Take a Chance, For Love

Chapter one

The Thief in the Night

As I sat on the beach, the soft warm sand in between my toes, I listened to the waves, wondered why I came to this town. What made me want to show up on a broken down old farm, in the middle of a rustic valley full to the brim of country folk? That was a question that would always be a mystery to me.

When I was in school, I wasn't smarter, or prettier, or even more talented than the other girls. I had a place none the less. I hated every single one of the other girls of course, they where so perfect and so skinny.

It wasn't until I was at college that I found out what my talents where, singing. In the bars, when ever I did karaoke everyone cheered. I even had a job waitressing in a country and western bar, Howdy Y'all Waterin' Hole, it was great because they used to let me sing sometimes. God I miss it, more than anything in the world.

'Well moping around on this beach won't change anything,' I thought.

I got up and walked away from the beach, my mind was else where – I hadn't even noticed that it had gone dark. The way back to my farm was imprinted in my mind, but tonight I wanted to gaze at the golden mansion at the top of the hill.

According to Takakura, my dad's old best friend, the people who lived with in this golden splendour where the richest living family within Forget-Me-Not Valley. A title that once belonged to my grandfather, stingy tight wad didn't pass any of the wealth to my father or to me did he?

I had only met the family once. The woman that owned it, Romana, reminded me of my great aunt – at that wasn't a good thing. Lumina the young girl that lived there also; all I'm saying is there will be a snowman in hell before I make friends with her! The butler Sebastian; well he seems like an ok guy I guess, not really the kind of person I'd expect to work there.

The street lamps glowed amber within this dark valley, it's a pity that this part of town is the only one with street lamps. Out of nowhere I heard someone shouting, as I ran closer to the source, I started to wish I hadn't given up those tap-dancing lesions.

"Thief! Thief!"

As I reached the mansion, a silver haired man burst through the doors, he came to a stand still in front of me. Why would he do this? I'm nothing special. He gazed at me like people do at beautiful paintings in art galleries.

"What are you looking at!?" I snapped, making sure my voice was filled with disgust and arrogance. Truth be told I wasn't disgusted by him at all, he made me feel beautiful even for a moment.

"Charming. A sweet lady strolling around at this time of night, anything could happen to you," said the man, smoothly.

"What do you care?" I snapped, yet again. I didn't want him to know what was going on in my mind.

"So beautiful, your golden hair so radiant in the moonlight… do you have a name?" he said, there was something seductive about his voice. I could listen to it forever.

I ran my fingers through my hair, my feelings must have began to show, because I felt my face glow red. "Julia," I said, at last.

"What a beautiful name for such an enchanting lady. My name is Skye," said Skye, his name made me happier than anyone can ever know.

Lumina came charging through the doors, she took one look at me and Skye. She ran closer and shouted, "I know it was you who stole from us!"

Skye didn't appear alarmed by this out burst, I know I would if some crazy psycho woman came charging at me. He just smiled at her.

"A face as beautiful as yours shouldn't be ruined by anger," said Skye, it made me angry to hear those words, only a few moments ago he was calling me beautiful.

Lumina was lost for words, she flushed red, and froze on the spot. Skye looked at me one last time, and ran into the night. She finally came to her senses, and Lumina gave chase.

If she caught him or not, I didn't find out, in a small way I hope she didn't. One thing was for certain, thief or no thief; I hoped that our paths would cross again.