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Link was just a normal kid. He fought battles, ate the eggs of the kishin, and turned into a vicious weapon. Yeah, he was just a normal kid. Zelda/Soul Eater cross-over

The sword came down, cutting through flesh and bone. It pulled back as a screech ripped through the air, slowly fading when the person making it disappeared in a puff of black smoke. When it cleared, all that was left was a red orb. The orb pulsated with evil, making it known that this was what the sword bearer was looking for. He stepped up to it, hand wrapping around the orb, bringing it up to his mouth. Perfect Cupid's bow lips, petal soft, opened to let the orb in. It was chewed slowly, as if the man savored the taste, before being swallowed with a gulp.

The hand that seemed to hold the sword opened, but the blade did not fall. Instead, it started to slide into the appendage, and as the tip got within 5 inches of the body part the blade shone bright white, seemingly turning into liquid as it shot into the hand. This and its partner were put into a position behind their owner's head. The pose the man was now in reeked of relaxation.

"That makes 95. Thank you for the meal." He said this softly to himself. As quietly as he had spoken, he left.

Off he went to a large castle-like building at the center of the city he was in. The man, a boy, really, pulled out a stone from his pocket, muttering a few numbers. The flat side shimmered. One, two, three seconds passed with only the sound of his footsteps and breathing echoing down the alleyway. On the fourth second, a face appeared on the stone. It was someone to whom he was very acquainted with.

That person smiled at him. "I see you've finished without even getting a scratch. Good work, come back to the castle now."

He nodded. He didn't actually talk too much, especially around people that were not very close to him. The only people he spoke with were a select handful of people that he would gladly die for. This, for some reason, included himself. A few would call this mild insanity, talking when it was obvious that no one was around. He just called it a habit. The boy wasn't always alone like this. Once upon a time he had a partner that he would talk to all day long. He would laugh and sing and be merry. But then she got a real partner, one who wasn't temporary, and he was left in the dust as they moved quickly through the ranks. Of course he was happy for her. He was also very sad. She had been his support, the one who brought him out of his shell and held his hand as they explored their world. After she left, he became inverted, stuttering when someone asked him something. Eventually, he stopped talking to all but his few precious people. Declining offers of partnership, this time permanent, he moved through the ranks by himself. Now, after collecting 95 corrupted souls, he needed only 4 more and then a witch's to become a Master sword. Currently he was just a sword, but he swore to change that. There were others, ones that held the title of Master, though none were swords. One of the ones he knew personally was a Master spiked chain-and-ball. Her name was Ashei.

"Link, I would like you to come to the throne room when you get back. I'll see you then." He jumped at the use of his given name. The stone was quiet once more, so he shoved it into the pocket it came from. Sighing, he continued the long trek to the castle. Link wished for Epona, his beautiful flying death mare. She would get him back to the building in less than 5 minutes. Going at full throttle, and seeing as she was technically dead and didn't tire out, Epona was the ideal mount for passing over land or water quickly. However, Link had left her sulking in a corner after she managed to lose her kneecap. Being all bones really wasn't good when heavy objects were involved. Epona had run straight into a crate, and the bone just popped off. Even though it was put back in its place, she still moped.

Link smiled, remembering how she had slammed her hoof into her previous owner's face. She was feisty, but the death horse had grown on him. It helped that she was only dangerous when being handled by other people.

The castle came into view, large and imposing. Link was a student there, but if all went well he would become a Master sword and he would graduate. Its name was Hyrule Castle, founded by Queen Zelda many centuries back. The name Zelda was passed down from mother to daughter, for the Royal Family never had more than one child, and the baby was always a girl. That child would take control of Hyrule Castle and the job of the Queen, unable to die until a new Zelda has risen to take her place. But title of Queen came with a price. While the Queen had the immense power accumulated over dozens of lives that flowed through the generations down to the heir, the Queen could not leave Hyrule, the city surrounding Hyrule Castle, and she had to perform duties and hold onto knowledge that Link couldn't begin to guess.

The castle was an academy for Meisters and Weapons, a place where one could find their lifetime partner and become more powerful, hopefully to eventually become a Master. Masters were Weapons that could be used by the Royal Family, by the Queen and her growing child. The most loyal and powerful of the Master Weapons stayed in the city, so that should the need arise; they were available for use by the Queen. He knew this one, too. His name was Sheik.

Link sighed. His Meister had left him for another Weapon. He didn't blame her, as he was only a temporary partner and their soulwavelengths could not completely align.

His face slammed into something hard and an arm wrapped around his waist, preventing him from falling down on his tailbone. He thanked the Goddesses and this person for saving him from untold agony, before realizing that the person hadn't let go. Growing annoyed, Link opened his hand wide and placed the palm onto the chest, pushing fiercely and summoning his sword, his true form. The man released him hurriedly.

"Jeez, Link. You'd think you would be a bit more grateful to me for catching you. Pulling out your weapon form was a bit of an overreaction, hmm?" The man who dared to invade Link's personal space pouted.

Link snarled at him, turning to walk around the man to the entrance of the castle.

He followed, persistent.

"I see you're still partnerless. As it just so happens, so am I. What do you think? Have you changed your mind about my proposal? We would make a great team." His pout turned into a lecherous grin. "I'll be good to you, promise."

Link walked faster.


Finally managing to get away from the creep –known to all as Jovani, who desired nothing more than wealth and fame- Link panted from the run he had just done. He was standing in front of the door to the throne room where Queen Zelda, the one he had listened to through the stone, waited. Pushing it open, he expected nothing less than the cool marble floor, the dozens of marble pillars, and the gold-plated marble throne. The maker of this castle enjoyed the look and feel of marble quite a bit. The Zelda of this generation had tried all she could to brighten the room, but most of her attempts failed miserably. The ones that didn't had turned the room into something not-quite intimidatingly feminine. Queen Zelda was not on her throne, but off in a corner smelling the blood red roses there.

She acknowledged him with a nod, but did not turn around. Link wondered what her need of him was, standing patiently, silently, as the woman continued inhaling the fragrant stench of pretty. Only she could enjoy that smell.

Finally, she spoke. "I've called you here for something very important. I hope you don't immediately rage at me for it." The Queen paused, turning to face him.

"Someone… someone is here to see you. They requested that they meet you and try for the position of your Meister."

At the word 'Meister', Link tensed. Hadn't he made it clear to her the first time she asked that he wasn't going to get another partner? He was so close to completing his goal, too. 4 eggs and one witch, and he would be a Master sword. Why did she ask this of him now when he had come so far on his own? The Meister probably only wanted to team up with him to get the fame of being one of the few to make a Master Weapon.

"They are royalty of one of the neighboring continents, and I need their support. The only thing they asked was to meet and potentially partner with you. Please, just meet them."

He growled softly but didn't leave. Queen Zelda took that as a sign that he was accepting, and called the Meister in.

The girl that walked in was not what Link expected. She couldn't have been older than he was. Dirty blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes; both looking quite like his own, she wore a dress that hung to mid thigh and brown pants. Smiling, she opened her mouth to speak.

"Nice to meet you, Link. My name is Ilia. I've heard a lot about you from my dad. He says you're going to be a good partner for me, and will lend me your impressive strength. I hope this is true. We'd make a great team."

'We'd make a great team.' Where had Link heard that? Inwardly, he grimaced. Jovani. His last Meister had never said that to him. They both knew they needed to work together even with the difficulties they faced regularly.

"What's wrong? Will you not speak to me?" the corners of her mouth dipped into a frown.

Link did not reply.

"Link is a special case," Queen Zelda hurriedly explained. "He does not speak to most people, but I'm sure that if you two become partners he will open up in no time."

His piercing, blank eyes turned to stare at her, and she stopped talking.

"Oh… w-well, I guess I'll just ask questions that require a 'yes' or 'no'. Um… do you think we would make good partners?" Ilia stuttered out under that gaze.

Link's head tilted in what might have been a yes.

Ilia nodded fervently. "Yes, yes. Would you like to be my partner?"

His head moved suddenly, answering quite loudly 'no'. No sounds from his mouth manifested in both girls' ears.

"A-ah… um, didn't you just say we would be good partners?"

Again, the inclination that affirmed the question.

"Then why won't you be my partner?"

Something changed in the room. Queen Zelda put her head in her hands, but this time the only movement Link made was turning towards the door. He started walking.

"Wait! Where are you going?" But he was already out the door. Queen Zelda sighed.

"I think it's best if you leave. I'll send someone to get you safe passage to your home with the things you brought." She walked to the roses again. "Good bye, Princess Ilia."

Ilia huffed but left as she was commanded. Queen Zelda rubbed her temples. She currently had a major migraine.


Link played the small instrument quietly. Propositions from greedy people like that girl's father were tedious and annoying, always ending up the same. He would never, ever get another partner after his last one. There were just too many good memories, too many things about her that he didn't want to forget. If he got a new Meister, new memories would take the old ones' place. His memories of her were all that he had left.

"Navi…" he breathed out, putting the ocarina down. She had been killed along with her Weapon when they were fighting a witch, the last soul. Her soul had been harvested by a demon sword. She would never move on. If Link forgot about her, who would bother to remember?

A hand dropping onto his shoulder startled him.

"Can I sit here?" a light voice asked.

He smiled and nodded, instantly giving a face to the person.

"You looked mighty lonely, perched here on the balcony by yourself, so I thought I'd join you."

"…Thanks." came the soft reply.

Link looked over to Shad, his long-time friend. Shad had not taken the usual route of a Meister that comes to Hyrule Castle. He had not been interested in finding a Weapon and harvesting the eggs of the kishin. No, he had been attracted by the vast amount of knowledge Hyrule Castle held. He was a sucker for history and he was the biggest studier of all time. Eventually, they named him a teacher because he already knew everything taught in the courses. Shad was graduated and put to work immediately. Good thing he liked his job.

"Are you going to tell me what made you depressed?" At the lowering of Link's head, he asked, "You're not thinking of her, are you?"

A while ago, one of his friends he talked to made it a rule that her name was not mentioned to him. From time to time, he thought about her and went into a state of melancholy; some bouts had lasted over two weeks. During these times, he spoke even less, ate little, and played his ocarina constantly. It made everyone worry about him, and he hated that, but he just couldn't stop thinking about his past partner. If he did, she would disappear. Already he was forgetting her face, her voice. This scared him more than the thought of sharing the same fate as Navi and her partner.

"You are, aren't you. Link, you can't do this to yourself! Not thinking about her isn't going to take away the experiences you two had. You're only hurting yourself. As your friend and teacher, I won't allow it. Come on, we're getting some shaved ice." Link adored sweets. The gooey substance that was dribbled over the cold shards was unbearably sugary. He agreed, acting more reluctant then he felt.


The icy concoction was definitely teeth rotting, and it made Link a bit happier. He thanked Shad for the delicious treat, and off he went to the Quest List, which posted the various kishin eggs to be harvested. His eye caught a particularly nice one: some of the Gerudo Clan had started to eat innocent souls for power. It was estimated that there could be 10+ eggs in the specified area. He only needed four, since anymore of that would ruin all of his hard work. If he got another Weapon to go with him, he wouldn't feel so bad about taking such an opportunity. The only question was who.

In the end, thoughts of his brother knocked every other candidate out of his head with such force that could suggest only the Master megaton hammer's doing. He went to him to ask about the Quest.


Dark was his twin, but only from the time of birth. While he looked like another Link, he was very different. Black feathery locks hung in the same style as Link's own tarnished gold. Red eyes took the place of blue, and he was much paler than Link's already fair skin. He was taller than his brother, with broader shoulders, a buffer body. Link always complained about this, since no matter what he did or how hard he trained, he couldn't be anything but lean and short. Dark had an affinity for black, saying it matched both his eyes and hair. Link preferred a deep green. His entire wardrobe consisted of nothing but black, but Link's was made up of blues and reds, greens and purples. Link even had a couple of black clothes. Appearance wasn't the only thing they had different opinions on. From food to bed covers, both each had their own loves and hates. Their personalities were completely different too. Where Link was shy and silent, Dark was bold and loud.

The only thing they had in common was their power. Both were strong Weapons, turning into exactly the same sword except for the fact that Dark's was pitch black, the grip black with blood red markings. Their soul resonances; where the Weapon aligns it's soul with it's Meister, drawing power from it's partner and turning into something else, something more powerful – were both the same, double helix blades. Dark's, of course, was red and black twined together. However, neither got to use this form often because of the lack of Meisters to resonate with. Dark had just never partnered with somebody, and it was only used when a Meister who could use most weapons asked Queen Zelda for a Weapon to do something, and she sent Dark. Link, even while with Navi, had never really gone into that form seeing as he and his partner couldn't resonate correctly, hurting both badly when they tried. He had not had a Meister since Navi, except for in situations similar to Dark's.

When he made it to the house his brother shared with him, he unlocked the door and stumbled immediately upon a shirtless Dark.

"Gah! Don't you have any decency?! I don't care if you look like me, put a shirt on now!"

"Huh? Oh, Link. You're home. Listen, you know that last pickle we had that we put in a plastic bag to make some room in the fridge?"

"I don't care! Away with you, and don't show yourself until you are covered!" Link was ignored again.

"Yeah, well, I had a sandwich, but that was the last pickle, so, withered as it was, I ate it. The thing must have been sitting in there for weeks it was so shrunken. But the strange thing is that it actually tasted good! Gave me a horrible stomachache, though."


"Oh, and Link?" Dark poked Link's nose.


"…Um, the milk's gone bad, soooo… Get some more? The kind you get from that fairy freak? Please? I'll go with you on your Quest-y thing."

Link didn't ask how he knew. His brother was a crazy, homicidal kitten who liked to bat his sanity between two well-equipped paws. This kitty also like puppies, really fast horses, being pet behind his ears by extremely hot women and men, although he denied it, ("That was a woman, Link, she had boobs." "No, that was the other one." "What other one?!" Link giggled at him while he went into hysterics.) and eating things that should never see the light of day. He was a daredevil alright, one that told him quite plainly, last week, as the first thing out of his mouth when Link stepped through the door, that he hated –no, loathed sandwiches. They were the bane of his existence. So here he was, one week later, eating sandwiches with old pickles. Link didn't ask. Dark didn't explain. They never did.


Dealing with Tingle after putting up with his brother's mind games was not Link's favorite pastime. He absentmindedly wondered if the man was really that small, coming up to his knee, when from the waterfall of gibberish pouring out of his mouth, flooding Link's brain with useless information, Link caught the words 'fairy boy', directed at him, to which he had nodded idiotically. Tingle jumped with glee and spouted more nonsense spawned from his reaction that even a true fairy would have difficulty deciphering.

"What did you call me…?"

Tingle stopped long enough to gurgle fairy boy before continuing.

"I. Am. Not. A. Fairy boy. I don't know what Malon told you, but it's not true."

"But Mr. Fairy Boy!" Link cringed. "Malon told me that -"

Link cut him off by abruptly shoving several rupees into his face and taking off with the milk.

Tingle was definitely not on his 'to talk to' list, but he had slipped. The guy was worse than Dark, and he swore never to go back there.

Ten minutes later, he was returning the 'wrong milk' because Dark only drank Lon Lon's 'Moo Moo Special'.

Link wanted to cry.