Author's Note: I checked a few times, so I think this is 100 words. It was hard to get this to sound right with only 100 words, so it's not very good. I originally had an idea for what caused the explosion mentioned, it was that Master Cyclonis put a sign on the door saying not to bring fuel crystals into her crystal lab, which Snipe ignored and he had on in his pocket. So her experiment exploded. The red crystal is the one she uses on Repton in Age of Heroes, and one Ravess and Snipe in Tranquility Now.

Summary: 100 word drabbles of the pairing Dark Ace x Master Cyclonis.

Disclaimer: I do not own Storm Hawks.

Dark Ace x Master Cyclonis Drabbles

Chapter One: Anger

Dark Ace smirked to himself as his Master threw Snipe into a wall of her crystal lab, with was now just a lab since most of the crystals were destroyed in the explosion Snipe caused. Dark Ace was watching because he liked seeing Master Cyclonis angry. She usually remained so calm, even when her Storm Engine was destroyed, it was nice watching her get that mad. She seemed to forget she didn't need to move her arms for the red crystal to work. She didn't hide most of her emotions like she normally did, he liked seeing the real her.