Author's Note: Sorry it´s a day late, I´m on holiday in Spain and completely forgot yesterday. There´s no word count on this computer, but I think this is 100 words.

Aazagthoth: I think they´re quite sweet short. I´d run out of ideas if I did one every day, but I hope you enjoy the weekly ones anyway.

Summary: 100 word drabbles of the pairing Dark Ace x Master Cyclonis.

Disclaimer: I do not own Storm Hawks.

Dark Ace x Master Cyclonis Drabbles

Chapter Thirty Two: Bandage

Dark Ace winced at the sight of the deep cut on Master Cyclonis´ hand, sitting in front of her with a first aid kit. He gently took her hand in his and cleaned it, silently admiring her soft, pale skin.

Master Cyclonis fought away a blush at the feel of his hands, rough from a lifetime of fighting, on hers. He smiled at her as he finished wrapping a bandage around her wound. She left her hand in his grasp, staring into his deep eyes. "Thank you." She whispered, trying to tell him her feelings through her words and eyes.