One normal, simple, peaceful night in the Academy…

*Sigh* 'I can't sleep tonight, I wonder why.' Vayne, a senior in this school, thought to himself, 'Sulpher, you awake?'

No response from the slumbering black cat which happens to be his unique mana.

'I guess not. I guess I'll go and take a walk around the campus.'


Outside: Night


"I never knew it was so much more peaceful here at night. I should come out more often." Sighed Vayne, "Though it's a bit cold to be alone here, and also lonely."

Vayne was starting to think of someone whom he always wanted to be with, especially tonight, right here, right now.

Suddenly, he hears a few light footsteps. The figure stood under the lamppost and sat down on the bench. It appears to be Jess, Vayne's classmate, workshop-mate, and his… friend – Or so she thought.

"Jess???" Vayne said, trying to hide the joy from his expression.

Success was achieved as Jess didn't notice it. She actually seemed shocked to see Vayne as well. Both of them started into each other's eyes for a while, the mutual feeling that they both shared started to show itself to them again.

"… Hey Vayne, comeon, have a seat," Jess said as she patted to the space beside her.

Vayne could see that she was cold, as was he, but he didn't tell her, he just gratefully accepted the offer and sat beside her.

Appreciating the heat that they now both shared, Vayne finally said, "Why are you here? Now?"

Jess, just remembering now that it isn't normal to be out here every night, as she does every night, seemed shock at first then remembered that no one else knew about her coming out, uttered, "I couldn't sleep, and I had a lot of things in mind," she said with a warm smile.

After that, they began talking freely to each other, until both of them, without noticing it, grew tired since it was late at night. Jess ended up asleep on Vayne's shoulder, so Vayne decided to bring her to her room… even though it wasn't allowed in the campus.


In Jess' Room


As Vayne laid her down on the bed he looked out at the window to appreciate the scenery at night.

As he began to turn to leave, Jess woke up and took few seconds realizing where she was.

"Vayne?" Jess said wearily.

The young man turned around walked towards her bed and sat next to it, so that she doesn't have to speak louder. "Yeah?"

"I have… a request…" she said a bit hesitantly, "Could you… sleep here tonight?"

When Vayne noticed the favor, he started to blush, but he continued, grateful that the night's darkness hid it, "Uhhh… isn't that not allowed?" He said trying to reason his way out.

Jess shook her head a bit, "It's just for one night. Please…"

Vayne had to give in, so he agreed, after all, they were both already in their sleeping attires, so all he had to do was to get in the bed.