I decided to put this up, though I planned to wait until I was half-way done with the story. But I don't know when I'm getting back to it. So, it's best I upload it.

Well, this came along when I was in a Kirby fandom for a while, and wanted a new enemy for Kirby. My memory of how this came to be is very bleak, but I knew I wanted Tiff and Tuff to be older, and Kirby to be more mature.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners, Masahiro Sakurai and HAL Laboratory. However, Matter is my original character.

Also, the chapter titles are all titles from Evanescence songs and which I've chosen and plotted individually so they could match (I didn't want to leave the chapter headings blank). This includes the story title.

Rated T for: language, violence, dark themes, blood, and attempted suicide

Well, with that out of the way, let's begin! Enjoy!

Prologue: Listen to the Rain

Pop Star was expected to be washed clean of rain in certain parts of the peaceful planet. The rainclouds slowly tumbled into view wherever gathered, low rumbling within the depths. As they passed by, the droplets would pitter-patter softly, not a harsh raindrop touching the soft plains with the miracle of allowing life to grow still in effect. Occasionally, a flash of lightning and booms of thunder came to one's senses, but there was nothing threatening nature. Everything was peaceful as it was cleansed.

Dreamland was silent as the rains passed by. Small Cappy children peeked through the windows to watch them fall and drip against the sills or plants. A few would gaze longingly through the showers, sleepy and calm as the lullaby increased or slowed in volume, speed, and tone. Not even the interruptions of thunderstorms could disturb their peaceful dreams. While the streets flooded and poised as danger to any crops, the beauty of it all lingered and drifted in as vapor, hovering over the ground like a white shadow.

But as the children began to snooze up against glass, the adults relaxing in front of the tube in the watery light, not one person noticed a figure slowly heading toward the sleepy town, the shape wavering as heat waves in the hot days of summer. The rain made it impossible to distinguish the identity of the stranger, having absolutely no restrictions to how it was formed. It was of a blob, figuratively speaking, no true unique shape of its own. Steadily, however, as soon as the rains began to clear up, the wavering stopped, and a more bolder figure came into view. One glance at a slumbering child, and it knew exactly how it was supposed to look, only slightly different.

The head turned toward the castle off in the distance over-looking the town, eyes able to focus past the many spherical towers crowded together, through a small window one couldn't see clearly where it stood. It was a room, unrecognizable to whose it was. The many books would make it believe an educated male owned it. Yet there, lying on the bed with one of those many books laid open across her lap as she slept, was the girl, the one he was looking for.

A sinister Cheshire grin appeared in the veil of raindrops, figuring his search was over. She was the one he'd use in this gullible star. Her brain mass would last him a good few hundred years, at the least.

Unfortunately for the victim, the Cappy folk failed listening to the rain's warning about the unwanted stranger. The only thought running through their heads was that of a story to their liking being told, hiding the real truth and escaping reality.