draco, yes, fuck!" Harry chanted mindlessly, nearly sobbing each word. A hand suddenly fastened around his throbbing cock, stroked twice, and Harry screamed aloud as he came.

"Harry, you… are so…so… Oh, Merlin!" Draco's head fell back and a sharp cry escaped his lips. Harry, nearly lost in his own orgasm, found it an incredible sight—Draco almost seemed enveloped in a golden glow for a moment. He collapsed over Harry with a sharp gasp and his teeth sank gently into Harry's shoulder. Harry wrapped his arms tightly around Draco's waist and felt his body quake against him, mirroring his own quivers of release. As Draco slumped over him in a limp heap, Harry gripped him more tightly and pressed soft kisses into the salty flesh of Draco's neck. As the orgasmic high began to dissipate, Harry felt none of the awkwardness he had feared. Instead, he wanted to stay where he was, sliding his hands gently over the smooth skin and holding the Slytherin until they both fell asleep.

Draco rolled off suddenly and looked at him through strangely bright eyes. "Did you know?"

Harry reached up to trace the edge of Draco's jaw, "Did I know what? That you would be amazing in bed? I admit I suspected it."

Annoyance crossed the fine features, but it was tempered with softness. Draco's hand grabbed Harry's and he placed a kiss in into the palm.

"Give me your wand," Draco said. Harry frowned, but reached behind himself to locate the forgotten bit of wood. His questing fingers touched it and he handed it to Draco.

"Accio Harry's glasses," Draco said and the silver-frames scraped across the bedside table and sailed into his outstretched hand. Harry gaped at him in wonder.

"How—?" He took the spectacles and put them on before staring at Draco again. "How did you do that? I thought surely… Could you do magic all along?"

Draco frowned. "You really didn't know?"

"Know what? Why do you keep asking me that?"


Draco looked at Harry in confusion. It took him a moment to process the idea that Harry was innocent—that he had actually slept with him without the intention of "saving" him. It was nearly overwhelming. Draco conjured a warm, wet cloth, thrilling at the feel of magic coursing through him again. He was surprised at how easily it came back to him; he had always thought it would be sluggish if it returned. Draco finally felt wonderfully whole.

"Let me clean you up," he said and Harry lay back obediently with a slight blush tinting his cheeks as Draco's eyes roamed over the slick mess on his abdomen. Draco cast a Cleaning Charm and then leaned down to press a kiss on Harry's flat stomach. Despite the spell, he tasted a hint of saltiness and lapped at it, nearly growing hard again at the faint remnant of Harry's come.

"Draco," Harry gasped and then twisted his hands in Draco's hair, not ungently. "Tell me."

"All right." Draco moved back until he lay next to Harry and looked into his placid green eyes. "But, I don't know if you're going to like this."

"Is my magic gone now? Did it return to you?"

"No, I…" Draco paused. "I don't think so. Here." He handed the wand back to Harry.

"Lumos!" Harry said and the tip glowed brightly. A knot loosened itself in Draco's chest. Thank Merlin, Harry still had magic. The Gryffindor's brow crinkled and Draco smiled.

"Harry, it's possible that… Well, no, it's probable, actually. Maybe more than probable…"

Harry grinned broadly and reached out to stroke his fingers across Draco's jaw. "I've never seen you babble before. It's so cute."

Draco snapped his jaw shut with a scowl. "I'm not babbling," he snapped. "I'm trying to tell you that we could be Bonded. Are Bonded. We are magically Bonded, Harry."

Harry's grin widened. "Bonded. Like in married or something?"

"Yes. Like in married or something." Draco tried to keep the sarcasm out of his voice and failed. What was it about the Gryffindor that prevented any sort of normal conversation? "Okay. If you say so," Harry said and then yawned widely and shut his eyes before scooting forward and snuggling into Draco's body.

"Harry, this is serious."

"Mmmm hmmm. I'm sure. Sleep now." With that, Harry yawned and nuzzled at the hollow of Draco's throat. Draco sighed and buried his face in Harry's impossibly thick hair. Maybe the Gryffindor would be properly upset after a nap.

Draco pulled him closer and drifted off to sleep.


A loud banging roused Harry from the best sleep of his life. He remembered why when he opened his eyes and found himself staring into the sculpted features of Draco Malfoy. A smile tugged at his lips as he thought about awakening the blond by touching something… His hand moved from the curve of Draco's lower back over the smooth skin of his arse cheek—until a hammering startled him.

"Harry James Potter! You had better open this door right now or so help me I'll come through the wall!"

Harry sat up with a start. It was Hermione. They had forgotten to cancel the Locking Charms on the door. Harry sought for the wand in the bedcovers.

"I don't think it's down there, Harry," Draco said in a teasing tone and Harry looked up to find the silver eyes watching him. Harry continued the grope with a different purpose and Draco's eyes darkened in an especially nice way. Fuck the door, he thought.

At that moment the door blasted completely off the hinges and flew into the room where it bounced off the nearest bedpost and ended with one corner in the fire. Harry gaped at Hermione as she stalked into the room, but she gasped and halted at the sight of them. Harry guiltily snatched his hand away just as Draco yanked the sheet up to partially cover them.

Behind Hermione, Pansy smirked. "I didn't think you'd last long once he woke up, Potter."

Harry thought his blush might burn the flesh from his face, but he moved closer to Draco and tucked a possessive arm around his shoulders. The blond stiffened, but Harry pressed on in typical Gryffindor fashion. "Draco says we're married now."

His breath left in a whoof as a fist smacked into his midsection. "I didn't say that, you idiot. I said we were Bonded."

Harry scowled at him, but refused to let him go, not that Draco seemed to be pulling away. In fact, he tucked his head against Harry's shoulder. "What's the difference?"

"A ridiculous legal ceremony and some paperwork."

"Oh. Well, we can do that later, right?"

Draco did pull away at that, in order to stare at him with an expression bordering on horrified. "You… You want to marry me?"

Hermione made a squealing sound and rushed forward to throw herself on the bed atop them, squeezing them both mercilessly. "Oh, I'm so happy! I can't believe it! I can't believe Harry finally did it! I thought I was imagining the way you practically drooled every time Draco walked into a room. And Draco, I knew he couldn't resist you if he even looked at you properly for five minutes…"

"Muddy." Draco's voice was muffled by her large breasts. "Need air."

Harry agreed. She was practically strangling him. She sat back, but her face was beaming.

"So they shagged. Why is that so spectacular?" Pansy asked in a bored tone. "Not that Potter doesn't have a nice, shaggable arse."

"Hey!" Harry and Draco said in unison. Harry looked at him in surprise and Draco leaned close to whisper, "She is right, though."

"The spell is complete, right?" Hermione asked. "Draco? Your magic?"

Draco looked at her and nodded. "It's back. You didn't tell Potter about the spell?"

She scowled. "How could I? That damned Unbreakable Vow I took nearly got you killed!"

"How could you do that to Hermione?" Harry asked him indignantly. "I thought you liked her."

Draco's arms tightened and he looked almost sheepish. It was such an odd expression on him that Harry wished he had a camera, because he doubted he would ever see it again. "I lied," he said.

"You lied about liking her?"

"No, idiot, about the Vow. It wasn't a real Unbreakable Vow. Well, it was, but I used Blaise as our Bonder, remember? He helped me cast a Nullification Field before you came over. Every spell cast within the field was nullified."

"I would have noticed!" Hermione protested.

Draco grinned wickedly. "You didn't notice. The spell worked exactly as it was supposed to, for the period of six seconds until the Nullification Charm took effect. You just thought it was a normal part of the Vow. You had never taken one before, right?"

She shook her head, clearly disgruntled. "And I never will again. Why did you do that? You are a complete and total bastard!"

Draco shrugged. "You're a Gryffindor. I wanted a guarantee that you wouldn't go all noble and tell everything to the Boy Wonder here, which you would have done! But I also did not want you to die from an inability to keep your mouth shut."

"But if I had told him it wouldn't have taken nearly a year to make things right!"

Draco looked at Harry speculatively. "He would have Bonded with me just to save me. I think I prefer it this way."

Harry looked pointedly at Hermione, hoping she would take the hint and leave him alone with his newfound lover. She coughed and actually blushed slightly. "Well. Now that I know you two are okay, I suppose we can go."

"Can't we stay and watch?" Pansy asked. Harry stared at her aghast. She rolled her eyes. "I was only kidding. You might have to break him of his modesty, Draco. I know how much you like sex in public."

She sauntered out with Hermione in tow and Harry looked at Draco with narrowed eyes. "How would she know that?"

December 15th, 2005

Harry normally hated shopping. He blamed the Dursleys, of course, for never teaching him the finer skills of seeking out proper shops, searching for merchandise, weighing items with a critical eye, and bargaining. Normally Harry would go to any store that caught his fancy, pick out whatever random item caught his eye and pay for it without question. Most of the time he allowed himself to be coerced into buying several items he didn't need, thanks to the persistent haggling skills of crafty clerks.

Shopping with Draco was an eye opening experience. The blond bypassed several Addition Alley shops, declaring them unworthy. He dragged Harry into a ludicrous amount of clothiers and insisted he purchase an entirely new wardrobe—for them both. Harry could hardly complain when Draco took such pleasure in modelling the clothing for him. He was reluctant to do the same, until the first outfit he tried on caused Draco's platinum eyes to warm like molten silver.

Not that it was all sunshine and roses, of course. The prat was utterly insatiable. He demanded chocolates and hot tea; he insisted on buttery croissants; he spent so many hours in the Apothecary that Harry checked himself for spider webs, in case he had sprouted some during his bored wait by the door. Draco was a tireless shopper, visiting more stores in one afternoon than Harry frequented in six months.

Still, everything he did was a joy to watch. His thick black robes were buttoned tightly around his lean frame and a dark scarf nearly obscured his face whenever they were outdoors. Harry had picked up the scarf once and had to smile at the dark green snakes twining their way through the black wool, nearly invisible except on close examination.

Draco held up a slinky bit of green satin and lace for his perusal. "Do you think Muddy would like this?"

"I think Ron would adore you. I think Hermione might strangle you with it."

"Maybe I'll give it to the Weasel, then."

"Only if you want him to have heart failure when he opens it."

"A bonus! I'll do it."

Harry punched him half-heartedly on the arm, but he laughed at the very thought of Ron's eyes bugging out in panic when he viewed the lingerie.

Draco had purchased an insane number of noisemaking, exploding, and borderline dangerous toys for Hugo and Rose. Harry thought they might have to spend the entire month of January at Draco's flat to avoid Hermione's wrath. At the thought of staying at the quiet flat alone with the blond, Harry licked his lips and looked at Draco speculatively.

"No, Harry. We have to finish our shopping. It's only ten days until Christmas and we still have Pansy's gift."

Harry moved close enough to touch the blond. "Just snatch some fit lad off the streets and ship him off to her. That will keep her happy for a bit."

"Harry James Potter, are you advocating kidnapping? The shame. Besides, I think Pansy is smitten with her Greek lover. She's never stayed anywhere so long. I might have to buy her a condo."

"Can we go home now?" Harry begged, plucking the fabric from Draco's fingers and leaning in to press a kiss on Draco's neck.

"I promise to shag you properly later, Harry. Right now it is serious shopping time. What do you plan to get for the Weasel clan?" Despite his words, Draco raised a hand and caressed Harry's cheek gently.

"Hermione is picking something up for me," Harry murmured as his eyes fluttered shut.

"You scheming little Gryffindor! How dare you shirk your shopping duties?"

"I wanted more time to spend with you," Harry breathed and felt a thrill of victory when Draco sighed and touched his lips to Harry's. The kiss deepened out of control, as it usually did, and only a throat-clearing noise from the nearby clerk drew them out of a lust-induced haze.

"Let's go outside," Draco said thickly and Harry nodded. They escaped the clothiers and Harry welcomed the cold winter air on his cheeks. The sky was leaden and seemed ready to spit snowflakes at any moment. Draco marched across the street where a small café sat with fairy lights twinkling in the window. Harry thought he would go inside for another cup or tea or some sweets, but Draco continued into a small evergreen garden bordering the café. In the summer, the wrought iron tables set amid the greenery would be filled with people—now it was abandoned.

Harry entered the space, ducking under the dangling branches of a weeping cherry tree, barren of leaves. Draco indicated a chair. "Sit."

Harry obediently settled into a cold metal seat, wincing as the chill seeped into his buttocks despite his warm robes. Draco seemed suddenly nervous and Harry frowned, wondering what his lover was about.

Draco sighed heavily. "Harry, I meant to wait, but you're forcing me to do this."

Panic suddenly scrambled with mad claws in Harry's brain. He clutched at the iron table with one hand, barely noticing the knife-edged cold that lanced into his fingers. Oh god, he's dumping me, he thought wildly.

"I know you've joked about our Bond and about being married," Draco continued, stressing the last two words with a sarcasm that seemed forced. Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Draco put two warm fingers against his lips. "Hush. This is hard enough."

Harry thought his heart might actually stop beating. He wanted to run into the street, to hurry away from whatever Draco would say next. Instead, he knew he would abandon his Gryffindor pride and cling to the blond, begging, pleading for another chance. The past month with Draco had been more incredible than he could have imagined. Had he been stifling the Slytherin?

He forced his hysterical thoughts into a more rational pattern and made himself listen to Draco, who spoke in a quiet, serious tone.

"I know you think the Bond was forced on me and that I had little to say in the matter. I want you to know that I willingly cast the spell that stripped my magic and gave it to you, even without knowing the full effects. At the time, I had little reason to live and you… well; you had the potential that I lacked, Harry. You had friends and fans and the potential to become even more than you were."

Harry frowned, but Draco went on. "I want you to know that I would do it again. I would do it even if the outcome were different. I would have died for you then without really knowing you. And now… well, now I would die for you just because you're you."

Harry's eyes widened. He strove to speak, but Draco dropped to his knees. Both pale hands took up the hand in Harry's lap, the one that had been plucking nervously at the edge of his Gryffindor scarf, the one he purposely wore to annoy the beautiful blond kneeling before him.

"Harry, the Bond might have been an unexpected consequence, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You seem oddly content to be with me, putting up with my tantrums and moods and general inability to properly communicate. And fuck, this is not at all coming out the way I had planned. I meant to wait until Christmas, but…"

One of Draco's hands left Harry's and slipped inside of his robe. He withdrew a tiny box and flicked it open with a click to expose a platinum band set with tiny green stones.

"Harry, will you marry me?"

Time seemed to stand still as Harry stared at the ring, barely able to reconcile Draco's words with his panicked musings of moments before. Silence stretched between them and Draco's fingers, still clutching Harry's hand in his lap, began to tremble slightly. The ring box pulled away minutely and the barely perceptible movement snapped Harry's stasis.

He threw himself on the blond with a cry of joy, knocking him to the ground with a sharp exhale. Harry planted kisses over Draco's face while dragging in sobbing breaths. He realized he was crying and did not care a jot, especially when Draco laughed.

"Does this ridiculous display equate to a yes?" he asked dryly.

Harry laughed through his tears. "Yes! Hell, yes! I thought you were going to leave me!"

Draco's hands rose to brush the wetness from Harry's face. The ring box was crushed between them and Harry recovered it with reverence. He flipped it open and gazed at the circlet, feeling his throat close up again.

"Hufflepuff," Draco chided. "You're ruining my robes."

"I know," Harry acknowledged, but he made no move to rise. He plucked the ring from the black velvet and slipped it on. "I love you."

Draco's smile could have rivalled the sun for brilliance. He dragged Harry down into a heady kiss, obviously no longer mindful of his destroyed robes. Harry kissed him as though his life depended on it, pouring every bit of emotion he possessed into it, breaking away only when his lungs screamed for oxygen.

The result was lovely to behold—Draco Malfoy with gorgeously flushed cheeks, mussed hair, and eyes the colour of bottomless pools, dazed and slightly unfocused.

"Draco, I want you right now."

The silver eyes refocused and widened perceptively. "What? Here?"

Harry's fingers were already unfastening the buttons on Draco's black robes, frantic with eagerness. Halfway down, he yanked off his Gryffindor scarf and placed it beneath Draco's head as a cushion.

Harry had never been quite bold enough to put Pansy's statement about Draco enjoying public sex to the test, but now it seemed the most natural thing in the world. The fact that anyone could walk by the garden entry and see them gave him a curious thrill. He saw the though mirrored in Draco's eyes and in the smiled that curved his kiss-reddened lips.

Draco gasped when Harry's cold hand breached the open robes and slipped into his pants to grip his already-hardening cock. Harry smiled wolfishly. "Oh yes, right here. Right now. You are mine and I am yours and I want the world to know it, so if a photographer from the Daily Prophet happens to walk by and snap a photo, well then, I shall request a dozen copies."

He stroked as he spoke and Draco arched beneath him even as his hands fumbled with Harry's outerwear. When Draco's fingers reached flesh, Harry wondered how he always managed to keep his hands so warm, not that he was complaining, especially when those wonderful, warm fingers wrapped around his stiff cock and twisted in a way that always made Harry growl in the back of his throat.

Their hands bumped together and their breath mingled and fogged the air as they celebrated their mutual adoration with eagerness. Harry wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep in Draco's heat, but he was too close to the edge to wait. There would be time for that later, time for hot drinks and thick blankets spread before the fire. The flames would make a halo of Draco's hair and Harry would bury his hands in it while slowly drinking in the knowledge that he would wake up next to the blond not only tomorrow, but tomorrow's tomorrows.

But now all was urgency and need, stroking hands and banging knuckles, hurried kisses and whispered, incoherent sounds. Harry came with a rush and a strangled cry, followed closely by Draco. Fuck, Harry would never tire of feeling Draco shivering against him, whether over, under, or beside. Their fingers kept moving until the last drop of release milked out, marring their clothing with wetness and smearing over their abdomens and hands.

"Are you boys all right?" a voice called and Harry's head snapped up to see an elderly witch peering at them from near the hedge.

"Ah… yes, ma'am," Harry replied. "Better than all right, actually."

She must have caught sight of Harry's bare chest—and possibly more—because she made a squeaking noise and turned away. Her heels clicked rapidly on the walk as she disappeared and Harry laughed aloud.

"Pervert," Draco said in an amused tone.

"You should have seen her face," Harry said and chuckled as he buried his face in the scent of Draco's hair. "We must do this more often."

"Come on, you. My backside is frozen and I'll thank you to warm it for me."

"With my tongue?" Harry suggested.

"Fuck, Harry, if I'd known a silly marriage proposal would turn you into a sex-crazed fiend I would have done it long ago."

"We will just have to make up for lost time then, won't we?" he said and felt in Draco's robes for the hawthorn wand. Harry used his own wand now, but their shared magic made Draco's wand easier to use. They often shared it at home.

Shopping postponed for the day, Harry Apparated them to Draco's flat and set about fulfilling his promise. It was shaping up to be their best Christmas ever.

Author's note: Finally finished!! YAY! I hope everyone liked my holiday fic. Oh... and here's a bit of explanation about the spell, since it was never actually revealed in the story...

I had this all planned where Harry would put the pieces of the mystery together based on a random comment from Snape and another random comment from Pansy or Hermione or whoever the hell it was. Harry would confront old Snapey, demand answers... and ultimately go away frustrated and angry.

I decided to skip that bit for several reasons and here they are:

1) The plot was minimal and not necessary to the story. The only reason it had a "plot" was to provide a reason for Harry's comatose state. The important thing was Harry and Draco's developing relationship, so I concentrated on that.

2) Real life sucks. We don't always get to know who the bad guys are. People get away with shit. Questions never find answers. I wanted Harry to accept that and move on.

3) The reasoning behind the spell was stupid and petty and I didn't want to give it more importance than it had. Basically, Snape had noticed Harry checking out boys (without Harry even consciously acknowledging it) and thought it was beautiful irony that the Chosen One was secretly gay. In a fit of annoyance, Snape cast the spell that would drain Harry's magic if he chose to marry a girl (any girl) and deny his nature. Snape meant to dispel it after he got over being an irritated git, but EVENTS happened and he ran out of time. The spell was supposed to turn Harry into a Squib, but the whole Voldemort and dying thing made Harry react differently, dispelling his magic and sending him into a coma. Snape's portrait decided not to confess, being Snape...

See how lame that was? I didn't want to mess up a perfectly good fic by adding Snape's stupidity to it. *dodges blows from hook-nosed Potions Master*