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Bella Montana – Chapter One

I looked at the scene in front of me and was surprised, at the least. This place did not look like a school at all, maybe a compound of sorts, but not a school. The only thing indicating that this was a school was a big sign telling passers by that this was 'Forks High School'. I somehow managed to navigate myself across the parking lot and locked my bike in place, not once did I tear my gaze from the school buildings, which was a surprise since I did not trip over my own feet.

I quickly made my way to the Front Office, it was drizzling slightly but I didn't mind much, I just didn't want to catch a cold. Colds can do bad things to my singing voice, and I couldn't risk that. I found myself at the door of the Front Office in no time. I paused before entering, adjusting my jeans, black sweater with a white polo shirt underneath, and my glasses. I like my glasses, I didn't really need them but it helps with my disguise, it wasn't fashionable per se, but I like the style. It had thick black, rectangular frames and the lens was just glass.

My knuckles hit the cold wooden door and I entered the Office. It was small but comfy looking, but not for me. I prefer spacious rooms, but I guess I have to live with smaller rooms since this is a school…full of kids. I shivered and walked up to the woman behind the desk.

"Excuse me, I'm the new girl. Can you please tell me where I'm supposed to go?" I asked in my low, expressionless voice. I smiled though, showing that I was happy to be here. Which I am – I need this. I know I do. I need a break form all the press hounding me in my old home back up in Hollywood. Anyway, it's a must for me to speak like this to preserve my voice. That and I think it adds up to my disguise.

"Oh, hello dear," the woman greeted, looking up from her paperwork, "you're a bit late but that's alright. It's your first day." She reached in a drawer, pulled out a folder and handed it to me. "Here you go dear, your schedule and a map of the school is in there. There's also a piece of paper that your teachers need to sign. I hope you'll have a good first day, Isabella."

I was shocked at first for her to know my name, but then I deduced that she probably saw my name in the school register. "Thank you, ma'am." I smiled again and accepted the folder. Once I was outside, I opened it and filed through it. It seemed that I'm supposed to have English now.

"Room 10…Room 10," I mumbled to myself. I looked at a random building and saw the number 6 on the wall by the door. Room 10 must be close. I walked around for a while longer before spotting it. It was nestled between the cafeteria and Room 9. I smacked my head inwardly for landing with that conclusion; of course it'll be next to Room 9.

Hesitating, I knocked on the door. The muffled murmurs inside stopped as I opened the door.

"Hi, this is English class…right?" I asked, my deep voice shocking some people. I hovered awkwardly by the door, waiting for the teacher's response.

"Ah, nice of you to join us Ms. Swan," the teacher said in a stern voice. I forced my eyes to meet his eyes, to show that I'm not intimidated. I mean, I'm Yasmin Stone for goodness' sake, teen superstar with mountains of number ones. I seemed to pass some sort of test since the teacher smiled and greeted me warmly. "Ah, I like your attitude Ms. Swan. Now, come here and introduce yourself to the class. Make sure to use correct grammar and at least two of the words from the board."

To say I was quite shocked was an understatement. I glanced at the board and saw words. Lots and lots of words. I walked slowly to the middle of the class, deliberating my speed. I needed time to think. I barely know these words and I've only seen some in passing.

"Hello everyone," I greeted, my voice slow, choosing my words carefully. "I'm Isabella Swan, the daughter of the new Chief of Police of this town, but I must insist on being called Bella. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona but I'm delighted to be able to move here."I smiled hesitantly, finishing my introduction. I don't think I did very well but judging from the smile I got from the teacher, I appear to have passed.

"That was good, Isabella," he covered his mouth as if he just spoke some kind of profanity, "ooh! I meant Bella. I'm Mr. Sanders, by the way."

I walked over the only empty seat at the back next to a kind looking girl. She had the same kind of glasses as me, but hers was oval not rectangular. The teacher droned on in the front, I barely heard what he was saying; I was concentrating too hard on not falling over the students' various bags.

"That class is a perfect example of a public speaker. Bella spoke slowly and clearly, enunciating the words carefully, but not stressing them. She spoke both loudly and softly…"

I sat on the seat, placing my shoulder bag on the floor beside me. I took out my notebook and pen and started taking notes, not really paying attention to the lecture. I shook out of my trance when I heard the bell ring in the distance. Noise erupted in the room and a small crowd formed around me. They were all introducing themselves all at the same time. This reminded me of the reporters back in Hollywood, and it made me want to throw a hissy fit.

Thankfully, I was saved by someone calming down the sea of voices. "Everybody, be quiet!" It was a musical voice, reminding me vaguely of wind chimes. "Don't you all need to be in your next class?" she asked. The crowd murmured and eventually dispersed. I looked around for my savior and saw a small girl in stylish clothing standing by the door.

"Thank you so much…" I left it hanging for I didn't know her name.

"Alice," she smiled warmly, her voice making the necks on my hair stand up. "Alice Cullen."

"…Alice. Thanks again. You don't know how much I appreciate what you did. I'm Bella Swan, by the way." I held out my hand but she didn't take it. I wondered why, she seemed kind enough to just have taken it; instead, she just looked at it. I dropped my hand to my side. "I'll see you around then…" I was out of the door before she had a chance to get a word in.

The rest of my classes passed by quickly. It was interesting learning all of this in a classroom environment; I've learned the curriculum for all the classes so far as I've seen, my homeschooling was a bit fast. The girl I sat next to in English introduced herself to me as Angela Webber. I'm in all of her classes so far so we've become friends.

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime already and my stomach was growling. I quickly made my way to the cafeteria, joining the growing queue for the food. I fished my purse out of my bag and drummed it on my tray. I picked up some salad, a small sandwich, a tiny brownie and a banana. For drinks, I decided to have a bottle of lukewarm water instead of the pop they were serving.

Angela had invited me to sit next to her for lunch today so I scanned the cafeteria for her. I found her sitting next to…Lauren, I think her name was and Jessica, Tyler and Eric. There was also…I groaned, Mike was there too. Talk about not being in the center of attention, and it didn't help that the table was the center table, located at the very center of the cafeteria.

"Why did it have to be smack dab in the middle?" I muttered to myself.

I heard laughter coming over from the corner table, the one by the windows. I saw Alice immediately; she was sitting next to a blonde guy who had his arm wrapped around her. There was also this beautiful girl with the most luscious set of blonde hair. I would kill to have hair like that. She was next to a big toned guy who was laughing his head off. Finally, there was a red haired one, his back was facing me so I couldn't see his face, but I bet he would be quite handsome. I could tell by the way the girls around their table were looking 'discreetly' at his direction. I suddenly felt sorry, not just for him, but everyone else in their table. They were all beautiful, and pretty faces meant attention – lots of attention. I looked away and sat on the only empty seat on my table.

"Hey Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, Eric and Tyler."

"Whoa, you memorized all of our names?" asked Mike, his eyes bugging out.

I looked at him oddly, "Of course, would you prefer if I just called you 'you' or 'him'?" 'Or would you prefer jerk?' I muttered as quietly as possible so that not even Angela can hear me. Laughter was heard from the direction of Alice's table, making me look up and see what was funny. When I saw them, they were all minding their own business. Odd.

"No," Mike said, "but how could you know all of our names already? You only knew our names during last period."

"So? They're not hard names to memorize. It's not like your name is old fashioned and stupid, like Emmet or Frederick." I heard laughter again from Alice's table, but this time, it didn't come from the big dude, he looked offended or something. It came from Alice and the red haired guy next to her, I could tell. The blonde dude was smirking while the blonde chick was grinning.

"But-"Thankfully, Mike was cut off by Angela. Thank goodness for small favors.

"So Bella, how do you find Forks so far…particularly the school?" she asked, genuinely curious.

I smiled vaguely and took a bite of my sandwich, I finished my salad ages ago. I did this deliberately so that I could chew over my words (pun, sadly intended). "I like it here. I like the rain and the clouds. To be honest, I was getting sick of the sun back in Phoenix. The school is okay to me, the work's easy though."


"Yeah, I've done all the work so far during my homeschooling."

"Home school? I didn't know you were homeschooled,"

"Oh, well, I was. Since I was thirteen." 'Since the beginning of my singing career' I thought in my head.

"Wow, four years." I nodded. There was silence for a while as everyone dug into their food, rather rudely from the boys I might add. It looked like they all had a hollow leg and then some. Well, except for Eric, he was okay…and Tyler. Okay so Mike is the only one grossing me out, but I might sound rude to think of him like that.

"So why is your voice, like, so deep and such?" asked Lauren. She only had a salad and bottle of coke for lunch, maybe she was on a diet. Her question though, caught me off guard, I was thinking back to my latest concert in New York last week.


"Lauren, that's a rude thing to ask," whispered Jessica, but I still heard it. She was admonishing her sure, but I can tell that she wanted to know why my voice is like this too.

"Oh, it's naturally like this," I hastily made up an excuse, seeing as the bell just rang. I quickly gathered my stuff and empty tray and left it on the pile by the counter. I had Biology next and I don't want to be late for that class.

It looks like I'm doomed to be always the last person in class. I tried to enter the lab as discreetly as possible but it was not to be. Everyone's heads swiveled in my direction. I mean they've all seen me at lunch, what else are they looking at? I walked over to the teacher's desk and handed him my slip for him to sign, acting oblivious to all the stares. Eesh, the people in Forks High are starting to freak me out.

At least Angela and that red haired guy from Alice's table are not looking at me, I noticed. She was pouring over a book while he was looking out the window.

"Swan, you are to sit next to Cullen over there," the teacher indicated the only empty seat. I sighed and walked over to Cullen. Wait a minute, I stopped in my tracks. Cullen…he must be Alice's brother. "Ms. Swan, please go to your seat." He said sternly again. I tried my hardest to not roll my eyes but I failed miserably, I barely managed to turn around and hide it so that the teacher won't notice.

"Do not roll your eyes at me Swan!"

Oops, caught. I groaned inwardly, I'm beginning to hate biology right now. I sat on the seat and took out my biology notebook and book.

"Everyone, we are starting a new lesson today and I would like all of you to fill in this worksheet as much as possible." He began handing out the worksheet. I scanned it quickly. It was about the human skeletal system. My already pale face drained all the color it had. How am I supposed to answer all of this? We didn't cover this during my homeschooling…

"And remember class, this will be recorded."

I started hyperventilating. I promised my dad that my average will be a B plus… if I fail…if I fail… It's going to be goodbye to the London concert next month. Oh my, I gotta get out of this…fast. But no ideas come to my mind. I hastily resigned after wasting a full five minutes of answering time. Okay, I just gotta try my best and hope that I'll pull through…

'Okay, I know that this is the skull… and these are the ribs… I'm guessing that this is the jaw bone…'

Half and hour later I was finished with my worksheet. I answered all that I can and took some lucky guesses at some of them. I passed my paper to the front and looked out the window, hoping to ease my worry.

'Hmm, that's odd,' I thought. Cullen hadn't touched his worksheet so far, and we've only got five minutes left until class ends. I tried not cheer as I came to the conclusion that he didn't know the answers. Maybe I won't be the only one to not pass because everyone else seems to know the answers.

I laid my head down on the counter and began day dreaming. I 'dreamt' of being on stage again, my fans screaming my name over and over…


"Yasmin! Yasmin! Yasmin! Yasmin!" the crowd chanted for an encore. I was dressed in a pair of studded jeans, a sky blue shirt with a white leather cropped jacket with studs on the edges. My long blonde wig was heavy but I had enough energy for another song. I would do anything to keep my fans happy. I signaled for the band to play 'Who Said'.

The song began playing and I resumed a pose in the middle of the stage.

"I'm more that just, your average girl – "

*~*End of Daydream*~*

I was rudely awoken from my 'dream' by a loud growl next to me. Cullen was glaring at me, a snarl upon his lips. It made me jump and totally forget what I was doing before. I averted my eyes hurriedly and, incidentally, it landed on his worksheet. It was full up. Huh, was I out that long? I checked the clock and noted that it had only been two minutes. Wow, this guy sure knows his body. My eyes widened at what I just thought and I blushed.

I looked back at Cullen and looked him in his black eyes questioningly. What did I do to make him glare at me like that? I was just minding my own business, keeping to myself, listening out the open window for the relaxing swaying of the trees. What did I do to him? It's not as if I was bugging him or anything.

The sound of the bell echoed quite loudly around the room. Darn, why does the bell have to be so darn close? I swear, I nearly blasted my eardrums. I quickly rushed out of the classroom, happy to leave my muddled thoughts behind.

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