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Another, larger hand, still quite small, was wrapped securely around his own. Small tremors shook his body, and the hand squeezed reassuringly. The man in front of them scribbled something in a notebook.

"He's been getting all three meals, everyday?"

"Yes," his brother growled. "Why wouldn't I feed my brother?"

The little boy shivered at his sibling's tone. He hated when these people visited and asked questions. They always said that if he and Dark didn't do what they told them to, they would take him away. He didn't want to be separated from Dark. Never; Dark was like his other half.

"Please, these are mandatory questions. We need to know whether you are treating the boy fairly." He wasn't the only one trembling anymore, but Dark shook for another reason.

"Get. Out."

The man frowned.

"Fine. But we'll be watching to make sure you don't slip up. Goddesses hope you don't, boy." He slipped out the door.

Dark turned to him, putting his free hand on his cheek.

"Oh Link, shh, don't you worry your pretty little head about nothin'. I've made Them go away like I said I would, didn't I?" Link nodded.

"They're just a bunch of wimps. They talk separating us, but when have They even come close to doing that?" Link snuggled up to his brother. Even with Dark being by his side when they came, he still got freaked out.

Dark patted his head. "How about we make some cookies, huh?"

At Link's nod, he pushed him away with a large, synthetic grin. His brother dashed off to the kitchen, leaving Dark standing there. The grin shattered, showing what Dark really felt in the form of a frown.

He knew what they were after. Ever since he had learned what he truly was, what Link was… The expression on his face should never be seen on an eight year old kid. Those people who threatened to take away his existence, his life force, his very reason for living; They knew what he and his brother were too. They wanted his brother, and They wanted Dark out of the way. Dark didn't know why – didn't even really care. All he cared about was Link. Link was the only thing that mattered.

"Dark…?" the small whisper came to him. The smile stretched from both ears.

"Yep! I was just coming!"

When Dark felt another body in his bed that night, he sighed.

"Bad dream?

A hesitant nod was his answer. Dark turned so that he was facing his brother, and looked at the boy sitting in front of him.

Dark lifted the blanket.

"Well, come on then." Link slipped in next to Dark, snuggling close.

As long as he was able to be with his brother, he would fight Them. But for now, his brother depended on him to shield him from bad dreams, and he just happened to be a knight in black armor.

Link stood in front of the massive doors, fidgeting. He had recently been enrolled in Hyrule Castle, and today was his first day. But he was all alone, because Dark had decided that while Link needed to be trained, he wasn't coming along. The young boy didn't know why his darker twin sent him off on his own; didn't he know that Link couldn't stand being alone? What if… what if this was a plot to get rid of him? What if… if Dark didn't want him as a brother anymore? What if… he was left to be caught by Them? Link started to tear up.

"Ahh, there you are. I looked all over for you, and yet you were right here! You're the new student – Link, right? How about we go ask Queen Zelda what to do with you? Come along now."

Link blinked in surprise at this person who somehow knew his name. Just who were they? He was going to be taken to the Queen? Even though he was only ten, Link knew enough to question why he was one of the lucky ones to meet the Queen in person. Most who got to talk with her were Meisters and Weapons, and half the time that was through a special spell and an object of some sort. Here he was being told he was going to see her without even going to one class. Something was up.

The person turned back to him, surprised he wasn't following.

"Oh, I'm sorry; I forgot to tell you my name!" Link got a close view of their face. Too close, since his eyes crossed painfully.

"I'm Rusl, one of the teachers here at Hyrule Castle. I used to be a Meister, but once my weapon became a Master, I decided it was time to do other things." Rusl laughed at Link's hanging jaw.

"And you know what? One day, a long time ago, I was just." He tapped Link's forehead:



"you. But even I had to start somewhere, so let's be off! It's not everyday you get to meet the Queen!"

Both smiled, eyes twinkling similarly.

Link bit his lip. Rusl had gotten pulled away by someone else, and he was supposed to stay right where he was, but, well… he had to go! He thought he could find the bathroom and make it back to his designated waiting spot before Rusl got back, but he got lost instead.

A little sniffle escaped him. Why did this place have to be so big?

"Hey, are you okay?" Link twirled to find another boy that looked to be several years older than himself. He was taller, and a set of pristine glasses sat on his nose. The boy wore Hyrule Castle's uniform, and it Link could see wrinkles here and there. It seemed like the only unruffled thing on him were his glasses.

He bent down to Link's eye level.

"Are you lost?"Link nodded, and the boy smiled.

"Alrighty then. I'm Shad, and I'll help you get wherever it is you're supposed to be." He paused, looking the small child in front of him up and down."What's your name?"

Link fidgeted. He hated talking to people. The only one that got to hear his voice regularly was Dark. Shad frowned.


He mumbled something incoherent.

"I'm sorry, what was that? Speak up please."


Shad smiled warmly at him, making Link smile shyly back.

"Link, eh? Good, good. Now just how old might you be, Link?"


"Ten! You're a big boy, aren't you? So, what might a big boy like you be doing here?"The smaller of the two started fidgeting again, seemingly getting smaller.

"I was – ah… trying to find the… bathroom?"

"I see. Well, if you'll allow me, I'd be happy to escort you to our toilets. May I?" he held out his hand. Link's own shaking one slid into it. Shad's hand was soft, quite unlike Rusl's. It was, however, just as warm.

So many people! And all of them were twice his size! Link scuffed his foot against the ground as he thought of all the people he now knew, including Queen Zelda.

She had been unexpectedly nice, and beautiful, too. He decided that he rather liked her.

"Well, look what we have here: one of the Twins! The fair-haired one to boot! Looks like it's my lucky day."

Link shuddered and turned to the slimy voice. His heart felt as though dropped into a bucket of ice water when he saw who addressed him. It was one of Them.

The man came close, even as Link's mind went into a state of panic. Frozen fingers lifted his tiny chin, and the man smirked at the blank look of fear in the boy's eyes. Slowly he crouched down.

"You're going to become a mighty fine young man one day. I can't wait until that brat brother of yours is taken care of and you're under my care." He licked his lips, his ever-present smirk now horribly malicious.

"'Taken care of'? I'd like to see you try!"

The man cried out as a deep gash was cut into the arm attached to the hand on Link's face. He jerked back, holding it protectively, and spat back at his attacker;

"You'll pay for that! Be glad Master wants me to be free for the boy, or else you'd be beging for forgiveness!"

Dark pushed his numb brother behind him.

"As if I'd even let a bastard like you touch him! Next time I'll cut your head off!"

"And then what? Eat my soul? I always knew you were-"Dark's foot connecting sharply with his shin stopped him.

"The only soul I need is one I already have. Now get lost, and tell your "Master" that I'm not going to stand for this much longer!"

As Dark's sword went sailing toward the man again, he yelped and disappeared. Dark sighed. Someday soon, he'd be ready to get rid of this threat. But now… now he had to apologize to his brother.

"Link?" he shook his brother's shoulders.

"You okay, Link? Look, I'm sorry I was late, that guy shouldn't have able to get near you. I-"


Both went toppling to the ground as Link shot into his brother. Even though his head now hurt, Dark smiled genuinely and laughed, a sound rich and pleasing to Link.

It happened quickly and silently, Dark only being alerted after it had long since begun. Three grown men covered in black clothes had surrounded him. It wasn't even midnight.

Dark's form was out, and he slashed violently at one of the men's face, hitting his target dead-on. As that one stumbled back, the other two closed in, grasping at his arms. Screams were heard from Link's bedroom.

"Get OFF of me!" Dark jerked away, lurching towards the door. This couldn't be happening. They couldn't be doing this! One of the two men sneered and put out his hand. The other zipped into his hand in the shape of a knife.

"Sorry, boy, but I can't let you go."

Dark's arm was on fire. Blood was just getting everywhere now, and he still needed to get to Link.

"Out of my way!" The short sword pushed quickly into his attacker's throat. Dark tripped over the body, caught himself, and dashed down the hall. Link's door slammed open, the mess in this room much larger than the one in his. Red eyes scanned the destruction for a matching set of blue.

The first thing he saw was the three men that had gone after his brother. Each was covered in an equal amount of gore, and he found his reason why as he saw Epona, the mare that Link had begged to let him keep in his room for the night, all over the floor. Bile rose in his throat at the sight, but he forced it down. He could understand what he was seeing later. Right now he needed to make Link safe.

He spotted the crimson-matted head in the corner, behind a bookshelf. Dark felt a bit calmer now that he knew Link was okay. His brother couldn't call out his form yet, so he wouldn't be able to fight these guys off. Thundering footsteps in the hall behind him told him the two from before was back.

Dark slammed his sword into one of the men's back, ripping it out sideways and twirling to avoid being hit. He smashed his foot against another's knee cutting his throat as he went down. The last one charged at Dark, who jerked out of the way, dragging his sword through the man's stomach.

The two others burst into the room, the first tripping over Dark's leg. The young boy jumped, slamming his feet on the back of the man's neck. A loud crack rang through the air. The final one studied him for a moment.

"You're a monster, just like they said. A horrible, indestructible monster." Dark cut him down.

Slowly, he retracted his form. Slowly, he clamed his racing heart. Slowly, he called out to his brother.


Absolute silence.

Very softly, Dark called out once more:


A muffled sob was his answer. Dark sighed and made his way over to his brother. "Please, Link, just… tell me you're alright? Please?"


He smiled, but it couldn't have been more pained. "Yes?"

"Dark… I-I…" The voice trailed off into sobs once more, and Dark's face became stone cold. There were things in that room that his brother shouldn't have to see. How to get rid of the souls was the problem.

Later that night, after he had everything clean – including himself and his brother – he held Link and whispered to him.

"I swear it. I may have slipped up once, but they will never hurt you again."


"On my soul. I promise you, nothing will ever happen to you again." Unbeknownst to Link, Dark's eyes darkened forebodingly.

He didn't expect them to attack so soon. What one of the men said had bothered him as well. A monster…? Dark looked at the clock by the bed. It hadn't reached three yet.

That was truer than they would ever know.