Paul yawned in triumph, scratching an itch that had been driving him crazy for hours. He drove his taxi lazily through the city, looking for any sign of fares. One hand on the wheel, one arm out of the window, Paul realized he truthfully didn't care whether he got a fare at all today, he rolled his cab near the airport, looking out of anyone waving for a taxi.

The sun was out, the sky was blue and he couldn't wait to get home. He bought his bulky armpit to sniff his armpit. He needed a shower.

He adjusted his rear-view mirror as he rounded a corner, looking for any pickups. He grumbled as he saw the fuzzy 'joke' dice he had dangling from it. A present from his daughter. Personally he hated it, it looked terrible and obscured his view, but he hung it up for her.

He looked at his watch. Four forty-five. That would do for the day, he decided. He bought his car around to head back home, but heard a sharp whistle.

He groaned again, seeing the person who whistled. Young kid, big pack, lots of luggage. It looked like he just walked out the airport, only fifteen minutes to go too.

With a sigh he pulled up to the kid, waving his arm in greeting. The kid yelled something incoherent and mentioned something Paul's personalized plate 'Fresh'. He actually seemed pretty excited by it. He grinned at the young man's observation as he commented on it and the dice in the mirror. Paul just nodded, playing along.

He grinned again as the teenager enthusiastically crawled into the car, "Yo homes to Bel Air!" he called, pointing the way. Paul laughed openly at his confidence, shrugged and simply pulled away. Secretely, he was surprised at the requested destination, wondering what a street kid would want to do there. Regardless he drove on.

Paul pulled up to the address about three or four hours later, grinning and talking freely with the young buck. The trip was long and left plenty of time to talk. Apparently he had been forced by his scared mother to live with his rich uncle's family after getting into a fight with a few punks in his neighborhood. Seemed like a nice kid.

He waved off the guy as he left the cab.

"Yo Homes, smell you later!" He called back, Paul grinned at the inside joke between the two, reminding him that he really did need that shower.

He didn't waste any time in speeding off, tired from the long, exhausting day. He hoped the kid would do well in Bel-Air. He laughed to himself thinking of the things a street kid from Philly would do trying to interact with rich Bel-Air kids. If he had to guess, he'd think that he'd have a great time there.