The Egyptian Thief

Summary: One day Bakura stumbles across a girl called Kanika Hebony trying to steal his wallet. She's young, pretty and sassy. So what does Bakura do about this? He does what any self-respecting ex-tomb robber would do; he sent her to the shadow realm and went about his day.

Pairings: No pairings.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! or any character associated. I do own Kanika Hebony. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else's character design, again if any likeness, it's purely coincidental.

Warnings: The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to.

AN: Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at writing a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic. I usually specialize in Mary Sue-bashing and Female!Kai from Beyblade. I would like to one day try my hand at a possible Female!Ryou story, but I'll see how this two-shot will pan out at first.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and if anyone knows of any decent Female!Ryou fics, please let me know in one way or another. I don't mean 'turned into a girl fic' but stories where Ryou is naturally a girl. Thanks so much in advance and I hope that someone will at least read this and get a chuckle out of it.

Chapter One:

Another typical day in Domino city, men and women, kids and teens, young and old, merely going about their day, which was surprisingly warm and mild for the month approaching winter. The sky was a clear blue, not a cloud to be seen as the sun above warmed the city streets below.

Amongst the hustle and bustle, was a young woman, about 16 years in age. She was sitting on the side walk, one leg flat on the ground as the other was bent toward her chest, uncaring that people had to step over her leg as she leaned her back against the wall of a shop window. She wore a pair of black cargo pants that hung off her hips effortlessly, held in place with a studded silver belt, gold chains leading from a hop on her pants and trailing down to the wallet she kept in her pants pocket. She wore an equally dark shirt that had a pattern of a red heart with a dagger through it on the front. The top was quite tight on her, showing off her killer curves, her bust large and perky, the hem of her top sitting past her naval, showing off the skin on her abdomen. On her hands she wore a pair of blood red gloves with thick black buckles on the wrists.

Tapping her blue sneakers of well worn material, she bobbed her head in time of the rock music she was listening to through a large pair of white headphones, the white cord leading to the pocket on her other leg. Her long light blue hair, the colour as the sky high above, curtained down her back like liquid silk, touching the dusty ground where she was sitting, but she didn't care. Her tresses that framed her elegant and soft face were a dark purple in colour, starting where her headphones sat on the top of her head.

Opening her stunning silver eyes, she glanced at her surroundings, looking up and down the busy city street like a predator waiting for the right moment to attack.

A sly grin made its way to her naturally pink lips when she spied a young couple holding hands, too lost in each other to even care what's going on around them. They were the prefect target.

Silently, she jumped to her feet, turning the music down on her iPod she kept hidden in her pocket and joined the mindless crowds, discreetly making her way over to the oh-so loving couple. Walking up behind them, she eyed off the female's handbag, rolling her eyes in disbelief when she noted that the stupid woman left her zipper undone.

She was just asking to be robbed!

Well, no sense in disappointing her, was there?

Smirking to herself about how easy this was, she slipped her hand into the bag and a split second later, removed the woman's wallet, slipping back into the crowds, the couple totally unaware of what just transpired.

Another successful mission!

Of course, she was Kanika Hebony, pickpocket Mistress in Japan!

She considered herself to be one of the best, no the best pickpocket in modern times. With each successful theft, she grew more confident in her ability. She could steal the wallet or purse of any individual she laid her sharp eyes on. She could pick out a target half a block away she was so good!

And the best part, no one even suspected she was the culprit. Yes, she was good, alright. She's had years of practice, after all. Her mother taught her how to be sneaky and cunning, and she often told her than men were the easiest targets as they only ever had one thing on their mind. Flash them a little cleavage, and they're putty in your hand.

Not only was her mother, a single parent who had to do whatever it took to survive, taught her the tricks of the trade, her natural talents spawned from her past life in Ancient Egypt. Her village, only small, was slaughtered by the cruel Pharaoh, forcing her to defend for herself as she was the only survivor. With her unnatural looks, she was targeted by many who saw her as vermin, scum off the street, and yet her same looks brought many admirers, who wanted nothing more to pleasure themselves with her body, which she was told, was like that of a Goddess.

She wasn't like other girls with her light blue hair and steely silver eyes, her skin a moonlight pale. She was forced to steal whatever she had to in order to survive. As years grew on, she became so feared, so worldly known for her skills in the art of stealing; she gained the title "Queen of Thieves" from her victims.

She was so notorious that the great Tomb Robber himself knew of her and was in awe of her talent.

Yeah, she remembered her past in ancient times very well. She remembered how she used to frequent the bars and remove all valuables from drunken patrons. The bar owner knew of her talents and did very little to stop her as he was so fearful of her. If she was feeling generous, she would give him a fraction of her haul, but mostly, she kept the valuables herself. She needed them more than anyone after all.

Her greatest enemy was none other than the Pharaoh, Yami, himself. He was cruel and heartless, his guards many a time coming close to capturing her just so she could become his bed slave. She was a beauty among the dull debutants of their time. Her hair, skin and eyes made her an Exotic Flower of the Desert, another nickname of hers, courtesy of the Pharaoh.

She couldn't stand the great Pharaoh, Yami. He slaughtered her village, murdered her parents, slain his siblings and killed her friends. She's rather die than allow that bastard to touch her.

Which was how she ultimately met her fate. It was all because of a stupid and scrawny young street urchin whose names was Kisara, or something unintelligent like that. The stupid female had to cause a scene while she tried to rob High Priest Seth, causing him to realize what was transpiring and immediately called the guards to capture her. It was her fault that she was captured and sent to the Pharaoh's quarters where he was to rape her relentlessly by the equally cruel Priest Seth.

Pressing her back against the window of a dress shop, Kanika pulled out the purse she just stole and flipped through it. She gritted her teeth in frustration when she realized that there were only a few money notes and about ten bucks in loose change. She didn't even have any credit cards! What kind of pathetic woman was she?

Removing the money, Kanika simply threw the purse into the nearest trashcan, hardly worth the effort of her extraordinary skills.

She was just about to put her headphones back on and turn the music up loudly when something from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Peering out into the crowded streets once again, she spied a strange looking guy with snowy white hair, boring brown eyes, lanky frame and the gaudiest, ugliest bit of bling around his neck she had ever seen.

Talk about eccentric.

The necklace was hideous. A gold circle with a pyramid inside, five golden spikes hanging from the bottom. To make it look even more ridiculous, it was tied around the guy's neck by a piece of brown rope.

The guy, well he wasn't that much to look at. He was scrawny, no muscles, pale and had very messy white hair. And his eyes were large and dole like. She had a hard time believing that he was a guy. A girly-boy more like it.

The perfect target.

Hoping that this guy would at least have something valuable on him, Kanika slipped back into mainstream again, moving with the crowd until she moved past him before doing a quick u-turn and slipping in behind him.

The guy looked like a bit of a dreamer, so this should be a piece of cake.

Snorting softly at how easy this was, Kanika closed the gap between, her sharp eyes quickly locating the guy's wallet and she made a move to grab it, waiting for a few moments until they reached an empty alleyway between two shops so she could duck away quickly.

But as she glanced up to take in her surroundings like any good thief would do, her target stopped abruptly and spun around to face her.

A look of surprised appeared on Kanika's face when a strong hand suddenly snared her wrist and ripped her hand away from his back pocket, spinning her around abruptly and harshly slamming her back against a stone wall in an alleyway. Her wrist was pinned to the wall near her head as another's hand slammed itself near the other side of her head. She saw stars for a moment before she became aware of something breathing heavily mere inches from her face. She opened her eyes and found herself staring into a pair of dark brown eyes that where surrounded by heavy lashes and narrowed into a look that was pure evil.

Realizing the proximity of the guy's body was from her own; Kanika felt a blush creep up from her neck and to her cheeks, drawing in a deep breath through her mouth.

She couldn't quite put her finger on it, the guy's eyes were narrowed and dangerous, and yet were deeply alluring. They told stories of sadistic amusement, as well as numerous rebellious misadventures. He was dangerous, unpredictable and fearsome; which excited her and made her body tremble as if she was on fire.

Was this the same guy from before? It couldn't be...he was taller and stronger than the scrawny male she picked out in the crowd. No, he had to be the same guy; there was no way she could make a mistake in character judgement. She knew the perfect victim when she saw one.

"What do you think you are doing?" the guy asked, his voice deep and just as threatening as his eyes. She shuddered as his hot breath caressed the heated skin of her neck.

However, Kanika quickly snapped herself out of the trance he put her under with a scowl on her lips. There was no way she was going to let this guy see how much he was affecting her. She narrowed her expressive eyes that were surrounded by thick black lashes into a fearsome glare, her face an expression of defiance.

"What do you think?" Kanika asked with a tone that held a sense of danger to it.

The more she looked at him the more she realized that the guy pinning her to the wall was none other than the Great Tomb Robber Bakura. He must have recognized her from afar and lured her into his personal space in effort to grab hold of her.

She could recognize Bakura anywhere. He looked exactly like he did all those hundreds of years ago and she had seen him countless times on TV whenever he duelled in a competition.

"And what do they call you?" Bakura asked.

A flash of surprise appeared in her silver orbs for a moment before they glazed over with slight annoyance. He must be suffering from some form of amnesia. It had been said that people suffering from memory lost sometimes felt pulled to a particular person. The same must be said for Bakura here. He must be feeling some of the emotions they had between them in the past, but did not truly understand them. Kanika bit the inside of her mouth to stop a groan of annoyance from appearing, annoyed that she'll have to tell Bakura everything about their past together.

Although, it could be fun, messing around with the Great Bakura.

"Surely, you remember the Queen of Thieves, don't you?" Kanika asked as a smirk appeared on her lips, her posture, despite being so close to the dangerous Tomb Robber himself, was one filled with confidence. Her sly grin only grew when Bakura seemed to reel back in surprise, his brown eyes widening a fraction as if he was trying to place the title to a name and ultimately, to a face.

Or, should that be body? Her figure was as legendary as her great skills of thievery.

"Queen of thieves, huh?" Bakura suddenly asked, a surprisingly sadistic and amusing smirk on his lips. "That's interesting."

Kanika narrowed her eyes, irritation bubbling in her chest. Seemed like Bakura recognized her after all, and she didn't like the way he was looking at her at all, like she was a piece of raw meat or something. If he thought he could just carry on where they left off centuries ago, he had another thing coming!

"So, you do remember me," Kanika said as she boldly placed a hand on his chest and pushed him away with all her might, causing him to stumble back a couple of steps. She expected him to look surprised at her hidden strength; instead he was wearing an expression of sheer amusement.

Tch, as sadistic as ever.

Despite his obvious attraction to her from ancient times, the attraction no doubt being carried over to this time as well, she saw him as nothing but a rival for her to torment when she was bored with picking pockets of the mindless. She would irritate him every time he returned to town after a raid and she would pick his pockets without his knowledge, stealing everything he just stole!

Of course, he never got any of the pieces back unless she handed them back in a fit of charity. He could never, ever catch her and take back his belongings. She was always one step ahead.

"Let's pretend that I don't remember you," Bakura suddenly said as he slinked back to rest his back on the wall on the other side of the alley way. "Tell me a bit about yourself."

Tch, as annoying and irritating as ever!